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Prevention tips for rapists? Good luck with that

Has anyone seen this list? It’s a rape prevention list for rapists. I’m sure you have seen it. It’s been circulating for a while now (or maybe there are many versions, but the idea is the same), appearing on many … Continue reading

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Can you be blamed for rape vs Can you deserve it, + No Nonsense Self-Defense

When the Eivind Berge media drama was still going on, a journalist interviewed me, and asked me a lot of questions. One question was “Can a woman deserve rape?”. Here’s the thing – when I read these lists of “rape … Continue reading

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Wage gap – not just the individual woman’s fault

I have been looking at the book reviews for Warren Farrell’s “Why Men Earn More” , when a found this link, posted by a critic of the book: It says that the wage gap continues to exist, even if … Continue reading

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”I’m just being brutally honest”

This is gonna be a rant. This is something that personally frustrates me. Every time someone says “I’m just being brutally honest”, I want to respond “No, you’re a cunt”. Because this is what it usually boils down to. What … Continue reading

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Why I used to cut myself

In the past, I used to cut myself. It started when I was perhaps 12 years old, and found that people I looked up to the most (badass movie characters) had scars. Scars made it look like you’ve been in … Continue reading

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Male Apex Fallacy?

The manosphere guys seem to believe two ideas: 1)      ”Men are at least somewhat attracted to 70-80% of all women ” 2)      “Women over 40-50 and fat women are sexually obsolete” Considering birth rates are falling, and there are more … Continue reading

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If women are disadvantaged, it’s misogyny. If men are disadvantaged, it’s misogyny.

Found an entertaining article where a man named Jake suggests that perhaps to end all inequality (not only the type that harms women), we should also look at the problems men are facing. One feminists tells him this (highlights mine): … Continue reading

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