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Fat acceptance: bad or good?

Ok, first of all, I’m kinda for fat acceptance. If someone chooses to be fat, it’s their choice, everyone can  f*ck off. A person can also choose to tattoo themselves all over, have a hundred piercings in their face, be … Continue reading

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Why do people bash plastic surgery?

I used to read those women’s magazines about celebrities and style, and it seems each time some actress speaks out against plastic surgery, she’s strongly praised for allowing herself to age naturally. That’s a fine choice for a serious actress, … Continue reading

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Crazy Woman Movies, part 1 (SPOLERS)

I love movies about crazy women, and will present some of my favorites. It’s not gonna be a post on how crazy all women are, or anything like that. But many of these traits are just an exaggeration of problems … Continue reading

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