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Visual men vs. Less visual men.

This post is for women. Manosphere people often talk about swallowing the red pill, and sometimes choking on it. The latter often happens when a man is sad, because he can’t find women who’d love him the way he wants … Continue reading

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A woman’s life is still worth less than her vagina

At least the Norwegian government thinks so. In 2005, they made a new penal code. It states that for “negligent rape” (accidentally raping someone without knowing you were raping), you can get up to 10 years in jail. For accidentally … Continue reading

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Woman fired in Iowa for being too sexy and distracting, Iowa Supreme Court agrees

Today, I read a news article on a dentist, James Knight, who fired a good female employee, Melissa Nelson, because she was too sexy and distracting to him. His wife also demanded that he fire her, because she was afraid … Continue reading

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Why do rapists rape? For power or sex? Let’s ask a rapist!

When I was younger, I was convinced rape was about power and control. That’s what everyone says. Now I’m not sure anymore. How about asking the rapists themselves for a change? I read an article “An Interplay of Individual Motivations … Continue reading

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The Fountainhead: Putting yourself first really does make you a better person.

I just read about half of Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”, because some people were strongly recommending it and made me read it. I also watched the movie made from it. It seems the moral of the story is that you … Continue reading

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