Male Apex Fallacy?

The manosphere guys seem to believe two ideas:

1)      ”Men are at least somewhat attracted to 70-80% of all women ”

2)      “Women over 40-50 and fat women are sexually obsolete”

Considering birth rates are falling, and there are more old people now, than in the past, there is just no way those two can be correct at the same time. Not to mention the western world is pretty fat.

So which one is it? Are men just experiencing the male version of apex fallacy, being attracted to most young and thin women, the rest being as invisible as most men are to most women? Or is it the opposite – men are somewhat attracted to old and fat women also, just can’t admit it without shame?

I asked this question a few places, and the answers seemed to lean towards 2) being the correct. But I still am not convinced.. I’ve seen what kind of women end up being married and having kids. So this is an open question. What do you think?

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4 Responses to Male Apex Fallacy?

  1. M3 says:

    Good question. Probably quite a bit of fallacy.. tho if you simply go by the studies of okcupid, and studies showing stressed guys apparently like more weight on women, you will see that it is more than plausible the 80/20 rule holds.

    In my own personal experience tho, women I would have considered in the past I now give no heed, as I’ve worked hard to raise my own SMV by reshaping my body and fixing my smile and learning some game.

    I think theres also a backlash now by guys, who normally would choose average girls but study game to pick up HB10’s or whatnot, because average women spent the last few decades punching above their weight having sex with high rank guys ignoring the dudes in their own class.

    It’s all a mess now thanks to feminism, hookup culture and hypergamy on steroids.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      Are you saying that a man’s “boner test” threshold goes up, when he gets access to hotter women? Or he could still get it up for these 4s and 3s, but chooses not to even try?

      • M3 says:

        Depends on how selective the man is. I’ve seen some decent looking guys go for some really low end women. One of my coworkers always goads me by saying ‘Hey, it’s all pink and wet, just turn the lights out’. I tend to hold a little more dignity to myself than that.

        There’s a class of men like me who think you get what you give and give what you get. I always shot high, probably to my detriment.. thinking my nice qualities would balance it out. After the redpill, i knew that wasn’t the case anymore. So i figured, i want hot, i got build myself up to get hot. But the reverse applies as well. Women i may have tolerated previously, now get short shrift. Or as i like to say “I don’t work out 5 days a week and eat rabbit food to go out with rotund women”.

        Like attracts like, so the theory goes. I put in a hard days work to be fit. I can demand similar of any partner i choose. I’ve never been able to ‘get it up’ for 3’s, or 4’s. At bare minimum, they can have a ‘few extra pounds’.. as in single digits. Dating sites have corrupted the phrase a few extra pounds into something that is bereft of all meaning nowadays.

        As to the boner test… no, i think a man’s boner test is solidified early in life. Rationale Male describes men’s sexual preferences as fetishes. If a man gets wood to chubby girls when he’s a chub himself, and all of a sudden he loses weight, he’ll still get wood for chubby girls. The boner test isn’t the important part in and of itself. As i said, i know lots of good looking guys who tap fat women. It’s the status and the ability to tolerate being seen with that person in public that gets affected. Whereas you could tolerate a chubzilla in the past because you let yourself go, now that you’ve ranked up by losing weight, you want the arm candy to match to reflect your movement up in the rankings.

        As your lady friends can attest to your success’s in the fitness department. You now have pull and can get arm candy. They will not. It’s all about sexrank.

  2. Reblogged this on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar and commented:
    1 is based on the self-serving Grandma myth that (good) women don’t care about appearance.
    *endless laughing*
    *Sun explodes*
    *still laughing*
    The link between sexual attractiveness and physical attractiveness isn’t primary when considering men… apparently.
    *wipes away tear*

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