Don’t be Team Man, be Team Truth and Justice

I think there might be a tendency with some manosphere people to mirror angry feminists in attitudes towards the opposite sex. The tendency is “Man = good, woman = bad” and “they have it so good and easy while we suffer a lot”. I won’t deny that more consideration is given to women in the west, and all kinds of reforms are made in their favor (to “balance out” the inequality which must be due to oppression as they say), but playing “Which sex is the bigger oppressor &more evil” is annoying no matter who does it.

Another thing I noticed is how some guys mirror the very women they hate listening to. They set up moral double standards. If a wife drinks and spends her man’s money, she’s the bitch and he needs to leave her and not leave her with any money. If the husband drinks away her money, he did it because she got fat or was too uninterested in his problems. If a husband, in attempt to make his wife have sex with him again, makes himself hotter and starts being attractive to other women, he’s doing the right thing and just trying to save his marriage. If a woman does the same to make her husband take more care of himself (join a gym), she’s playing a whorish game. These two examples of moral double standard are real.

Another great way to mirror the worst of feminists is to find misandry everywhere in movies and songs, just the way this girl found misogyny is Christmas songs:

Sure some movies and songs contain misandry or misogyny, but the moment you start seeing it everywhere, you lost your sense of humor.

(Btw, I value places where men can be as angry as they want about all these issues, I don’t want them to ever disappear. The issue is not angry words, but turning into a person no better than the amoral enemy you hate).

I think I might even see why many men would agree with feminism and even become male feminists. Because they like women and sometimes feel protective of them, and want to earn their affection. They might hear them complain about inequality and feel bad for who they think are virtuous, beautiful creatures. And maybe they hear of how badly they’ve been treated by other men, and then want to prove that “they are not like the others”.  And they might from that moment think that women are more morally good than men in general. This type of thing can happen to a woman reading MRA sites and when listening to betas complain on PUA sites, too. But don’t do it – it’s like feeling sorry for a group that hates you and trying to join their club. You’d be as repulsive as a male feminist, apologetic for the rest of his gender, whom female feminists won’t even fuck.

So after thinking about all this, I would recommend both men and women to be Team Truth and Justice, rather than Team *some gender*. That should be obvious, of course, but judging by what I read, it’s not to everyone.

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17 Responses to Don’t be Team Man, be Team Truth and Justice

  1. Samuel says:

    This sort of post is why I subscribed to you.

    My issue is that while the MRA guys rail against shitty women behavior and feminist persecution… which I get…

    Nobody ever talks about solutions… almost as though they don’t think there is one and that all women are incorrigible succubi whom we must never invest in or appreciate in any way…

    When, in fact, a Man of greatness knows that there are solutions to be had, and there are a lot of women who are fun, funny, valuable, and lovely… and that many of the women they hate on could even become women of the good category and caliber, if the men would just consider solutions, and lead the way.

    They also gloss over the dark underbelly of their own promiscuity, which is primarily the fact that it can leave a man feeling alone, isolated, an empty shell full of anger and hate, with hardened hearts… just like it does to many women of the carousel.

    Nice post, Emma

    • P Ray says:

      The solution to be had, for a decent man …
      is to assume all women are uninterested in him and not sincere,
      until they prove they are.

      If a woman likes a man,
      nothing will keep her from him.
      If a woman hates a man,
      nothing will make her go to him.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I don’t know if promiscuitiy on its own would hurt these men, but the manosphere views themselves will. I hear it so often – a guy finds things out and despairs that he will never have real love with a woman, because they don’t love the way men love (debatable) and will dump you the moment you let yourself be weak and open. I remember reading an article written by RooshV, I think it was called The Dark Side of Game. It was what you describe – lost bonding ability and it seems the sex itself with all those women appears to be a small step above masturbation. I dunno what did it for him, it could be promiscuity like you say. But yeah, if I was a man and found out women will either trade up or get bored with me if I acted too loving, I’d get depressed too (and not trusting anymore..). All those laws MRAs complain about just make this worse – because now women have the power to seriously hurt you beyond just being mean/rejecting.
      What do you think are solutions?

  2. alcestiseshtemoa says:

    Just found your blog. Nice post. The problem with both MRA’s and feminists is their liberal worldview. All this talk about autonomy, civil rights, human rights, equality, democracy and whatnot misses the point. We should focus on virtue, loyalty, community, family, religion and other things. Complementary, not competition. If I talk to a MRA he thinks I pedestalize women. If I talk to a feminist she thinks I am a woman hater. Men and women are not equal (sorry folks). There exists sex/gender differences but that doesn’t mean that one is lower than the other. It means that we have the same value but that we are not equal and that we’re different. Team truth all the way.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Thanks. There is nothing wrong with virtue, loyalty, family and religion, but those things won’t be meaningful if you have no autonomy and rights (unless the tyrant who governs at the moment subscribes to your values, like family and your particular religion). That’s not to say those things you mentioned aren’t important. Those are very important for a good strong society. Also, I think there is a difference between feminists and MRAs in that regard – feminists already got women all the rights they need and even more on top of that (in the West though..), but men lost some, so MRAs’ complaints are at least valid.

      I don’t know if I like equality though. Equality of rights and opportunities are essential, but equality of outcome are

      I also think men and women are complementary and don’t like gender war and the “us vs them” thinking both feminists and MRAs often use. MRAs are wrong to think it’s them against women. It’s mostly them vs. other men, the so-called manginas who excuse women’s bad behavior and protect them against men who are merely defending themselves (like here: A great model of the whole situation, IMO).

  3. Clarence in Baltimore says:

    I don’t know how it happened but Alte and some of her commenters on Traditional Christianity have found you. They are mostly a nice group, but their world-view is fundamentally religious and they view everything through that prism.They are thoughtful and you are nice, but I really didn’t expect to see them here as you are secular and attached to Elvind and I’m sure they can’t stand him.Oh well, I hope you and yours are happy.As for the post, I of course, agree. A good place that deals with issues such as you talk about is the “genderratic” blog.


  4. Clarence in Baltimore says:

    Glad you like it, Emma.
    You might note that the site was founded by two Feminist Critics regulars, Jim (Gingko) and Typhonblue.
    Both sites are good, and I think they “fit” you better than most other places on the web.

  5. Travis says:

    I agree 100%. I just came from the Spearhead article where that Brittney woman was posting. Gotta’ say I’m pretty embarrassed at how most of them handled it. Just as you said, it’s as though they’ve become (at least some of them) the mirror image of everything I hate most about the super hardcore feminists. I don’t agree with a lot of what she (Brittney) said, but I do agree with her statement that a large portion of the responses were childish and immature.
    And I’ve also noticed that whenever a female posts over there (including you…) it seems like no matter what she says, or how supportive she is, she still gets crapped on by a lot of the guys. Makes me sad. And it makes the whole MRM look bad. Just try to understand that there ARE a lot of angry and bitter guys over there, but there are also some of us who appreciate ANYONE who can see things from our point of view, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Hell, I even appreciate Brittney for attempting to enter into a dialog about these issues. She did end up saying some pretty offensive things, but I can hardly blame her after the response she recieved. For a movement thats still so small, it drives me crazy to see how intent some of those dudes are on driving away potential supporters and sympathizers. Anyway, I hope you don’t let the crazies chase you off. And thanks for keeping an open mind about the MRM and what guys are going through…

    • emmatheemo says:

      Haha, I gotta say that as a woman on MRA sites, I have to work twice as hard to express enough understanding and sensitivity, or else I hate men. Other men are often allowed to attack their own (I don’t bother expecting any understanding and sensitivity for myself, as they made it clear they are tired of showing it and it doesn’t win anyone over). But so far, it hasn’t turned me against them, as they can’t get me through the internet and aren’t offensive to me.

  6. says:

    “You’d be as repulsive as a male feminist, apologetic for the rest of his gender, whom female feminists won’t even fuck.”

    Completely disagree. I would defintely find a guy who held women and men in the same regard attractive.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Me too. I love men who hold women and men in the same regard. But that’s not the male feminist that I observed.
      Although it depends on what you mean by “same regard”. Denying differences – no, that’s deluded. If a guy who wanted to date me insisted sexes have exactly the same sexuality and interests and was apologetic for the rest of his gender because of “hundreds of years of oppression”, I’d work to remedy that. If you meant “he sees both as persons who both have responsibility for their actions and need to be treated with same justice”, then yeah, those are awesome men.

  7. Anon says:

    “Truth and justice”?
    You mean patriarchy. Not the hardcore type. I’m thinking King A and gbfm (religion and fanaticism aside).

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Well, judging from what I’ve found out so far, patriarchy is starting to look more truthful and just than lack of it. Or rather, it’s neither truth or justice, it’s a functional way to organize society. Although I still feel that if you just let people be free and take consequences of their choices, it could naturally align with patriarchy anyway, without all the subjugating and repressing. Equality costs money.

      But all that aside, I’m still more team Truth and Justice than patriarchy. Those first two can still be worked towards without wanting patriarchy specifically.

  8. YOHAMI says:

    Good stuff. And yes what’s how feminism get’s male sympathy. Just replace [affection] with pussy. Even if they (we) dont get it, that’s the driving force all along: Im not like them, Im special, fancy a fuck?

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