I got fat YAY

Well, not fat, but here it is, got to 56,5, seems I look better now, compared to 51 in the post “Being thin sucks”.

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14 Responses to I got fat YAY

  1. WarriorClass III says:

    I really can’t tell the difference from the photos. You look exactly the same in both.

  2. YOHAMI says:

    Virtually no difference, plus the legs are distracting

  3. Clarence says:

    I’m just glad you are happy, and that you can manage to make food work for you and not against you. If anyone says you are fat with those 13 pounds, they are deluded. I hope Elvind is getting the kisses of a happy girl!

  4. Reader says:

    Hi Emma,

    I also thought that this was how you looked before. You were not wearing shorts and your jeans hid the fact that you really must have been too skinny, so I can understand why you were not feeling well.

    You still look beautiful, have distracting legs, and are not anywhere close to “fat”.

    In the past, I would be reminded to click on your name by the rationality and quality of your comments. But you are too valuable for just an occasional visit, so I am going to make your blog one of my regular stops.

  5. babs says:

    you do kinda look like a feminist hag… ashame!

  6. John says:

    You look great. The shorts suit you. Your definitel someone who would “do it” for me.

  7. Micheal Gomez says:

    Damm you are sexy fat and beautiful

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