The Incurable Anger Myth

There is some kind of new opinion starting to spread about my relationship with Eivind, and I don’t like it. I heard it once, and decided to ignore it. But now, after hearing it a few more times, I kinda feel I need to put a stop to that.

So, Eivind used to be incel, and extremely angry because of both the effects of incel itself, and the fact that feminists passed a bunch of stupid laws preventing him from having sex in any legal way. He said he wouldn’t be angry and unhappy if he had a girlfriend. Then he got a girlfriend (me 😉 ). And surprise surprise, became very happy.

We’ve had a cute relationship for 1,5 years. We watch movies together, discuss stuff we are into and joke about everything. He hasn’t gotten angry with me even once all this time. Yet some total strangers on the internet have been telling ME (the person who knows Eivind the most and has the most contact with him) that he’s actually still seething with rage, and that getting a girlfriend didn’t help him one bit! “See, he’s still angry, his problem wasn’t involuntary celibacy after all. It’s misogyny/head problems/entitlement/whatever”.

Here’s the thing. He never said getting sex would make him into a feminist. Yes, some MRAs are a blow job away from feminism, but not everyone is so weak. His blog is called an antifeminism blog for a reason. It’s where he documents all the bad stuff that happens to men because of how justice has been perverted. It is in the nature of the blog to be ranty and hateful towards injustice and people who perpetuate it. It is hard to ignore what is going on in your own country.

But people only see the blog. But what they don’t see is how we spend a lot of time talking about pleasant things. They don’t see our jokes. They don’t see us curl up on the bed together, and watch movies. They don’t see how I’m actually the more moody worrying partner, and him the more happy and optimistic one. They don’t see that about 95% of the time, we’re calm and happy. All that stuff is only visible to us and our moms.

This is a great source of selection bias, don’t you think?

But even so, it’s a weak argument. Being upset by injustice is not an emotional problem, it’s a sign someone cares for more than just their own life and well-being.

So according to my observations, his problem was entirely sexual. It was easy to make him happy.

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4 Responses to The Incurable Anger Myth

  1. Eric says:

    “…some mRAs are a blowjob away from being feminists themselves.”

    I’ve also come to suspect that some of them are also motivated by sexual jealousy, just like the feminists are. That may account for some of the hostility towards Eivind too.

  2. Apollo says:

    “See, he’s still angry, his problem wasn’t involuntary celibacy after all. It’s misogyny/head problems/entitlement/whatever”.

    Simple explanation.

    Due to Feminism, men are raised in a society that demonises masculinity, tries to engineer masculine behaviour out of them and tells them that women like sensitive, thoughtful, supplicating men. Men that take to this conditioning to heart experience an “incel Hell” when they reach adolesence, because women, not matter what the more Feminist of them might say, dont find this attractive.

    Feminists dont want to admit that there are any negative consequences arising from Feminism. Insisting that these incel “nice guys” are in fact villans and any unfortunate life experiences they might have are caused by their own “issues” helps deflect any blame that might get directed at Feminism.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Indeed, since I wrote this post, I thought about it more, and agree with you. I think they are saying these things, because they don’t want to admit they were wrong. They were saying “getting angry about incel is gonna make you look dangerous and no woman will ever fuck you now” and “Anyone can go without sex, incel isn’t the cause of your anger and unhappiness, sexuality of men and women is the same”. The first one is already obviously proven wrong. The second one they can still hang onto.

      • Apollo says:

        Yes, Feminists seem almost pathological about not admitting fault. They dont want to admit that negative consequences have arisen from Feminism for one, and if you examine a number of their ideas some of the more ridiculous ones start to make sense when you realise that they actually help to prevent them from contradicting themselves somewhere else. The whole demonisation of the “nice guy” is a good example of this. Feminist society created this explosion of nice guys by demonising masculinity and pushing men to be more sensitive and to show their feminine side, but they dont want to admit to any responsibility for the pain that those men experience because of how those very qualities effect their success in finding love. Therefore, the blame has to be directed somewhere else, otherwise people might start to come to the conclusion that there is something unnatural, impractical and perverse about Feminist theory.

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