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How to Tone Down Your Hypergamy, part 2

It seems this post caught the attention of the wise and deep-thinking Manboobz crowd. Of course they are wise and deep thinking, and can see right through people, but some readers would need some help and clarifications about my views. … Continue reading

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How to NOT be a strong and independent woman

Being a strong and independent woman isn’t being a career woman who is proud of having a job and secretly looking down on housewives. It isn’t dressing “tough”, in chains, spikes and combat boots, and saying “fuck” a lot. It … Continue reading

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More on the Shallowness of Men, or Which Gender is More Shallow: Men or Women?

I wrote about this before (The Manosphere is Not as Shallow as You Think  and the Male Apex Fallacy?), but I feel the question remains. Who’s more shallow ? And just how shallow are guys? Well, the evopsych book “Natural … Continue reading

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Greatest songs about desire and obsession

Valentine’s Day is here (ok, I’m one day late, but ignore that), and I want to share my favorite “romantic” songs. Some people call V-day “Vagina Worship Day”, so I find nothing better to post than vagina-worshipping songs (and some … Continue reading

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The Incurable Anger Myth

There is some kind of new opinion starting to spread about my relationship with Eivind, and I don’t like it. I heard it once, and decided to ignore it. But now, after hearing it a few more times, I kinda … Continue reading

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The Manosphere is not as Shallow as You Think, or Girls, Don’t Stress Out About Your Looks

Ladies, The manosphere (at least the PUA part of it) has a reputation of being kind of shallow, rating women from 1 to 10, saying things that will make women freak out over tiny barely visible wrinkles, promising them they’ll … Continue reading

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Does Misogyny or Misandry Exist on a Large Scale, or Understanding your Enemy’s Motivations

Feminists talk about misogyny, and how it’s the source of many things, among those rape and words like “mangina” . MRAs talk about misandry, and how feminism is a movement of hate against men. GirlWritesWhat talked about this topic: reading

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