If women are disadvantaged, it’s misogyny. If men are disadvantaged, it’s misogyny.

Found an entertaining article where a man named Jake suggests that perhaps to end all inequality (not only the type that harms women), we should also look at the problems men are facing. One feminists tells him this (highlights mine):

“Men’s problems are not down to sexism. And women don’t need you or any other man to tell us how best we should go about ending it. If you want to support feminism, shut up and listen to the people on the receiving end of sexism instead of perpetuating male dominance by telling us what to do and what we should be addressing. I’m quite happy to work with men towards eliminating sexism and freeing everyone from the restrictions of gender stereotyping, but not those who have the arrogance to think they know best and go on and on about men.”

Take a close look. Here is what I observe:

1)Men can’t be on the receiving end of sexism, so the author doesn’t have to take her own advice and listen to those who are on the receiving end of sexism.

2)She’ll work with you towards eliminating all sexism, as long as you don’t go on and on about men’s problems.

Another feminist said this:

“Jake – a lot of the time when you scrutinise examples of how men have it tough or are subjected to sexist attitudes, they can be attributed to men being seen as superior to women generally. For example, higher suicide rates amongst young men. Our health care system relies on people asking for help and men are socialised to see themselves as strong and able to ‘man up’ to challenges. Women, on the other hand, are taught that we are weak, so if we have symptoms of anxiety or depression (for example) we may feel less stigmatised in seeking help. This is because we are _already_ stigmatised as weaker, and that has been used to subjugate us for centuries.”

1)Guys, being the more suicidal, the more homeless, and the more frequently murdered sex is actually a women’s problem, not yours. It means they are seen as weaker and are less taken seriously.

2)Implication: if we take care of all sexism against women, there will be no need to do much for men’s problems.


1)When women are harmed, it’s misogyny. When men are harmed, it’s misogyny (or priviledge to be harmed in a distinctly masculine way?..)

2)Focus on women, forget the men. The latter issue will mostly sort itself out if we take care of the former. Men just need more feminism.

P.S: Man in the picture is not Jake, it’s from http://www.whoneedsfeminism.org/

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2 Responses to If women are disadvantaged, it’s misogyny. If men are disadvantaged, it’s misogyny.

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  2. The depressing thing is, because they ignore all the victims of women, they are guaranteeing more rapists and abusers in the future as most of them were raped/abused in childhood. Even if we got rid of all male rapists today, the female ones would still make a new generation of rapists and the problem would continue. Even if they managed to eradicate all male rapists altogether, they would still have female ones. They don’t care about women, they just hate men.

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