Feeling feminism-induced inferiority to men?(1) Penis envy?

..then here is your cure 😀 “The Myth of Male Power”, by Warren Farrell:


If you’re a girl and ever felt like men have it so much better and have so much more value, and oppressed you for thousands of years, and still do, read this and those problems will be gone. You will not only feel better about yourself, but be a pleasanter person to innocent men who don’t want to oppress you, have no intention of competing with you and aren’t made of steel.


1: I do think feminism is one of the things that compares women’s weakest points with men’s strongest points, therefore creating inferiority feelings and penis envy in women, and contempt for women in some anti-feminists, but need to read more before I can elaborate on that convincingly.


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5 Responses to Feeling feminism-induced inferiority to men?(1) Penis envy?

  1. Firepower says:

    I am removig you from my blogroll

  2. Clarence says:

    Probably the name Warren Farrell.
    But with Firepower, one of the most banned people ever, who knows?

    • emmatheemo says:

      Lol, what’s wrong with Warren? I know he’s not right about everything (like the origin of the word “faggot”), but I didn’t know he was so offensive. Oh well. Can’t please them all.

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