People who see oppression EVERYWHERE

I watched the movie Prometheus recently and thought it was pretty good. It’s directed by Ridley Scott, the man who made Alien, a movie full of creepy sexual symbolism. He made another one with just as much. One of the plot elements is that the heroine (Elizabeth Shaw) is infertile, and is very sad about it. She feels somewhat broken, judging by her dialogue, but her boyfriend (Charlie Holloway) supports her and doesn’t let it lower her self-esteem. If you watched the movie, you probably know what I’m talking about.

She also was raised by her father, because her mother died.

Later, when looking for reviews, I stumbled across some kind of feminist site called Bitch Flicks, and found this brilliantly delusional comment:

“i found the shaw/motherhood plot to be incredibly anti-woman. the things that bothered me were the fact that she was raised by her father, whom she idolized– continuing the trope that mothers are either absent or evil. secondly, when she awakens from the pod, she’s shown vomiting– a morning sickness imagery that went further to explain that she was the vulnerable woman, the woman who would tear up at being unable to have a child, even though she had SO many other things to occupy her. you’d think that once there could be a woman on screen that would be OK with being able to discover the origins of human and was fine with the fact that she didn’t have children. but no– we all know that woman will only be complete if she has a child, and if she has no interest in sex or children, she’s a “robotic” woman like Vickers.”

1)      She was sad because she wanted kids and couldn’t have them (the simplest explanation). Of course she’s tearing up. It’s inhuman to expect women who want children but can’t have them to be always happy and fine about it. Yes, she has “SO many other things to occupy her”, like science, but for some people, science is not enough to make them feel fulfilled. Plus her infertility becomes a plot point later, that’s why it’s in the movie.

(btw, Vickers, the “robotic woman”, DID have interest in sex, and with a man)

2)      She was raised by her dad because mom died (mom can’t be blamed for that).

3)      And EVERYBODY vomited after getting out of the pods, it’s a normal part of waking up after 2-year cryosleep.


…. Ok, if you’re a feminist or MRA or whatever, please, stop this. Don’t find oppression in movies, songs, unless it’s really obviously there. It’s really annoying when people find what’s all in their head EVERYWHERE. If you reached this point, you’ve gone too far.

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2 Responses to People who see oppression EVERYWHERE

  1. Clarence says:

    *HUG* To Emma.

    Seriously, awesome post. And lots of wisdom for one so young.

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