Don’t give Amnesty money, they will use it to ruin your life

The Amnesty organization ( ) is now trying to change the definition of rape in Norway, which is already diluted by the way, but here it is:


“Myndighetene må endre voldtektslovgivningen slik at voldtekt defineres som seksuell omgang uten oppriktig samtykke.”

Or in English:

”Authorities must change the rape law so that rape is defined as sexual intercourse without sincere consent”

They complain that today, for your experience to be defined rape in Norway, there must be violence or some kind of threat.  For someone who haven’t thought about the topic of rape too deeply, you might think there is nothing wrong with that definition, but think about this:

Is it robbery when you give up money “without sincere consent”? There is no threat or violence if you don’t give up the money, but you consented, it just wasn’t sincere. Perhaps you regretted it the moment you gave up the money. Maybe you were drunk and gave all your money to homeless people. Maybe a well-meaning homeless guy showed up and asked for money with no intention to rob you, but you got frightened of him and decided it’s safer to give it than refuse. Either way, it just doesn’t seem like robbery.

If you find something wrong with a definition of robbery where there is no violence or threats coming from the person you gave money to, then you should have a problem with a definition of rape that excludes violence or threats.

I have a problem with that definition also because it trivializes rape. Rape, according to them, is no longer something so horrible you would need to use violence and threats to inflict on someone. Even their own surveys reflect that:

Vi må heve kunnskapen om hva voldtekt er. Undersøkelser viser at jenter og kvinner selv ikke alltid definerer overgrep som et overgrep”

”We must raise knowledge about what a rape is. Surveys show that girls and women themselves don’t always define abuse as abuse”

Just so you know, I REALIZE that sometimes you might have bad sex and feel like it was abuse and feel raped, but I really doubt it goes the other way – can you get raped for real and not notice? Notice, in the quote they are not talking about people so traumatized they deny they got raped even though they feel violated, they say “we must raise awareness about what a rape really is”. Meaning women are too dumb to notice a rape, cuz you know, rape is such a piece of cake.

They even made a video on what they think a rape is like:

What do you think? Is it a rape to you? They kiss, they go upstairs, she sits down on the bed next to him. He locks the door behind them and he starts kissing her. She says no a couple of times, and quietly bursts into tears when he takes off her underwear. No screaming, no fighting, no threats, no violence. I’m not even that sexually experienced, but even I am not naïve enough to go upstairs with a guy unless I wanted sex with him. I wouldn’t lay down on the bed with him either. At this point, he pretty much thinks you’re consenting.

My conclusion: The video shows bad sex, not a rape. The guy is either drunk and unobservant, or a jerk, to ignore her crying like that. You don’t have to agree with my conclusion, but I want to know what yours is anyway.

Also, the article is LYING. It says to get convicted for rape in Norway, there must be violence or threats of violence. This is not the whole story. It is also defined as rape if you obtain sex by threatening to spread rumors about the person or if you threaten to break up with them. But Amnesty won’t say that, because then maybe they won’t collect enough signatures.

P.S: lol, that last link has the title “Now you must grow some balls, guys”, but what Cecilia Brækhus really means is “Your balls, gentlemen, give them over”. Which is exactly what will happen, if you sign or give Amnesty money.

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6 Responses to Don’t give Amnesty money, they will use it to ruin your life

  1. Clarence says:

    Well if it’s already rape “if you threaten to break up with them” – i.e, when you try to impose having a sexual relationship as a preconditon to having a relationship – then Norway is already down Alice’s rabbit hole. That kind of definition is almost an invitation for false accusations and , more to the point, it doesn’t take into account someone’s sexual needs in a monogamous relationship.

    I’m glad you are aware of this stuff Emma, but try not to let it get you down. It’s not your fault, and right now there is little, or nothing, you can do to halt this from happening. Just try not to abuse the trust that this law allows you to abuse.

  2. Emma the Emo says:

    Yeah, if they remove requirement of threat alltogether, it’s not technically gonna make things any worse, but I feel it’s another way they are trying to brainwash people. To make people believe that rape doesn’t require any force (violence or threats) is a rather major step all on its own. So I thought I’d write about it. And I’m not planning to abuse any trust, I’m not evil 🙂

  3. jack says:

    French (non-feminist) author Michel Houellebecq wrote something to the effect that modern humanitarian efforts were often a cover for the most despicable shit (quoting from memory : “Derrière l’humanitaire se cachent souvent les pires saloperies”). I suggest Amnesty redefine torture as physical pain inflicted on women.

  4. Your robbery example can be put even worse:

    You buy some clothes. Your friends tell you the clothes are in bad taste. Or you see them cheaper elsewhere. You remember you hesitated before you paid. You thought it was expensive. Your consent to payment was not sincere or enthusiastic. You were robbed by the store.

    You buy an item that is bad quality. You FEEL robbed. Thus you were robbed.

    Of course, if a salesman ahem, salesperson, insists on selling you an item after you once refused, then it is always robbery.

    Nice comparison, though

    If mugging laws were like rape laws

  5. Serious? it is rape if you threaten to break up with them?

    Is it robbery if the woman threatens to break up if you stop paying her bills?

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