Involuntary Celibacy Makes Your Mind Go Down the Rabbit Hole, + Bitchiness

Here’s someone from my blogroll:

I’ve been following him for a while, and he was incredibly reasonable all that time. His main idea is to ask the government to supply some omega men with sex or girlfriends. It is not about forcing anyone to have sex with them. Rather, it’s like a type of welfare, where women get paid to do it. I’ll be honest, in principle I’m not big on welfare. However, if we have welfare that pays people to survive and live in very good conditions, I don’t see why the government can’t also pay a few prostitutes for sex with omegas sometimes. It’s equally fair, or equally wrong, if you’re a libertarian. People don’t need those very good living quarters and good food to survive, but they get money for it from the government anyway (at least here). It’s just that with somewhat less food and shittier living conditions, these people wouldn’t be so happy. They’d have a very uncomfortable life. Some would even call in shitty. Same way, you don’t need sex to survive, but without it, your life can be shitty.

So, all this sounded pretty reasonable to me, and then he comes out with this post:

My parents – criminals who deserve to be put in jail or killed :

“1. For almost 10 years they’re refusing to help me find a girlfriend, thus causing unimaginable pain and damage to me. There are numerous ways in which they could help me, like introducing me to daughters of their co-workers or asking my relatives for help but they did not do so because they’re murderous idiots who live in the 70s/80s and think it’s easy to find a girlfriend if you want one.

They’re simply murdering their child (using the following mechanism :1 . I am left without a gf/sex 2. Which makes me unable to fulfill my basic needs 3. Which makes me depressed and hopeless 4. Which destroys my will to live 5. Which makes me suicidal”

2. They’re refusing to co-sign my appeals to government and various institutions for over 5 years because they fail to see it’s the only way, thus weaking their impact.

3. My mother, the murderous whore, is refusing to have sex with me when that could alleviate my sexual frustration.

4. When, in righteous indignation, I finally attacked those beasts and managed to beat the shit out of them I was the one that was reported to the police, and not these murderous animals. Only good they ever did was that they later refused to testify against me.

In any country with a normal legal system sensitive to needs of incels these criminals would be prosecuted long ago and in some countries their crimes would be punished by the death penalty. However, here they’re allowed to run free and go on commiting their heinous crimes. Though the police have been informed about their attempts to murder their child they haven’t done anything I was actually threatened with arrest for consuming police resources.

Their murderous behavior goes on. For how long, I ask?”

Holy shit! I have met some incel guys on the internet, and some of them remain fairly reasonable, but some kinda go nuts.

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Bitchiness of people around you can be hard to deal with, and I can kind of empathize with this rant. I ranted about this before, on this site, and was given this useful little link:

I must agree with a lot of what is said. What worked for me in the past at dealing with people such as these was

1)Limit time with them. With some people, you just have to move to where they are not.

2)Be reasonable and use logic.

3)Don’t take it to heart, just say “I’m sorry you feel that way” and usually there is nothing more to be done. People who insist on bitchiness want to get a rise out of you. If you don’t supply them with your energy, the conflict often quickly subsides.

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45 Responses to Involuntary Celibacy Makes Your Mind Go Down the Rabbit Hole, + Bitchiness

  1. Sherlock says:

    Yikes. That guy needs to take some responsibility for his life. His problem is not that his parents aren`t helping him meet women it is that women don`t like him when they meet him. He can change that if he wants to but he does not want to put in the work.

    • Eric says:

      I can’t speak for the situation in other countries; but being INCEL in the United States isn’t something necessarily to be ashamed of. I’ve often likened it to famine conditions here. Yes, it would be a nice thing to have regular sex; even get married and have children. It would be nice, in famine-stricken countries, to eat steak and potatoes and good beer rather than shoe leather and tree bark too. But what actually happens in those countries? The thugs take the food and leave the rest of them with nothing; and the same is true of the ‘sexual marketplace’ here.

      So it’s not necessarily a matter of a guy changing his own attitude or improving himself; American men who do this are MORE likely to be INCEL than if they turned into complete losers. And if not INCEL, be the victim of a vicious divorce, a false accusation, or some other form of female abuse than if he just stayed single.

      It’s not a question that has an easy answer. I’ve advised GGF to embrace, rather than fight, his INCEL. He’s already internalized far too much of the feminist shaming directed against such men; but such self-destructiveness only encourages feminist women who hate men and would be delighted if we all committed suicide.

      • emmatheemo says:


        How did you come to the conclusion that being incel is better than dating women around you? How did you come to dislike them so much?

      • Eric says:

        I mostly came to the conclusion that women here are generally motivated by a deeply-embedded hatred for all men and most of my observations and experiences has confirmed it. I don’t look back on a single relationship I’ve ever had with an American girl and remember it as a positive experience. For that matter, neither have most men I know of.
        Like most American men, I grew up with the mythology that women gravitated towards the strong, confident male who’s (as you mentioned on GGF’s site) a bit exciting. What I’ve discovered is that women only seek such men when they are in trouble, or need help of some kind. The rest of the time, they abandon themselves sexually to the lowest forms of the male gender. Not only do they generally ignore good men, their treatment of us borders on outright sadism. When I’ve seen the sheer cruelty they’ve practiced on men who genuinely loved and cared for them, I can’t even believe anymore that women actually feel remorse.
        It’s not even confined to personal experience. Women freely talk in the media about their contempt for men. They speak of us as a bunch of subhumans who are continually thinking about how to manipulate them for sex (and sex is something they all seem to feel is a burdensome obligation).
        In short, what American women offer men is a loss; an emotional, financial, and physical loss. We men really don’t gain ANY advantage by having a wife or girlfriend here. Granted, it is not enjoyable to be single, but the alternative is less enjoyable.

    • Your comment seems to be a rational thing to say… until you think about using facts. I need to take some responsibility? And who else did take any for my dating situation besides me? The fact is that I had to take all responsibility for it until now and the results are disasters like obesssion with a girl who wanted me and I screwed up that lasted for 2 years, being left after 8 months of a sexless relationship, losing my virginity years too late and being laughed at by that girl, going on dozens of dates that went nowhere etc etc.

      Also, it’s a lie that most women don’t like me when they meet me. The fact is, in most cases there simply wasn’t any chemistry. There wasn’t a single case in which I liked the woman and she didn’t like me after a first date. Not a single case. The fact that I would still be with her due to my desperation is a different matter altogether.

      How can I change? What should I do, according to you?

  2. Emma the Emo says:

    Actually, when I think about it… What if we lived in a society where not taking your boy to a prostitute in his teens was considered child abuse, the way not feeding your kids is considered abuse now? Then his rant wouldn’t be considered completely insane after all. Lol!

  3. John says:

    When your aware that women find you attractive and clearly want to spend time with you its a huge boost to the self, at least to me. It is soul destroying to feel like the invisible man in the corner. Confidence is an elusive thing, and without it I feel one is doomed in the modern dating game. I’d argue lack of confidence, social hesitancy etc etc are high on the list of repellants to most women. Maybe there are outliers but in general women want you to have metaphorical big balls, be able to assert and impose your self on the world around you, or at least display a capacity to do so.

    I wonder if that guy has tried anti-depressants. I found them to provide a real boost, all that serotonin makes you more confident and relaxed in yourself. It made me change how I thought about things. Ironically completely wrecked my libido so ended up attracting women, dating them and facing the “its all in your head” reactions when junior went to sleep. So I’d go cold turkey, be back to OCD man with esteem problems, sensitivity issues and be kicked to the kerb in record time!

    I still love you Emma!!!

    • emmatheemo says:

      Interesting. But I remember Eivind (my bf when he was incel) was suggested to take some anti-OCD drugs, although he didn’t have any OCD. He refused precisely because they kill libido. Do you think taking antidepressants a bit can help, if you quit them later? Then you can gain some calm and confidence – won’t get laid, but will at least look like a more desirable man and get a taste of confidence.

      • John says:

        They definitely made me less obsessive, and within a matter of days I found myself highly motivated to meet with people rather than hiding away from the world. I just felt like I was “on drugs” and it wasn’t the real me. I largely used it to improve my social life and “get with women”, and nearly always with alcohol. It made me super confident in comparison to my normal self. I ended up calling them the “magic beans” cos they were that effective. I’d normally hide in pub corners and not talk to women, but on them I was approaching women all the time, and it often worked!!

        I never really used them as medication, effectively they became social performance enhancers to me, and gave me a good buzz. There were some side effects that were manageable but the inability to orgasm for weeks at a time always made me stop using them. I often think about going back on them, they made me feel like a winner in life.

        I’m rambling here lol, in answer to your question I think they can give you a different perspective but its better to use them to change your overall lifestyle rather than use them recreationally like I did. I’m fascinated by how chemicals in the brain can alter personality, what is confidence? Is it reducible to chemicals in the brain, those chemicals in the brain reducible to results in your environment.

        It seems to me that the male drive for sex, and validation/love from females is a crucial part of mens self-esteem(chemical reactions in the brain?) And how those who “fail” in this department are more likely to develop depression, suffer intense personal frustration etc etc. and have worse brain chemistry as a result. Its seems that society at large finds men who do fail in this way, and then complain or articulate these frustrations are regarded as loser scum and warrant neither pity nor sympathy but only scorn and shame.

        I like that quote about “most men living lives of quiet desperation”. Most keep their frustrations to themselves and hide away, only showing their “primal face” to the outside world.

        I like the way you think. Ive always been amazed by how people seem to enjoy mens sexual frustrations, particularly women, like rubbing salt in the wounds makes them feel good. You appear to have a better perspective on this.

  4. M3 says:

    Sex with his mother was my DAFUQ moment.

    I hate saying this but this guy has mass shooter written all over him.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I believe he’s European, and they don’t have any guns.

      • Eric says:

        “…and they don’t have any guns.”

        Anders Brievik did. The problem was nobody had guns to shoot back with!

      • emmatheemo says:

        Didn’t he get his guns legally? If someone has already been to jail, I dunno if they’ll let him have one. Which is the case for GGGf.

        Breivik also planned his crime for 9 years, and he wasn’t just an angry suicidal guy, which seems so typical for mass shooters.

        I think the problem wasn’t lack of guns, but rather disproportionate, unwarranted trust towards cops or anyone dressed as one. There is even a saying about this in Russia: “If this summer camp was Russian, the kids would run away from fake cop Breivik, not towards him”

        But yes, some more security on that island would have been great.

  5. Clarence says:

    I gotta cosign what M3 said.
    I could kinda sympathize with his frustration over them not signing his petition – he might consider signing it supporting HIM. And while I don’t think parents have any responsibility for their kids sex life, I do think GOOD parents at least point the way to useful advice (esp if they weren’t so good with the opposite sex themselves and so have no real advice to give) such as found in the PUA community.
    But when he talks murder and sex with his mother he goes way too far for me. He’s either let the cat out of the bag that his whole blog is parody OR (assuming he has dozens or hundreds of posts so is unlikely to have set up a parody site) he has went over the deep end and needs help.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Oh, I know. I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on your parents for sex – most parents, I have found, are not educated enough do help much at all.. Mine weren’t – they were kinda hippie.

  6. Clarence says:

    Just wanna say to your face, what the antifeminist wouldn’t let me say on his blog, partly I suppose because I praised you, but partly because it might put me in a better light with his pretty insane readers who are frothing at the mouth and accusing me of all sorts of things from being a feminist troll to blah,blah,blah.

    Since Elvind’s position on ‘justified rape’ has evolved, I now am willing to link hands with him as an MRA.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Ah, ok 🙂 I saw that comment on Eivind’s blog, too.
      I agree frothing at the mouth is not helping anyone

    • Eric says:

      Then you should probably stop frothing at the mouth yourself about Antifeminist and us ‘insane commenters’ of his.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Now now, Clarence should be able to defend himself 🙂 Clarence doesn’t start being personally insulting until someone else does it first, as far as I know.

      • “Clarence doesn’t start being personally insulting until someone else does it first, as far as I know.”

        Actually Clarence began this debate by calling Eivind ‘repugnant’ and claiming that he wasn’t a real MRA. I disapproved his latest comment on my blog not because he praised you, but because he was mocking our attitude to TyphonBlue, a woman who actively seeks to force radical feminist abuse theory onto the men’s rights movement (and is succeeding via AVfM). This is something which will destroy the lives of thousands or millions of more men, not to mention teenage boys and girls through forced victimisation by the feminist abuse industry.
        I have no problem with you Emma, as I have stated in the past. Your essay on American Padohysteria was quite excellent. I also link to and hold in high regard, for example, Laura Augustin. However, this is a MEN’S rights movment, after all, and we are entitled to be somewhat cautious as to the intentions of female supporters, particularly when obvious infilitrators such as TyphonBlue have been allowed to reach such high positions of influence.

      • emmatheemo says:

        If you’re talking about the Typhonblue thread, he began with saying these things:
        “Elvind Berge, despite my respect for him in some ways still has two ideas I find abhorrent:”
        “And you call this a real MRA?”

        The latter is mildly insulting, but if Clarence still thought Eivind was pro-rape, I agree such a question wouldn’t be unreasonable.
        And the former says some of Eivind’s IDEAS are abhorrent, not Eivind himself. I looked over his comments, and if I missed where he actually called Eivind repugnant, I’d like to see it.

        ” However, this is a MEN’S rights movment, after all, and we are entitled to be somewhat cautious as to the intentions of female supporters, particularly when obvious infilitrators such as TyphonBlue have been allowed to reach such high positions of influence.”

        That’s cool, you don’t have to apologize for being cautious.

      • Eric says:

        Clarence is not defending himself against anybody. As far as I know, nobody on this blog criticised him at all.

        What he is doing is trying to manipulate this blog, and employing a method taught and used by American public relations’ firms. These firms hire their services to special interest groups; and even local governments have been known to use them to sell unpopular policies or elect candidates.

        You can the pattern fairly clearly: it’s about causing factions, pitting those factions against another, and promoting an agenda. Whatever this guy is up to, it’s no good.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Well, even if he’s doing that, rest assured, I won’t be manipulated into fighting the antifeminist or his commenters over this 😉 The fight between Clarence and TA’s commenters is not really my business, although I can discuss it on my own blog. It’s also kind of a trifle.

        I will not be set up against anyone in this case – just don’t feel like attacking anyone and engaging in a group vs. group fight.

  7. John Tyson says:

    He wants to have sex with his mother!?

    And you think he’s not trolling around? My goodness, I feel so sane and healthy after I read this.

  8. ChesterPoe says:

    That guy wonders why no woman will sleep with him… He is a perfect example of vagina repellent. Sex is not a right, it must be earned. My advice to him would be to stop watching porn and masturbating, start weight lifting and reading manosphere blogs.

    A commenter above suggested using anti-depressants. Those things are a waste of time and money. You must find and fix your problem, not take a drug to escape it.

    • John says:

      “Those things are a waste of time and money.”

      I disagree, in certain cases they may be useful for example with people with extreme levels of social anxiety, or depression. However, your absolutely right that using drugs to escape issues won’t work in the long run on its own, but to simply brush them aside as a “waste of time” is simply ignorant of peoples experiences.

      By the way I didn’t recommend that this guy take them as such, I was simply pointing out that they can help some people. Or do you think those people are deluded fools? People who have used anti-depressants as part of a recovery and its worked? Are their experiences irrelevant?

      There may be other better solutions than medication and Id guess that too many people take the easy option of the “happy pills”, however it doesn’t mean that they can’t be effective in some cases. Have you a medical background? What makes you so confident they are a “waste of time”?

      • ChesterPoe says:

        I accept that it can be useful for a few people, perhaps even necessary. But the majority uses those pills when they should be solving the underlying cause(s). As for my medical background, I suffered from (clinically diagnosed) general and social anxiety, along with minor depression long for half a decade. People always said it was all in my head (so I do sympathize with those suffering from such disorders), what worked was not drugs but figuring out what the underlying problems causing said disorders were.

    • I don’t wonder why no woman will sleep with me. The reasons, such as missing out on crucial teenage years when it comes to dating/sex/relationships and the subsequent inexperience, being in a social circle that doesn’t meet women, refusal to cold approach and various other things are the reason.

      I never said sex is a right, you can see my program here

      I’ve met buff incels so weight lifting isn’t some magical cure and I’m not an MRA so I don’t care about manosphere blogs too much.

      • ChesterPoe says:

        I was only going by what was presented in the quoted blog post. So take it as such. I have no idea the specifics of your situation, but from what you have provided here I must still say there is no legitimate reason to write such outlandish things.

        The point is not that being buff itself will get you women, but it increases your physical attractiveness and self-confidence. That confidence will in turn help you with women. But, as is the case with the “buff incels” you know, getting in shape and becoming more confident is only going to get you so far. Manosphere blogs are meant to help a man understand women’s brains and adjust their approach accordingly.

  9. Clarence says:

    Hey Eric:
    You might want to get your logic straight rather than twist it into a pretzel form. Basically you are just asking me when I stopped beating my wife.
    The fact is , I have been attacked by you idiots, and anyone who sees time stamps and replies on the various threads of the three blogs (by ‘idiots’ I mean you and alan vaughn) can easily see that. You make it personal, accuse me of all sorts of shit with little to no evidence whatsoever (you dorks could easily see I hardly ever have posted at AVFM over the past year or so, it’s also easy to track me across the various manosphere blogs , but you don’t bother, instead you tell me to go back to my “friends” at A Voice For Men (said words of alans can be found on Elvinds blog and maybe the antifeminists as well if I recall correctly) as if you think I’m in some sort of Inner Circle with Paul Elam, Dean Esmay and of course the EEEEEEEEEEVIL “radical feminist” , Typhonblue. You constantly take my words in the worst possible light and try to put negative spin on them. Since you think you ‘know’ my motivations, I’d like to know when you gained the power to read minds through a computer screen since you armchair psychoanalysts think you know so much about me.

    It’s like when feminists accuse someone of “gaslighting” or “mansplaining” all you are doing is misusing words and concepts to try to win arguments . It’s pretty transparent. I think Emma and Elvind can make up their own minds about things, thank you very much.

    “You can the pattern fairly clearly: it’s about causing factions, pitting those factions against another, and promoting an agenda. Whatever this guy is up to, it’s no good.”

    Hey, you’re the ones accusing me of this and that with no proof whatsoever. I haven’t asked Emma or Elvind to do ANYTHING (example being I haven’t asked them to drop the antifeminists blog, in fact because I agree with most of what Elvind and antifeminist say its best they do stay as friends), meanwhile you guys have done ridiculous shit like accuse me of being Typhonblue.
    Once again, there’s a blog called “Stand your ground”. There are threads there from 2003 to 2005 with me arguing with Typhonblue. I’m Baltimoreman there. Can you tell me why Typhonblue would spend dozens or hundreds of posts arguing with herself on an obscure blog that hardly anyone has ever read?

    Seriously, you don’t like the cut of my jib. There is absolutely no need to be babies about it.

  10. Clarence says:

    If you wanted to ban that post , I’ll give you the full skinny on it. In that last paragraph I mocking your readers and you for having trouble with women in general. It honestly never occured to me that you’d think I was talking about Typhonblue esp. since I never mentioned her name. No, all you ever do is accuse the ‘crew’ over at AVFM and similar places of wanting to impress the ‘lovely sheilas” (your digs at the looks of most of the known female MRA’s) while you denigrate the female MRA’s as being not only ugly but also closet feminists.

    Anyway, I’d say the majority of the words of my post were directed at Emma and telling her and Elvind that I was ready to break MRA bread with them, and you could have cut off the last part and posted that (because even you would probably admit it was a good thing that I could publically change my mind) and then banned me because your panties were in a twist about the rest of it, but instead you simply didn’t approve even the first part of the comment at all, thus leading me to believe that presenting me in the worst possible light (as being irrational and unable to change my opinion) was your true goal. I made a useful whipping boy and feminists bugaboo for a few weeks, I suppose.

    Anyway, since I don’t trust your moderation over there, I won’t be returning. I’ll say that I will be doing the following things and you can do with it what you will.
    A. I will suggest in the comments at various times at A Voice for Men that ‘mild’ campaigns against some of the worst abuses of the “abuse industry” might be useful. As an example, I could see A Voice for Men taking a strong Civil Libertarian position against the over definition of ‘child pornography’. I think even Elam has come out against the stupidity of punishing comic book art, and ‘sexting’ teenagers. It’s not much, but it would be a start.
    B. I am going to be making posters and placing them in various places around my local area. It will probably be a month or two before I do this as I am currently busy with family matters and a job hunt, but when I do I shall put up pictures of these posters. They won’t be too explicit, and they alas, will only focus on the most nutty of the abuses of these laws or things such as how easily one can be accused of rape falsely, but I can assure you that no such posters have ever appeared in my immediate area. I doubt I’ll have any trouble, but one does never know.

  11. @Clarence : The problem we have with you is your support of TyphonBlue – her views on abuse, trauma, denial, recovered memory etc come straight from radfem101. To say that we would agree with 80% of what she says, and therefore that we are only disowing her as an mra because she is a woman, is a bit like saying that the Jews who refused to vote for Hitler were racist against Germans because they would have agreed with his policies on job creation and reducing inflation etc. However, being a woman is central to what she is up to, and how she has come to be adopted so readily over at AVfM. The often repeated phrase ‘lovely looking sheilas’ comes from an infamous comment made by Dr. F at that site, in which he proudly boasted of upvoting female commentators just because they were women and ‘lovely looking sheilas’. If you can’t see any possible problem with that, I can’t see you as a real mra.

    I try not to half mod and edit comments because doing so can actually alter the meaning of the comment, and personally I hate that when it’s done to me on other sites.

    Perhaps Alan was a little over-reacting when he responded to your original criticism of Eivind, but we’re a pretty protective bunch of each other at my site, for the obvious reasons that we are marginalized by even the community who should be taking our message as central. And you were showing signs of becoming a troll, a role you’ve slipped into very easily now that you’ve been confronted by my readers.

    Anyway, you’re not really important and I agree that the original discussion was fairly trifle, and I took on board that you had at least admitted that the abuse industry etc was an important men’s rights issue. I hadn’t even given you much thought to be honest until you clearly tried to use Emma in an attempt to cause a rift between myself, my readers, and Eivind.

  12. Clarence says:

    “… until you clearly tried to use Emma in an attempt to cause a rift between myself, my readers, and Eivind.”

    Antifeminist: Can you prove that by anything I’ve written or said or is this just your special magical “womyn’s way of knowing”?
    Paranoid is as paranoid does. You might consider I was leaving comments over at Eivind’s blog two and three years ago.

    In fact, since my change of mind concerned Eivind and Emma it was probably best to state it to them to them at their blog homes. You clearly wouldn’t have let me do it over there.

  13. Yes Clarence dear, you just have to scroll up this page and see that you claimed I disapproved your comment simply because you praised Emma (and you did, in a lavish and highly artificial and false manner, at the same time contrasting it with our suspicion of female mras who support the feminist abuse industry).

    As for ‘womyn’s way of knowing’ I have no idea what you are talking about. At least I have the respect to confine my ‘misogny’ to my own blog rather than on that of Eivind’s girlfriend.

  14. Clarence says:

    The antifeminist:
    Or the man in question (Eivind)’s blog.
    But you conveniently forgot to mention I’ve posted there.
    *pats you on the head*

    You are not very good at this stuff. I think I see why the main figures in the active MRA movement want nothing to do with you. Not only do you bring a less popular cause, but your ‘tactical’ insights leave as much to be desired as some of your regular commenters lack of manners.

    And yes, even though I disagree with typhonblue and many other female MRA’s about a fourth of the time, I find your disrespect and suspicion of them disgusting. I’m often suspicious of people, but I’m not dumb enough to bring accusations without proof, and you’d think for someone who gets all sorts of smears without proof you’d be better at this.

    Good luck with your little treehouse.

  15. John says:

    Clarence you look a right mess m8! Is that the best photo you got?

  16. @Clarence

    You asked for proof that you’re trying to set up Eivind and his girlfriend against myself and my readers, and I pointed out it’s on this very page – just scroll up you effing retard.

    “I see why the main figures in the active MRA movement want nothing to do with you.”

    Ermmm..Angry Harry? I was one of the first 4 sites that AVoiceforMen linked to, and Paul Elam wanted me to help develop it with him. We fell out over JayHammers. Ferdinand Bardemu used to put my link at the top of his links of the week post, almost every single week – when InMalaFide was the highest traffic men’s rights site. Bernard Chapin, the most popular male men’s rights blogger on YouTube, just made a video in which he said ‘Schopenbecq – I love that guy, my right hand man here from 2007-2008’. Chris Brand, former professor of psychology at Edinburgh University and proud owner of possibly the oldest political blog online, has praised me a couple of times. Even W.F.Price links to me sometimes. It’s actually the mass of second tier bloggers who ignore me.

    Not to mention Eivind Berge, of course, probably the most famous men’s rights activist in the world currently.

    I don’t need proof that TyphonBlue is bringing in feminist abuse theory – that’s exactly what she’s doing. I don’t think she would/could even deny it. Did she invent concepts such as ‘denial’ and recovered memory syndrome herself? Is she only pretending to constantly quote feminists junk science studies into child abuse?

    “you’d think for someone who gets all sorts of smears without proof you’d be better at this.”

    Uh, oh. I knew it wouldn’t take long before you had an attack of the paedocrites when you ran out of ‘arguments’. I’m warning you. Don’t go down this road dear Clarence. .

    Oh, and get a hair cut.

  17. says:

    Incel DOES affect your mind. From my point of view, it led to three years on anti depressants, self harm, counselling (waste of time), and a mental breakdown. It still is a big problem in my life, but I cope with it far better now because of some changes I made to my outlook, and they are; (1) 99.9999999% of all women are whores. Nothing more. (2) They can be bought. (3) There are WAY better things to do with your time than trying to fathom why women CONTINUALLY go for dickheads. I am no longer on medication. And I even managed to get some sex a couple of years ago. I invest most of my time into my photography. Women can go to hell.

  18. Simon says:

    This incel “movement” has to be a joke.

    They take all the worst things about MRAs, PuA’s and “Nice Guys”TM to such an extreme that it borders on being a parody.

    It has to be nothing more than an elaborate troll.

  19. Michael J Nicholls says:

    The Incel EPIDEMIC is NOT bullshit. Let me tell you about my life now. I do not have a girlfriend. I have no HOPE of ever getting a girlfriend. I cannot afford to pay for sex. What I do now, is to seek out fuckwits like you, and tell them how things really stand. I do, however, have cats. They give me all the love I need. Women can get fucked now.

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