Why I Love Men

I love how daring men are, and they do all these awesome things. They naturally invent more and think of new stuff to try and actually try it.

Sometimes it leads to cool inventions without which life would kinda suck, and sometimes it leads to cool stunts:

And while doing daring stuff can lead to victory, it can sometimes lead to fail too. Then you get funny videos of cute men falling and making fools of themselves:

Don’t feel too bad for them, they thought it was a good idea.

Btw, some of the people in videos are women, but it seems it’s mostly men doing both fails and wins. Thus I can pick any fail or win compilation as example for this post 🙂

And here’s my favorite. Creepy, but sweet.

What’s not to love?

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One Response to Why I Love Men

  1. Firepower says:

    red, i’ve put you back on my blotgroll

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