Visual men vs. Less visual men.

This post is for women.

Manosphere people often talk about swallowing the red pill, and sometimes choking on it. The latter often happens when a man is sad, because he can’t find women who’d love him the way he wants to be loved, or because he has to keep up an alpha façade with them.

Women have their own red pill. Men are visual. To fall in love, they need some visual attractiveness in their woman, even if not much. They probably wouldn’t fall in love with a woman if she was very ugly, even if she was sweet and feminine. Also, they don’t stop noticing other women when they are committed to one, just because these women are physically attractive. And they can sleep with a woman just because they felt lust, without forming a connection first. Men are truly the sluttier gender.

Wouldn’t it be better if romance was possible where you fall in love with each other’s personalities first, and not each other’s bodies? It sounds nice, but I dunno anymore.

Men, despite being so visual and sluttily inclined, are also the more romantic gender:

Slutty and romantic are not mutually exclusive.

Another thing is that less visual, more personality-oriented men are out there. They often take much longer to get to know a woman, before they have sex with her, which might be good for women who want to do the same. They may sound much better than more visual/eager-for-sex men, but after encountering some of them, I observed a few things.

These men, while still visual, are capable of ignoring beauty and refuse to have sex with a woman if she’s beautiful but has a nasty character. Beauty has much less power over them, than the average man. As a woman, you can’t use beauty and sex to reel them in. They will demand more from you, personality-wise. They will also take a long time to have sex with you, and might even decide months in that they don’t like you that much and break things off. These men are picky, and they reject.

They are often more sensitive to signs of slutdom than other men, since for them, sex without meaning doesn’t make much sense.

These traits might make them attractive to many women, but as someone who likes men who are easy, their rejecting, picky ways are greatly discouraging to me. While I don’t have a bad personality, we all have weaknesses and I don’t want someone who will reject me after I do something minorly annoying. I’m also not a slut, but sex without love/relationship makes sense to me, and my relationship started as a hookup (kind of..).

Both of these types of men have their own good sides and bad sides, and after thinking about it, I personally prefer the former.

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2 Responses to Visual men vs. Less visual men.

  1. Firepower says:

    this is some wacky, stuff

  2. alcockell says:

    if a guy is more romantic, he’s often less visual – and needs to be able to trust the girl beofre giving himself to her. And he will refer to sex as “giving of himself” – expressing loving and romantic emotion loads sexually.

    BTW- you’re looking at one here.

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