American pedophile hysteria

Take a look at this case:|aim|dl3|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D173504

A 24 year old woman took a 15 year old boy into a tanning booth, took off some of her clothes and kissed him. His mom walked in. Now the “pedophile” is facing a felony charge of lewd acts with a minor under 16. Not an unusual case these days, but what is most fun (and telling) is reading the comments.  The first thing you’d see are comments about “pedophilia”. They are common, but not in the majority:

“I love how people excuse female pedophilia so easily. It’s pretty disturbing when you think about it.”

First of all, a person liking someone 15 years of age is not a pedophile, but people love to call anyone who liked anyone under 18 a pedophile in USA. A pedophile is someone who is attracted to prepubescent children.

The majority of comments are something like this:

“At 15 that kid was very much aware of what was going on and probably felt lucky, at that age I know I would have. Now he has to live the rest of his life with the embarrassing story of how his mom saved him from an attractive woman who wanted to make a man out of him”


“The boy is currently hospitalized with a strained arm due to excessive high fives from all his friends.”

It seems some people even understand that there is a difference between what happens with a girl and what happens with a boy when they have sex:

1)      “I feel bad for the guy getting caught by his mother. I’m trying look at this from a non-sexist position. But its really difficult!

If it was a 24 year old guy and a 15 year old girl, I would most definitely be disgusted and would want consequences for the guy.

I absolutely cannot fathom the problem when the opposite occurs. I guess this is just how men have been socialized in our society.”

Too bad this guy is as poisoned as you can get by political correctness about “sexism” (he thinks boys and girls having sex are doing the same thing, but he doesn’t FEEL it).

2)      “If it had been a man seducing a 15 year old girl, the comments certainly wouldn’t say she was lucky. Why is it so when then genders are reversed?”

“Because girls are girls, and boys are boys.
You can’t be this dumb.”

Lots of comments about “what if it was your kid”:

“if it was the other way around and it was an older male and YOUR daughter I bet it wouldn’t be so funny”

Seems people like that are often parents and are scared some older person will damage their kid (1). It’s normal to feel protective of your kids, but I can’t help but see how they put emphasis on how the parent feels rather than the kid:

“Great. Another story about a female sexual predator, another set of comments glorifying it and saying that any boy would be happy about it. This woman did this in public, basically in front of the boy’s mother. Clearly there is something off with her.”

My own personal opinion is that we definitely have an age of pre-18 sex hysteria and pedophile hysteria. When I was a teenager, my girlfriends had sex with older men, and are still fine to this day. I have a close guy friend who lost his virginity to an adult summer camp teacher when he was 14 – he’s a well-adjusted family man now. I don’t think either teen boys or teen girls necessarily get traumatized from sex with adults (although it depends on the teen, but remember how much damage a person their own age can do as well), but in general, a girl getting sex with an older man can’t feel lucky just because she had sex, while a boy getting sex with an older woman can. It’s just not how it works, that genders are equal during sex, and most people can feel it, even if they are taught it’s not true.

And what I find the most surprising is that MRAs bought into it as well. They hate that men get punished so disproportionately for sex crimes, so they cheer when the same happens to women. In a way, I would agree that when feminist laws start hurting women, perhaps the women themselves or the feminists would react. Don’t count on the latter though – feminists are ok with passing laws that hurt women (like the ban on buying sex in Norway, which hurts the prostitutes). But pedophile hysteria is a terrible thing to support, it hurts men no matter what you support. Support men being punished as pedos – you hurt the “pedo” (which is a word for normal functional people these days) men. Support women being punished as pedos – you hurt the teenage boys who just want to be lucky once in a while.


(1) Yes, I know some adults can give your teen an STD or get pregnant and drain him of money through child support. That is something to protect your kid from. But the sex itself? Please.


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26 Responses to American pedophile hysteria

  1. Eivind Berge says:

    Well, I am one MRA who never bought into the female sex offender charade. But some do and it is unspeakably sad. It frankly beggars belief that anybody at all can be so deluded that they think boys are “victims” when they get lucky. I find it extremely difficult to take anybody seriously as a human being if they buy into the idea that a case like this constitutes sexual abuse, because clearly they lack any concept of humanity or human feelings. At best, such a person can be described as an autistic freak of feminist indoctrination, parroting political correctness like a zombie. Prosecuting women for victimless sex crimes is even worse than doing it against men because it adds a whole additional layer of insult to injury when boys are fraudulently portrayed as victims when they are lucky. These laws are beyond odious — applied to women they are also *perverse*. I cannot think of any aspect of feminism more offensive than the female sex offender charade. It is the pinnacle of hatred and absurdity and we need to find a way to fight it.

    Great post.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Thanks 🙂
      I don’t know how any man can miss it. I know a woman might think that an older person seducing her as a teen would be creepy and frightening, but lots of male commenters pretty much said it – they would be happy to score with a beautiful 24 year old and some of them had similar opportunities and took them.
      So yes, you would have to be either abnormal or very brainwashed to not notice that on average, a boy getting sexual attention from a woman would feel good about it. So my guess is they deep down know it too, but their learning won’t let them admit it. Lots of comments on that site in the vein of “Yeah, he probably felt lucky and wasn’t hurt, but what she did was WRONG, i mean she is an adult and should know better”. They don’t say why it’s wrong (they admit they don’t think the kid was hurt), they just postulate that it is. My guess is that anything illegal is automatically wrong to a lot of people.

      I think their outrage also has something to do with being scared their kid is gonna be negatively influenced by an adult stranger. I’m somewhat skeptical about this whole “power/influence difference makes sex automatically abuse” thing. Because common sense says teens are more likely to experience peer pressure and rebel against adult authority. If someone’s gonna hurt them, it’s teens their own age.

  2. YOHAMI says:

    Very. Very interesting.

    On the other hand if it was a 24 year old dude and a 15 years old girl, I still cheer them.

  3. Mark says:

    I think a lot of people realize that the age of 18 or whatever the age of consent is in a certain place is arbitrary; they are more upset by the double standard.

    • Eivind Berge says:

      Mark, would you care to explain why the double standard is wrong? Do you think a man and a woman having sex are doing the same thing in every relevant respect? Then you are no better than the social constructionist feminists. In reality, of course, male and female sexuality are not created equal. Sex is a female resource that males want; not the other way around. A male and a woman having sex with a younger person are not doing the same thing at all, so there is no reason the same laws should apply, any more than it is natural to have the same attitude to sluts and studs. It is evil to criminalize men for arbitrary victimless sex crimes and I very much oppose it. But criminalizing women for the “same” crimes is not just evil, but also in a whole other ballpark of bizarre insanity on top of that. It is evil and *PERVERSE* to pretend women can sexually “abuse” boys because are in fact *LUCKY*! That is what is so ineffably offensive about pretending women can commit sex crimes. I literally cannot think of anything more offensive than the lie that boys are “victims” when they are so incredibly lucky that I would kill to have the same happen to me at the same age. Age of consent laws should be abolished in my opinion, but failing that, there should at least be a double standard making sure they only apply to men. Girls do in fact give up something valuable when they have sex, so the criminalization of older men for consensual sex is merely a gross and unfair exaggeration of reality. Criminalizing women for being nice to boys, however, is a perverse and odious lie, and fighting this madness must be the number one priority of MRAs.

  4. Anthony Deluca says:

    Hey I just wanted to say this post was great. It is awesome to see someone with perspective.

  5. An excellent article Emma, and I agree almost entirely.

    On the one hand, it is understandable the outrage that men’s rights supporters feel at the double standard in statutory rape cases. On the other hand, equal injustice is no justice for anybody. And it’s not just the adult who is punished if the view of society on adult/teen relationships is mistaken – the teenager is also punished, by being traumatised unnecessarily by the label of child abuse victim (and having to testify against his/her lover in court).

    I do feel the need to point out that there are two obvious reasons why the double standard exists (neither of which are valid anymore). Firstly, teenage boys can’t get pregnant and left holding a baby by an older lover. Secondly, men do not feel threatened by stories of women going off with pubescent boys in the same way that women do feel threatened by the possibility of their husband cheating on them with a much younger female.

    • YOHAMI says:

      “Firstly, teenage boys can’t get pregnant and left holding a baby by an older lover. ”

      If she get’s pregnant he pays child support – even if he was “raped”. Thanks feminism.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Thanks. I agree, double injustice is not justice at all. This is why I don’t really like the MRA tendency to wish bad things on people and cheering when it happens. You probably know already that my boyfriend got into shit for exactly this. Don’t think other MRAs will have this happen to them, as they only cheer when legal bad things happen and for perfectly legal self-destruction of feminism.

  6. _ (@hzrxt) says:

    On the other hand, I’m a male who almost got “raped” by a girl when I was 5-6 (I didn’t consent to sex (my mother had told me it was illegal), so we left it at kissing and touching), and I’m pretty sure it fucked up my sexuality and life something fierce. When it comes to children’s rights, the question is weather a rational adult in the child’s position, taking into account the effects on the child’s psyche and the rest of the context, would possibly make the same choice. It’s obviously not in a 6 year old child’s best interest to be sexually active, not even a boy, so there at least has to be some age limit. What that limit should be can be discussed, and I’m inclined to agree that it should be lowered.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Oh? How old was the girl?

      I think some unbiased research needs to be done or dug up on this. If we’re to find the one true age of consent, it should be based on some evidence, like that “people below XX sustain ** % more damage from sex than adults”, and go from there. Also, compare how much damage is done from sex with people your own age with damage done from sex with adults, that would be interesting.

      • _ (@hzrxt) says:

        I’d always thought she was 15-16, but I checked now and it turns out she was 8. She was herself sexually abused by her father, which I think was why she did as she did.

        How can one quantify damage?

    • Subliminal Portal says:

      If the second website you cited is your blog sheet, I’m glad you posted the article about the authorities in Manassas, Virginia trying to get a court order to force a teenage boy to provide them with a photograph of his genitals as evidence for their so-called “kiddie porn” case against him. It’s about time somebody exposes them to the world for playing with this young man’s life. I mean, he was 17 years old and his girlfriend was 15 years old. I could understand the authorities being hell-bent about nailing him to the wall if he were 67 years old and the girl he sent the photographs to was only 5 or 6 years old, but what he and his girlfriend did was completely harmless. That town has enough problems with *MS-13 gang-related violence. Therefore, they shouldn’t be wasting the taxpayers’ money on such a witch hunt. And the District Attorney’s wife? I imagine she wanted to slap her husband across the face after she found out about it. (*Note – by the way, in case you’re not from the United States of America, allow me to clarify that the MS-13 is an organized gang that came up to the United States of America from El Salvador. They’re mainly concentrated on the Easter seaboard of the United States of American and Southern California).

      • Subliminal Portal says:

        Oops! Allow me to correct my spelling in the last two sentences above.>>>>>(*Note – by the way, in case you’re not from the United States of America, allow me to clarify that the MS-13 is an organized gang that came up to the United States of America from El Salvador. They’re mainly concentrated on the Eastern seaboard of the United States of America and Southern California).

  7. Anonyme says:

    The Americans are correct, I am afraid.

    A grown woman molesting a teenage boy can have serious psychological consequences for the boy, who is not old enough to consent to take this risk. Yes, that age boundary is arbitrary, but if you are otherwise legally dependent on your parents you cannot independently and legally enter into a sexual relationship. Yes, some 15 year olds have sex with other 15 year olds (not most 15 year olds, mind you, at least outside Scandinavia), which can also be morally damaging. But it is a crime for a 24 year old to initiate this activity because she *is* legally independent and should be more interested in psychologically protecting a 15 year old boy than in using him as an object for sexual gratification. That a 15 year old boy might find it pleasurable at the time is really irrelevant – he might find heroin fun while taking it as well, it does not mean he has a right to use it. (all the same- isn’t the age of consent 16 in Norway – so this is a crime in Norway as well?)

    As for ‘pædophilia’, I guess some people think real pædophilia is the desire for pre-adolescents. One can debate that – but this is still criminal behaviour.

    You refer to how the effects of sex on a boy and girl are different. I am sure they are – but are you implying sexual relations of any type do not have a psychological effect on the boy? You think men only use sex purely for gratification?

    I will explain something about the US – these matters are increasingly legalised (as e.g., ‘pædophilia’) because people are less and less allowed to defend their families. In the older US, if a daughter were seduced by an older man, the father might sooner threaten the man (or physically hurt him) to leave your daughter alone than involve the law, which would probably support the father. If a son were seduced by an older woman, the mother might threaten the woman or would use community pressure/the rumour mill. But you certainly did not tolerate it like you do in Norway. The police are involved now along the same lines that police everywhere discourage armed self-defence – you may get in trouble for threatening the sexual predator so you have to go through the police.

    Norway is a sick place not so much because feminists have deprived your boyfriend of sex (as if he is entitled to it), but because nothing in the society is held to be sacred (except maybe public holidays). Look at Russ – people who are still financially, and I guess somewhat legally, dependent on their parents are encouraged to participate in binge drinking and free love. This would be impossible in the US – not because the US is fascist (its authoritarianism is another story) – but because parents are not supposed to basically participate in the psychological damaging of their children. People would probably go to jail for some of the russekorter. Yes, 18 year olds do similar things at American universities, sometimes on their parents’ funds, but they do not live with their parents. In Norway, it seems people who actually care about and protect their families are viewed like extremists. I guess they are the real individuals, not ‘libertarians’ who view the world through the sexualised prism of the feminists they attack.

    Again, the temporary pleasure you feel, how ‘lucky’ you feel, is not important – you are not supposed to think with your sexual organs!

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Old comment…

      In general, I think it’s BS that sex with an adult will harm you. It can, like everything else, but the attention and the amount of anger it receives is disproportionate to the harm. Which alot of the time, is nothing. Harm from a bad romantic affair will last longer and hurt more than consensual sex with an adult. If this POTENTIALLY harmful activity was viewed same way as driving too fast (which can potentially kill someone, which is way worse), it would be punished less severely, not more severely.

      You talk about the fact that since a 15 y old is dependent on his/her parents, he/she can’t legally have sex, and the 24 year old should be interested in psychologically protecting the 15 y old, not using them for sex. Yes, it might be nice of the 24 y old to “protect” the teen (although it’s debatable if it’s really protection), but not everything that is not 100% nice should be illegal. Illegal and morally wrong are completely different things, even if they often overlap. Not to mention a 15 y old doesn’t go to jail for having sex with a 24 y old, if they are both happy. If you’re worried about false rape accusations, pregnancy and all those things (something the teen does need to be protected from), then perhaps it’s best to remove laws and incentives that allow that sort of thing, instead of promoting other abusive laws on top of more abusive laws.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      I’m also not implying men use sex just for gratification. But they are more capable of it.

      And I think parents should be the ones to control behavior of their teens and socially pressure the adults they don’t want their teen to be with. The rumor mill, community pressure, things like that. I’m not too keen on threats and violence against the adult, because that opens up a can of worms. Who gets to do this unpunished? Do you have to prove to the cops that that person fucked your son/daughter, before you’re allowed to beat them up? Can the same rules apply to adultery? After all, poaching mates often leads to divorce, which hurts children, and avoiding psychological harm is the whole reason for being allowed to beat up a seducer? How about divorce in general?

      “Norway is a sick place not so much because feminists have deprived your boyfriend of sex (as if he is entitled to it)”
      This almost makes me rip my hair out in frustration. Why do you repeat this myth? Why does anyone repeat the completely illogical idea that because you’re sexually or romantically frustrated, you must be feeling “entitled” to sex. Would you say that to a minority group who can’t get an education, because that leads to violence against them? When the government makes it illegal to get something you need, from WILLING PEOPLE by PAYING, for stupid reasons that are not helping anyone, people don’t say you are just mad because you feel “entitled” to an education. They say your freedom is stepped on, and life quality greatly reduced, which is cruel and unnecessary.

      “Again, the temporary pleasure you feel, how ‘lucky’ you feel, is not important – you are not supposed to think with your sexual organs!”

      Feeling lucky is not the same as thinking with your sexual organs. It’s possible to show and encourage sexual restraint and still agree that teenagers and adults having sex isn’t some horrible crime. I do both. Those are completely different issues.

  8. Middle Aged Male says:

    Just discovered your blog. That young woman was beyond stupid. Trying to seduce the boy while his mother was there. She has no discernment. The mother was already suspicious. All she had to do was put his phone number in her phone and call him later. Out-of-control hypergamy.

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