Good reasons to fuck an omega or a lesser beta male

1)The chances of contracting an STD from him are small. How many partners could he have had? Especially true for a virgin. I don’t recommend having unprotected sex without testing him for STDs first, but this is the safest person to have it with.

2)He’ll be really happy about it. You will get to very positively and strongly affect someone’s life and feel like a good person.

3)No one can make you feel as desirable and valuable as a sex-starved guy who is really desperate. If alpha men use you and don’t appreciate what you have to give, someone else will appreciate it.

4)Incel guys sometimes commit suicide out of hopelessness. And sometimes, but rarely, go Sodini. Think about it – you might be saving lives by fucking an omega.

5)They are often willing to reward you with commitment very easily. If having an omega around doesn’t sound very pleasant, know that you can introduce them to red pill knowledge and teach them to take charge of their life and become more confident. If this works out, you’re  their proof that NAWALT, which is good for relationship strength. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work out, you’re stuck with a needy guy. If you can’t cope with that, make sure you pick one that isn’t interested in a relationship.

6)If you’re a woman who’s been fucking like a man, why not fuck TRULY like a man – for variety? Men sometimes fuck old women, fat women, dwarf women, and every type of women, just because they value sexual variety. They don’t all pounce on the perfect models only, so why would you?

7)They can actually often be normal, handsome men. Nothing wrong with them at all. They can have some flaws, like some social awkwardness, or low-paying job, or blue pill deludedness, but the last one is fixable and the rest isn’t all that bad. They just tend to be too normal and not eye-catching, but since when is normal too ugly to have sex with?

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38 Responses to Good reasons to fuck an omega or a lesser beta male

  1. Hahaha this is hilarious!!! Just for this you deserve to be on our blogroll. I need to read back and find where you swallowed the red pill to understand the true dynamics of men and women!!

    • Emma says:

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 And thank you for adding my link.

      Perhaps I need to write how I found the red pill. The reason I have avoided it, was because a lot of it is already known to Norwegians visitors of this site from the newspapers. In short, many things were already known to me from experience, but they only because solid knowledge once I met an MRA and entered a relationship with him. Then I tried to find out how things really are, and read a lot of material.

  2. 1) Irrelevant, most women will use protection anyway.
    2) Most women won’t care and, unfortunately, the fact is that those who do might be getting themselves in messy situations for one important reason. These women will fuck them once or twice and than go back to alphas. However, omegas and lesser betas rarely have chances and will go and and pursue the woman even after she rejects more sexual encounters, bringing suffering to themselves, annoyance to the woman and possibly even legal consequences.
    3)Maybe, but most never leave alphas anyway and go back to them.
    4)Most women won’t care. Liberalism has created the a false dogma where incel is caused by mental diseases and is solvable by therapy. Every incel suicide and murder-suicide will be seen as a mental problem, not incel problem. In fact, it will be seen as a good reason why the incel was avoided in his lifetime. Intelligent women like you realize the truth but they are a tiny minority.
    5)OK, but you mention the potential problems yourself-
    6) Haha, interesting reason… Still, most women are dull enough to be completely satsified my monotonously fucking alphas.
    7) Not many women realize that. Most still go back to alphas.

    Depressing, but true.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Yes, I know “women won’t care about this” and “don’t know that”, that’s why I wrote the post :). It says what a woman can get out of it. And just because society thinks sexual frustration is a sign of mental illness, doesn’t mean it should continue to do that (4) ).

      And yes, there are potential drawbacks with omegas too, which are what you mention (2) ). Even if he won’t stalk you, he might fall in love. If you want commitment, you might get it big time. In that case, you better be prepared to either date an omega and help him get more confident&balanced, OR pick one that can’t fall in love, or not with you, but would gladly take the sex. It could be a guy already in love with someone else, or you’re too fat/ugly for him, or something. Reading your stories, I noticed a few girls that you thought were kinda ugly, for example.. Would you fall in love with them if they offered a FWB arrangement?.. I’m curious if my assumptions could be right.

      1) is relevant. Condoms don’t protect against all diseases. You can still get HPV and a few others, I think.

    • L.V.X. says:

      Issue with 1. For every battery that a woman wastes on her new vibrator[‘s] I’ve met a woman not giving two shits about the lack of a condom. Moreso after using a condom it’s more likely she’s actually “on birth control” so it’s ok, in certain environments. Furthermore, I’ve known the condom-needing women (like, hey don’t you want me to use a condom?) were, in such a heated moment more trustworthy than the ones that convinced me they were on birth-control before I asked or had ones prepared. Far more women than you think willingly fuck without protection, because they know that, or expect that, due to their actual lack of sexual experience or clearly obvious exceedingly obvious amount of sexual experience, the person they rawdogwith is equivocal.

      I don’t know if I want to say this or not, but if a girl suddenly wants you to wear condoms, and you didn’t need to before: she’s fucking other guys.

      Back to this article: 2/3/4 actually is an interesting thing. I have something I can’t explain right now and I’ve often been warned about how I rant so I will get back to you. You brought up some very poignant things here.

  3. John says:

    I love you!!! 🙂 xx

  4. Eric says:

    Emma & GGF:
    Actually, most American women seem to prefer men who are even lower than ‘Omega’ status. ‘Alphas’ are more likely to be INCEL, divorced, or single than anybody else.

    Emma’s right, though: most women won’t care about this—they can’t feel comfortable with ANY man unless he validates their feminist-inspired prejudices that all men are really subhuman.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Alphas are not incel, no matter how poor and lazy they get.

      “Emma’s right, though: most women won’t care about this—they can’t feel comfortable with ANY man unless he validates their feminist-inspired prejudices that all men are really subhuman.”

      And when did I ever say that? Lol

      • Eric says:

        In my observations, men who are poor and lazy (and also violent, mentally unstable, and unhygenic) will never be INCEL, whether they are ‘alphas’ or not. What I meant was that men who show genuine and positive ‘alpha’ traits like courage, confidence, and responsibility are completely invisible to most women.

        ‘And when did I ever say that?’

        You did say that most women wouldn’t care about your advice. LOL The second part is the kind of advice most women eagerly follow!

      • emmatheemo says:

        Ah, you can correct me, but it seems to me you are defining alpha according to what men find admirable. I was talking along the lines of who gets the most women, or who is most popular among them. My list is really about woman-defined omegas – those guys that are ok guys, but not chosen for sex or relationships.

        Maybe most women (or even people) won’t care about my list to begin with, but it won’t hurt to make it known 😉 It should offer a new perspective.

  5. L.V.X. says:

    What is INCEL?

  6. Eric says:

    ‘You are defining alpha along the lines of what men find admirable.’

    True; however…

    ‘I was talking along the lines of who gets the most women, or who is most popular among them.’

    The question then being: why don’t women find admirable traits in men desirable? Specifically ‘Ok guys who are not chosen for sex or relationships.’

    This is why I tend to believe that women typically do NOT choose valuable men; because women themselves do NOT value males.

    • emmatheemo says:

      “The question then being: why don’t women find admirable traits in men desirable? ”

      I guess like a lot of people, women go for sexy to have sex, rather than admirable. Men go for sexy to have sex too, but for them, what’s sexy is different.

      “This is why I tend to believe that women typically do NOT choose valuable men; because women themselves do NOT value males.”

      Interesting, but I’m not sure I follow. Can you explain?

      • Eric says:

        ‘Women go for sexy to have sex, rather than admirable.’

        What women appear to find sexy are hardly males to whom they could have any genuine sexual attraction. I’ve actually come to disbelieve that most women ever really feel a sexual attraction towards men, after I’ve seen the kinds of men who generally attract them.

        This leads into what I mentioned about not valuing men. Feminist society has taught women that men are essentially stupid, useless, expendable, and only thinking of sex constantly. Women are also taught that they are the superior of men in every conceivable way. It follows that, after such an upbringing, they would never be able to relate to men as anything other than inferiors. Of course, they will reject any male to whom they don’t feel a sense of superiority.

        In other words, to most women a relationship is simply about ego-validation and is rarely, if ever, founded on sexual attraction or love. The only reason they want men at all is to validate their own sense of superiority and to prove to themselves that their lack of sexual feeling is not outright frigidity (which it generally is).

      • emmatheemo says:

        “What women appear to find sexy are hardly males to whom they could have any genuine sexual attraction”

        Just because you can’t imagine why they are attracted to these guys, doesn’t mean they are not. You know men and women are not attracted to the same things.

        I will have to disagree with you 😉 Ideology can change one’s attitude, but it can’t just wipe out sexual selection. When ideology and nature clash, the latter often wins. Toxic ideology can affect people in negative ways, but they remain human. It might result in the same person housing contradicting views, which they won’t notice until you point it out to them.

  7. Eric says:

    I know that men and women are not attracted to the same things, but consider this: a man may be attracted to young, nubile women and there is a directly biogical reason for that. But recently, there was a story in the news about a martial-arts instructor who risked his life by swimming into a raging river to save some children’s lives. I don’t see or hear of women swooning over a man like that—a man of obvious courage who has strong paternal instincts.

    But on the other hand, James Holmes, a scrawny, ugly little coward who perpetrated the Aurora Theatre Massacre is considered ‘one of the hottest men in America’ right now. This doesn’t make any sense from ANY perspective. No one would argue seriously that Holmes is superior to a man like the martial artist in the other story. Yet women want to line up and have Holmes’ baby while the better man is invisible to them!

  8. nate says:

    It is simple, women generally are attracted to security. Security takes on many shapes, tall, money, leader, bold, confident, intelligent, entertainer, power etc. One of the most powerful ways to appeal to a woman is through conversation. A man of only 5 feet can stand 7 feet through his words and thus the woman feels security and so she is attracted. When she feels security, she feels safe to have protected offspring. This is why women don’t naturally choose beta males. After a woman reach her thirties with several bad relationships and baggage, then she goes after the beta male but her value has become beta too. Go study mammals.

    • emmatheemo says:

      A woman’s marriage/relationship market value becomes beta as you said. But not her sexual one. That’s what I meant with the post. I know people usually use the word “SMV” to describe a combination of sexual and relationship value, but I take things literally.

  9. nate says:

    Have you ever experienced walking by a guy(beta) hoping that he would have the nerves to talk to you. I have heard stories of girls talking about having to guide a guy’s hand to her breast but the guy still not getting it. Women get turned on by chivalrous brave men. That’s what naturally turn them on. I highly doubt many young women would be game for that. I think its tied into their DNA

    • Dean Walker says:

      The guy you mentioned was conditioned to expect unpleasant (and maybe catastrophic) consequences from putting his hand on a woman. Maybe a woman once asked him to kiss her and slapped his face when he did?

      A woman once asked me to kiss her, with a live cigarette in her hand. When I went toward her face to kiss, that cigarette went toward my face. I then used a cup of water to put that cigarette out and went to kiss her; and she screamed bloody murder, And evereyone’s indignation was toward me.

      Maybe the men you mentioned, who didn’t get it when the women guided his hand to her breast, had experienced some of he above?

      One time a woman in a car flirted with me, saying “Hey Baby”, and then quickly closed the window when I took a step toward the car and replied. I took a Magic Marker out and put a big X on the door — I never heard from her afterwards.

  10. Francesco says:

    Well that was an admirably creative and fun post, but I then have to ask: does the blogger also walk the walk, beside talking the talk? Does she ever have sex with omegas? I find it difficult to believe.

  11. Gilgamesh says:

    Interesting. How many other women do you figure actually do this? I could use the practice (until I get my shit together-I want to be a very different man from what I am now)

  12. Jesslyn Nicole says:

    I know I’m obviously a little late in reading/commenting on this, but I’m wondering if you know a good place to meet incel guys? I’m not looking for the fwb thing, but feel that a man that is incel would more than likely make a better partner.

    • emmatheemo says:

      It’s a good question. Perhaps the type I’d want to ask readers… I found mine on his own blog. Other incels sometimes have blogs. Being incel or a virgin is not something a man wishes to admit openly, so it’s hard to know if a man you are on a date with is one. I only see them online, in various forums or their own blogs. Perhaps it’s good to observe them there, and talk to one if conditions for chatting are favorable.

    • Matt says:

      Hi Jesslyn,
      Nice picture 🙂 Where are you from? I am an incel guy from the UK. If I am not to your taste I have a number of incel friends. Feel free to email me.
      Best Wishes

    • Jordan says:

      You found one here lol.

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  16. Dan says:

    I can’t understand why any man would remain a beta thesedays. It may have had some relevance 60 yrs ago when women needed a provider/carer in society so would settle for a beta man and give him sex and children . Times have changed but unfortunately lots of patents have raised their sons to be beta. It’s a long process to make the transformation from beta to alpha male . It’s like being raised by a racist kkk family and one day realising that it’s bullshit and you must change .

    • faggotliberal says:

      what exactly is bullshit, that niggers and the races of man are NOT equal despite all the MLK bullshit you nigger lovers believe in, which flies in the face of common sense and simple observation? btw, not everyone can “learn” to become alpha, some people just don’t have it in time. you nigger fuckers/liberals have this retarded notion that everyone is “equal”, and that education will make everyone a genius. you are fucking stupid, fuck off.

      • He’s better off with an internal locus of control than this defeatist attitude. You can’t change everything about yourself, but you can change a lot more than you think.

  17. creepy cupcake says:

    I am a 27 year old white woman and I really love omega males, especially ones of the east asian variety. I feel very blessed to have a chinese boyfriend and to be his first ever girlfriend when he is 29. I notice other women have no interest in him and before he was with me he used to pay to see prostitutes. I have also chosen to have his child and have no worries about him wandering off and financially supporting kids with someone else. This makes him all the more attractive to me. I honestly think I have an omega male fetish.

    Before him I regularly took the virginity of chinese university students and I loved it. I have had many wonderful sexual experiences with these men who treated me like I was desirable.

    In reality I am not an attractive woman. I am slightly overweight, had a serious self harming problem in the past and I have no idea how to dress or do my hair or makeup.

    Still my boyfriend is wonderful and he financially supports me and has given me a half asian baby, which is something I have always wanted.

  18. Jordan says:

    4 was sad but funny! Saving Lives is possible but not very many are willing to indirectly save lives by being with an omega/type. And the Elliot Rodger incident has divided the genders even more.

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