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Don’t give Amnesty money, they will use it to ruin your life

The Amnesty organization ( ) is now trying to change the definition of rape in Norway, which is already diluted by the way, but here it is: Quote: “Myndighetene må endre voldtektslovgivningen slik at voldtekt defineres som seksuell omgang … Continue reading

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American pedophile hysteria

Take a look at this case:|aim|dl3|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D173504 A 24 year old woman took a 15 year old boy into a tanning booth, took off some of her clothes and kissed him. His mom walked in. Now the “pedophile” is facing … Continue reading

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Were women oppressed by men in the West in the past? Part 1

I believed they were. I never had any significant contact with feminists, but this seems to be mainstream knowledge. For a couple of months, I’ve been reading history books and trying to find out if it’s really true. I’ve also … Continue reading

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Feeling feminism-induced inferiority to men?(1) Penis envy?

..then here is your cure 😀 “The Myth of Male Power”, by Warren Farrell: If you’re a girl and ever felt like men have it so much better and have so much more value, and oppressed you for thousands … Continue reading

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A video that almost turned me misandric

Why are guys so dumb? Is the video with genders reversed even possible? How could men ever manage to oppress women for millions of years when they act like this?…

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