The Myth of the Unfuckability of Fat Girls

Sometimes, feminists stumble upon the truth. Sometimes this truth is something even the manosphere denies.


“I remember the exact moment that the concept of someone finding me attractive became even a remote possibility. I was 20 years old (TWENTY), talking to a friend when they said with a snicker, “Can you believe Henry thinks you’re hot?!?”

This sentence came to me as a question because “Henry” was not one to be flattered by. He didn’t have girls lining up to date him and he didn’t possess any qualities of a good catch, but these details were lost on me. I was still shocked and stunned by the fact that ANY homosapien on this planet would find my body attractive.

Growing up, I felt so desexualized that the promise of any sort of physical appreciation was inconceivable, even in my future. Yet here I was. A male found me sexy. It was within this moment that my wheels started turning — and thus began my two-year stint with reckless and hedonistic debauchery.”

-Jes the Militant Baker, “Fat and Easy: Totally Not Synonyms”

It is strange to hear a woman tell her story of how she thought no one would ever want to fuck her, but I think it happens. Women can be deceived about how much sexual power they really have.


Fat chicks bang hot guys… ALL. THE. TIME. I know that hot is relative and all inclusive depending on who you chat with, but for these purposes, lets talk about the “universally attractive” kind of hot. Y’know, the kind fat chicks don’t deserve? We want to pretend that we don’t know what I’m talking about, but lets be real; we totally do. The fact that “fat chicks bang ‘hot’ guys” was one of the most powerful realizations I’ve had thus far. In line with the above paragraph, I knew that there would be someone that would find me attractive but the pool would be small (because of my body) and potentially full of guys I didn’t personally find sexy. So I would have to settle for anyone that would take me. After all, how could a conventionally gorgeous man (tall and with tattoos of course) like fat chicks?  Weh-he-hell, let me tell you somethin': through various sites, events, parties, and corner store meetings, I found myself with over a hundred men who were champing at the bit to get with this. I was the one who had to sift through and pick the hottest of the hot. Ladies, over a hundred. “Girls” showed what society thinks about that when Hannah’s character has a weekend romance with an attractive and wealthy doctor. People flipped their shit. “Patrick Wilson is so hot he would never do Lena Dunham” was the most eye catching.”

– Jes The Militant Baker, Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls… So I Will”

I agree, a doctor with Patrick Wilson’s looks would bang someone who looks like Lena Dunham. It’s totally plausible and not Hollywood fiction. Men lower their standard for sex, and increase them for marriage and serious relationships.


I’m against rape. Unless it’s obsese women. How else are they going to get sweet, sweet cock?

People really say this shit.

Whether they really believe it is almost immaterial. The purpose of comments like these isn’t to argue sincerely that rapists are doing a favor to fat chicks; it’s to wound the fat woman or women at whom they’re directed, as deeply as possible. And it works, to the extent that it does (which depends on the person and the day), because too many of us fully believe the underlying premise on which that twisted leap of logic is based: No one wants to fuck a fatty.”

-Kate Harding, “How do you fuck a fat woman?”

Later, Kate Harding tells us about that time a male friend was giving her sensual backrubs and touched her boobs, but she was so convinced he couldn’t be attracted to her, that she never interpreted it as sexual attention. Also, note the illogical insult thrown her way by an internet troll. The correct way to insult a woman’s attractiveness is to say “The only way you’d get laid is by raping a guy”, not “The only way you’d get laid is by being raped”. The latter makes no sense. Unless, of course, you believe rapists rape for asexual reasons, that is for power and control, and never because he wants to use force to get sex. I think it can be concluded that the internet troll was quite obviously a feminist her-/himself.

And this is one rare time when feminists stumble upon the truth. Fat chicks are neither unfuckable nor unable to get sex from sexy men.

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My Awesome Granpa

I had one awesome granpa. While my other grandparents were good and talented in their own way, Dmitri Petrovich was the one that stood out as a role model to me. When I tell you about him, you will see why he was awesome, and why I (and maybe you ;) ) would want to be like him.

1. He was a great captain

My granpa was a captain who transported building materials along rivers. He never had a single accident in his career. He also inspired people to follow his orders instead of using force or intimidation. He gave many alcoholics and abandoned teenagers a chance to work and rise above their situation, and they did.

2.He was an inventor

He designed and built devices to make river transport of products easier. While this isn’t as grand as inventing the lightbulb, it’s more than I can boast about right now.

3.He said no to death so many times

My granpa survived cancer, strokes, broken ribs and punctured lungs, childhood famine and being operated without proper anesthesia. I remember him as a calm, optimistic man. I think he was capable of simply refusing to die, as long as he had something to live for. What finally killed him was the stroke that happened only a few months after his wife’s death. They spent 61 years together.

4.His bedtime stories were the best

He always told me stories before sleep when I was a child. He made them up on the spot and they never seized to captivate me.

5.He was a sinewy badass, like Bruce Lee

He was neither too tall not too buff, but he had better strength and endurance than men much bigger than him. Also, one time a guy was threatening him, and granpa held him outside a window, threatening to drop if he didn’t stop it.

6.And yet, he was not an aggressive fellow.

As I said before, I remember him as a calm and optimistic guy. I think I have only seen him become angry twice in my life. He didn’t need anger – people were too embarrassed to disappoint him to ever allow for that possibility.

7.He was kind

He helped many men get their life back on track. And he once saved a drunk stranger from freezing death, by carrying him into a public building, away from the -40 degree weather. BabaiDeda BabaiDeda2 deda deda2 And I think he kinda looked like Mr. Spock. Or Mr. Spock looked like my granpa.

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Thoughts on Revenge Porn Laws

Revenge porn laws criminalize distribution of sexually explicit media without the consent of the individual/s involved. Often, it’s done by ex-partners who wish to harm the individual, usually a woman.

Are they necessary?

My first thought, when hearing about them, is that it’s another way to overregulate things and make every little assholery behavior illegal. I’m not a fan of legislating morality – I think the state should protect its people from the worst offences, but leave people to figure the small stuff out for themselves. The personal is not political.

1)They’re Superfluous

It’s already illegal to secretly film people if they are not in public. Secretly filming your partner while you have sex might land you in hot water, if ever released. The only obstacle would, perhaps, be lack of evidence. It would be hard to prove that the victim didn’t know he/she was being filmed. But that would be true with revenge porn laws, too. It would be hard to prove that the accuser didn’t initially consent to having their pictures released on the internet, and then lie that they didn’t consent. So it doesn’t seem to help.

2)The Consequences Aren’t Enough to Make it Illegal

There are concerns that having your naked pictures be made public can lead to job loss, marital prospects being negatively affected, and reputation being ruined. Is it a good reason to make it illegal?

*If potential for job loss was a good reason to make something illegal, it would make gossip illegal. Also, revealing other people’s secrets, such as HIV status. Do we really want this much restriction on free speech?

*Why does revealing that you do normal, harmless things (have sex, and make home videos/photos) have to lead to job loss and a ruined reputation? Why can’t someone be a powerful CEO by day, and an amateur pornstar by night? If nude pictures lead to job loss and shame, then society/employer was the problem, not the person whose pics were released, and not even the person who released the pics. Btw, I’m not convinced job loss and a ruined reputation would even happen over nude pictures. At least not here. Maybe more likely in puritan USA?

*A person who is greatly concerned with their marital prospects would not film themselves having sex, or take candid photos. And even then, I’m not convinced it’s that big of a deal. Even porn stars get married. Some men might not accept a woman who has a sex tape, but many others will see it as an opportunity to create their own sex tape with her. Plus many men get upset that she used to do kinky acts on tape, and refused to do the same with him, not that she did them at all.

3)They are Oddly Specific

Why do we need laws specifically against releasing naked pictures and porn? Lots of things except sex are private. Lots of things except sex can be embarrassing. If the logic behind revenge porn laws was to protect privacy and reputation, then posting prank videos should be illegal. Same would apply to pictures of drunk sleeping people, who have been drawn on with a marker. Or reading and revealing someone’s personal diary.

IMO, the focus on sex reveals revenge porn laws to be another manifestation of the feminist fear that a woman’s sexual capital will be stolen or tarnished somehow. It’s not just about provacy or consent.

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Set Weight Range

Some scientists say we all have a set weight range, a range of body mass (and more precisely, fat amount) we are most comfortable having. The number 10% keeps coming up when I read about it. So if you gain or lose more than 10% of your set point weight, your metabolism will fight back, making it harder and harder to progress in that direction. Here are some studies about this:

1.Genetic factors apprear to account for about 40 to 70 per cent of the variation in BMI among women and among men:

Maes, H. H. M., Neale, M. C., & Eaves, L. J. (1997). Genetic and environmental factors in relative body weight and human adiposity. Behavior Genetics, 27, 325-351.

2.The set point is a biologically determines standard around which fat mass is regulated:

Powley, T. L., & Keesey, R. E. (1970). Relationship of body weight to the lateral hypothalamic feeding syndrome. Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, 70, 25-36.

However, there is also evidence that this set weight range is not destiny. It’s very hard to believe in that, in light of the fact that modern Americans are really fat compared to their grandparents, whose genes aren’t significantly different. If they had a fixed weight range, wouldn’t they have a hard time staying so fat? I think their set weight range must have shifted upwards because of their long-term commitment to weight gaining. There are also comparisons between genetically similar people who live in different countries:

3.Prevalence of both obesity and type 2 diabetes is a result of environmental factors and are therefore largely preventable:

Esparsa, J., Fox, C., Harper I. T., et al. (2000). Daily expenditure in Mexican and USA Pima Indians: Low physical activity as a possible cause of obesity. International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, 69-80.

Schulz, L. O., Bennett, P. H., Ravussin, E., et al. (2006). Effects of traditional and Western environments on prevalence of type 2 diabetes in Pima Indians in Mexico and the U.S. Diabetes Care, 29, 1866-1871.


My experience partially fits both the set weight range view of things. There was a time when I gained weight, only to feel a decrease in appetite and lose it all again. It happened because I was too lazy and undisciplined about eating enough. Will this time be the same? I think not, because:
1.I gained a lot more self-discipline through training self-discipline.

2.I’m less tolerant of the feeling of hunger now. Not sure how this is explained, but I feel compelled to eat something when my stomach feels empty now. It’s an unpleasant feeling.

What do you think of set weight range? Have it defeated your attempts to change your weight? Have you defeated it?

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The Contradictory SMV of the Older Man

Do men in their 30s have higher SMV than men in their 20s, or do they not?

As an average-looking woman, I noticed I get way more attention from older men, than men my age. It’s been like this since I was a very young teenager. I have been wondering about this one for a while: if teenage boys have lower SMV than 30 year old men, why did I have more adult “takers” than teenage ones? And why do some men regret not fucking all the “plain” teenage girls that threw themselves at them when they were in high school? It is as if getting older gives men a newfound appreciation for female youth. Now there is a study that might shine light on that mystery:

“Empirical results show lower cognitive ability, lower educational attainment, lower occupational wages, lower earnings, and less attractive appearance among those married to a differently aged spouse.”

I can’t say this fits my situation when it comes to cognitive ability and education, but so far, I’m poor and average-looking, and with a man who is 10 years older than me. He is similar – smart and overeducated, but poor (rather cute though). My parents, on the other hand, were always hot, popular people, and they are the same age. What does it mean? Does it mean a woman “settles” for an older man?

It’s also true that most women marry older men (even if by a few years):

“Most men marry women younger than they are; with the difference being between two to three years in Spain,[3] with the UK reporting the difference to be on average about three years, and the US, two and a half.[10][11] The pattern was also confirmed for the rest of the world, with the gap being largest in Africa.[12]

At the same time, there are men who swear they get way more attention now, than in their 30s. And there are women who swear men really get better looking with age (this comment section: ). Perhaps the former is explained by men getting higher marriage market value, not large sexual market value. And the latter could be explained by women’s preferences for looks changing with age:


Chart comes from Christian Rudder’s book “Dataclysm” ( )

In short, men in theirh 30s could be getting more attention from former carousel riders who want to jump off the carousel, and women slightly younger than themselves. Also, average-looking young women. Is there more to it?

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You Have To Learn To Cope With Choice And Freedom

Recently, Roosh wrote this :

“People Should Not Be Allowed Unlimited Personal Freedom

Most Americans, if you give them freedom and a life without restrictions, will almost certainly dive head-first into a life of absolute degeneracy and vice. They will pursue fleeting pleasures of the body, including alcohol use, drug abuse, and casual sex. They will make colossal mistakes with their education that put them into debt for life. They will seek out fame, attention, and validation instead of developing genuine skill or competency. They will permanently disfigure their bodies with tattoos and ear gauges. They will experiment with homosexuality or an artificially invented gender identity. They will overindulge in food and mindless entertainment. They will not educate themselves unless there is a bag of money at the end of their efforts. They will lie, cheat, and rationalize the hurting of others. The more freedom you give to the average person, the more they will harm not only themselves but others whom they come across.

I don’t have to look farther than myself to see how damaging freedom can be. Left to my own devices without expert guidance, I picked the incorrect major in college, leading to ten years of wasted time in the field of microbiology. I pursued sexual vice for over a decade that was fun and exciting only for the moment, and which has left me with no more than a handful of meaningful human connections and memories that produce just as much lamentation as happiness. And I strained existing relations with my family and friends to nearly lose myself in third-world countries when I thought that I would “find myself” instead.”

I agree with some things, but not others:


First of all, I don’t think unlimited freedom is the problem. USA, which he uses as an example of a free country, contains some of the most cruel prisons in the world. Also, it’s ironic that the land of the free has such a huge percentage of its population incarcerated. While Americans are free in lots of ways, they have to be careful, lest they run into major trouble created by their own government. If you ever start feeling like your life is too free of hardship, you can always find it again, easily.


He’s saying there is too much superficial kind of freedom, and too little belonging and meaning in life:

“Most humans are not capable of wisely using their freedom, and so they must be restrained and managed by rules or by those who know what’s best for that individual more than the individual himself. In the past this restraint took place with those who had a sincere investment in the person’s well-belling, such as the family, the tribe, the village, and the local church, but these restraints are long gone, released in the cultural chaos of the post-Enlightenment world. With a general trend of increasing personal freedom around the planet, the only logical result is a steadfast mental and behavioral decline of humanity. Unless people are limited in the personal decisions they’re able to make, they will continue to hurt themselves and others.”

Yes, things such as family, the village and the local church could well work. I have read that people in third world countries have a better prognosis for schizophrenia, than people in first world countries. One explanation is that third world inhabitants have closer families. I’ve also read that too many choices make us less happy. Not only does it take more brain exertion to find the best choice, it also makes people second-guess whether the choice was the right one. I can see how human psychology is better suited for much smaller-scale living than what we are faced with today. To reduce living to a smaller scale, we’d have to get rid of modern technology. That’s not going away, unless the peak oil hits.

One Can Learn to Deal with Freedom

There is one thing I like about guys on TheRedPill subreddit. If you’re introverted or shy, they tell you that you can learn to approach women. They tell you not to use introversion as an excuse not to approach, and not to give up. Many men there say they learned it. They must still be introverts, but their tolerance for social contact went way up, and their social skills improved.

I think same can be said about living life with too many choices, too little belonging and no externally imposed life-meaning. It might feel uncomfortable, but you can do it. You can learn to have self-discipline, and find your own meaning. Like in the above example, you’ll still retain your nature, but you’ll find a way to go around your human limitations and enjoy the limitless world around you. If I find any good methods for that, I will share them. So far, I got this:

1.Have principles.
That’s the only thing that can never be taken from you. That’s why religious nuts are so full of bravery and conviction. People who live only for hedonism are weakening themselves from the inside. They stand for nothing, and that’s why life starts to feel empty after a while.

2.Remember what happens when you don’t have freedom.
Remember that time when you were in some sort of trouble, or faced a very difficult challenge. Remember how you wished things were easy, as they are now. Remember how good you felt after it was over.

3.Don’t have too many goals at a time.
Multitasking strains your mental energy, as it makes you switch from one task to another, way too often. It also makes you feel like you failed, because you didn’t do all those goals in an unrealistically short time.

It’s better to do one goal in January, then another goal in February, third goal in March, etc. But if you can’t avoid too many goals, then at least restate your goals and group them together, to make them look like they are fewer (weird, but kind of works).

I welcome readers to offer more suggestions.

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How To Write Female Characters That Please Feminists

Looks like Joss Whedon was punished for not writing Black Widow in the way that feminists would approve of.

When it comes to writing female characters, the same rules apply as when writing male characters. It’s not extra hard. A female character can be good or bad, strong or weak. Just don’t make her boring or wooden.

It only seems extra hard, because writers allow themselves to worry about what the PC police will say. When you start worrying about that, you invite extra writers into your head, leading to the “too many cooks in the kitchen” effect. As a result, you will have a political tool, not a living, breathing character. And then it’s no wonder it’s not good.

And therefore, I think the key to pleasing feminists is to ignore them, forget them, and let your creativity flow.…/yang-joss-whedon-femini…/index.html…/avengers-director-joss-whedon-i…/

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