A woman’s life is still worth less than her vagina

At least the Norwegian government thinks so.

In 2005, they made a new penal code. It states that for “negligent rape” (accidentally raping someone without knowing you were raping), you can get up to 10 years in jail. For accidentally killing someone, you can get only up to 6 years.

The old penal code wasn’t that much better. It’s still being used at the moment.  You can get up to 8 years for accidental rape and up to 6 years for accidentally killing someone. To get the maximum punishment for accidental rape, you have to either “rape” together with other men, do it in an “especially painful or humiliating way”, or the “victim’s” health must, as a result, be significantly negatively affected (could be an STD). Considering that getting convicted for sexual offenses without evidence isn’t unheard of here, this means you can, potentially, get 8 years in jail for having consensual sex with a woman, if she also has sex with your friends.

So why do the law-makers think we’re all just support systems for our sexual organs, and not full human beings?

Read more on Norwegian laws:


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