Don’t defend feminism from accusations which they admit are true

When reading comments on Eivind Berge’s blog, I notice some Norwegian people defend feminism from accusations that feminists themselves openly admit to be true.

1)      “The Norwegian law against buying sex was an issue of moralism, not feminism”

Some say the law criminalizing sex buyers was mainly motivated by seeing prostitution as gross/morally wrong/indecent, but really, I have some published articles, written by feminists themselves, admitting that they wanted this and contributed to this. Women’s Front was working against prostitution for 30 years. They agree on thinking of all buying of sex as violating women’s human rights. The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions voted in favor of criminalizing the buyer, putting pressure on the government. Women’s Front supported it, while Network against Criminalization (initiated by a woman formerly involved in prostitution) was against it. Young feminists convinced The Socialist Left Party and Labor Party that there is a connection between trafficking, prostitution and demand, so the buying got criminalized[1]. If the article is hard to find for you, just look at this link:

”Kvinnefronten ble stiftet i 1972, og har opp gjennom årene gjort seg gjeldene i for eksempel kampen for selvbestemt abort, kampen mot porno, og kampen for den nye sexkjøploven”

2)      ”Norway is not a feminist state”

Well, depends on what you define as feminist state.  Norway has specific organizations and state activities that are especially made to create equality between the sexes (here is one of them: ) . We most definitely have what they call state feminism, which is feminism influencing the state, and making it create feminist laws[2]. We’re also using a lot of money on trying to create equality between the sexes. Curriculum for KFL1010, a gender studies subject at university of Oslo, agrees( ). In the 70s, they tried to create a more gender neutral equality law, but some feminist groups demanded a more positively discriminating one (with the assumption that women are worse off, so you gotta use state power to correct this irregularity), so I guess they modified it, and now we have stuff like affirmative action for women, for example. Gender studies researchers influenced this decision[3].

So I guess if feminists say all this about themselves and what they do, I have no reason to doubt them.

1.            Strom, A., A glimpse into 30 years of struggle against prostitution by the women’s liberation movement in Norway. Reproductive Health Matters, 2009. 17(34): p. 29-37.

2.            Holst, C., Hva er feminisme? 2009: Universitetsforlaget. P. 114-119.

3.            Jørgen Lorentzen, W.M., Kjønnforskning. 2009: Universitetsforlaget.P. 103-104.

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8 Responses to Don’t defend feminism from accusations which they admit are true

  1. Clarence says:

    I agree. Will be exploring your blog more later.

  2. Omnipitron says:

    Hey there;

    Just want to drop a line and thank you for your empathy for the issues facing men. At the end of the day, the concerns of one gender will have detrimental effects on the other. In my opinion as it appears to me, it takes guts to go to an MRA website and I just want to tell you that while your opinion may be viewed negatively, there are many who indeed value it. At the end of the day, many men have been hurt very badly by current society and at this point, all they will do is down vote any female who even opens their mouth.

    I’m not saying it’s right, just trying to tell you why it is that many men will do that. The truth, many men simply feel that a woman is their enemy as a default position, and then this woman needs to prove that they’re really friendly. Recently, a valued female blogger jumped the shark so to speak which undermined her credibility and sadly proved to many men on the Manosphere why trusting a female is indeed a bad idea.

    At the end of the day, you are trying to see things from the male perspective, which puts you head and shoulders above many of your peers. Don’t take the down votes to heart, for the most part that is simply pain talking from the regulars who are simply defending themselves from opening up. Like I said before, not right, not even fair, but simply a defense mechanism that many men have to deal with.

    Good Luck and Happy New Year

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Thanks for that supportive comment 🙂
      I was thinking that I got downvoted because I admitted I used to lack empathy (although it’s not entirely my fault, since I happened not to have a brother). Also because I said that each group has its non-admirable people. That is true in my experience here on the net (discovered it when I was in my cool atheist community and found dogmatic irrational people there), but it sounded kinda mean and unnecessary at that point. Gotta learn to be more careful to begin with, when entering any new site… The downvotes don’t hurt, but my conscience does (about all the feminists and MRAs I accidentally pointlessly annoyed lately). I’ll keep what you said in mind though.

  3. Eivind Berge says:

    I’m curious, who is this female blogger who jumped the shark on the manopshere? What happened?

  4. omnipitron says:

    “about all the feminists and MRAs I accidentally pointlessly annoyed lately”

    Here’s the deal, and no, I’m not blowing smoke up your @$$. The reason why you have ‘annoyed’ MRA’s is simply because of the fact that men are defending themselves out of self-preservation. That’s it. They honestly would LIKE to believe you, that your position is true and that you actually see the forest for the trees, but due to the fact that they have been fooled before, men are defensive and simply in self-preservation mode.

    Emma, I’m telling you the truth, I’m a black man living in North America and I’m telling you that the plight of white men on this continent actually makes ME shake my head. Blacks have already felt the brunt of feminism, but it sucks to see another race undergo what we had to sit through and watch the destruction of our lives. What does that tell you? Let me put it to you like this; in terms of infidelity, when the former wandering spouse wants to make amends to the betrayed spouse, they have to bend over backwards in order to PROVE that they have changed and are now trustworthy going forward. What I’m saying is that men have been beaten and crushed to the point that when a women approaches them, even holding a ring of peace, they shy away simply to minimize the damage they feel could happen to them.

    I know it sucks; this is why I came by to drop a line and thank you. What I’m saying is that every time you publish a post such as this one, every time you TELL THE TRUTH about what you have seen in terms of feminism and the issues between the genders, every time you go to The Spearhead and post what you believe, I promise you will win some trust, understand…I PROMISE. Take a look at the thread you commented on, Emma, Lara is a regular poster there and she at this time would have been regularly ignored and if you look at some regular posts, you can see that she has been down voted to the point of invisibility. You are still there to be seen regardless of the tally of your posts at this point, consider that. That means that there are some men who care about your opinion, seriously consider that. There’s a regular poster named Crella who has been solid since she started commenting on the Mesosphere YEARS ago and she STILL get’s down voted on The Spearhead.

    It sucks, but sadly it’s true.

    It’s self preservation, and the best thing to do is simply post what you have with no apologies, don’t worry about ‘riling up MRA’s’ you’re simply being tested by fire, and if you feel the way you say you do, and post it, then YOU WILL PASS! They day will come when you will be looked up to and respected BECAUSE you hung in despite the sh!t. Remember, state what you believe, not what you want men to hear, men, (and yes I’m going to say this) white men don’t need to hear you agree 100% with them, they just need to see that you recognize wrongs when you see it. If you say it about men, and don’t blame them for sh!t that clearly isn’t their fault they will trust you in time. Men have broad shoulders; we can handle responsibility, but not the responsibility of others, which we have been blamed for recently.

    There are good and bad in both genders, that’s for sure. I refuse to lie to you and say that all men are victims and even that men have every right to try to ignore you, however, there is a lot that contemporary women have to answer for. I’m just trying to say that from what I see here so far, you seem on the level, men by and large are have been bamboozled before, and are simply scared to place their faith into females.

    Listen, you USED to lack empathy, past tense, not anymore. That’s what got my attention and if you look on the Spearhead I guarantee you I’m not the only one. Listen, you saw what the deal was. You know WHY so many men are so upset! Because the fact that they tried to listen, they tried to hear feminist’s, they tried to be forthcoming to women and got a mudhole stomped into their chests for their efforts.

    This is why MRA’s are so combative when it comes to women, they don’t want to give any quarter BECAUSE they where so forthcoming in the past. I say this because in your reply to me on your own blog you didn’t blame men, you looked into your own story to see the issues and that gives hope. Mn respect women who take respectability, they do, they REALLY do. You take responsibility for yourself and I’ll tell you that many men have given up hope. I say this again, post what you believe on the Spearhead like you are literally on fire, post what you brelieve and the respect WILL come. Men only need to see after you have been tested and you still hang around to respect you. Trust me, many women have betrayed that trust, as another example, last year a woman who commented on the Spearhead whom many had respect for turned and the result was lost catastrophic.

    I will leave you with this; there is a saying among the manosphere, which states that, Not All Women Are Like That (NAWALT). Post what you fell, no matter the consequence and that is the only thing, which will show men that NAWALT is actually true, yeah?

    Take care.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Oh, I’m not gonna leave Spearhead, nobody asked me to leave so far (on one site they did, persistently, and it seemed pointless to stay longer). So far I’ve been following that same advice, that I should just say what’s on my mind, even if people disagree and become irritated. The rule on the internet is not “you can’t please everyone” though, but “you can’t please ANYONE” (might sound pessimistic, but actually I’m just being outcome independent here), so I might as well go on saying what I think. If respect comes, like you say, great. If not, it’s also ok, I’m already respected enough. As far as I know, nothing is yet guaranteed, but I have a feeling where this will be going if I go on like this. So yeah, I’ll go on commenting.
      Oh, and I know about Lara, so I’m surprised I’m still not made invisible due to downvotes. The comment must have been better than originally thought.

  5. Bill says:

    Oh, I’m not gonna leave Spearhead, nobody asked me to leave so far (on one site they did, persistently, and it seemed pointless to stay longer). So far I’ve been following that same advice, that I should just say what’s on my mind, even if people disagree and become irritated.

    Feel free to stay. As long as it’s OK by Eivind I’ve got no problem with it. But I should warn you: the only woman who has managed to gain general acceptance is crella. Lara, for her part, isn’t so bad — she’s just sarcastic and likes to push people’s buttons. Sometimes she’s pretty funny. But she sure does piss a lot of the guys off.

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