Greatest songs about desire and obsession

Valentine’s Day is here (ok, I’m one day late, but ignore that), and I want to share my favorite “romantic” songs. Some people call V-day “Vagina Worship Day”, so I find nothing better to post than vagina-worshipping songs (and some not so vagina worshipping).

1)Steve Vai – In My Dreams With You

The dude sings about what he’d like to do in his dreams with you (you = whoever he’s into):

“I’m watchin’ you
I’m wantin’ you
But you turn away
I’d crawl through broken glass to you
But it wouldn’t pay
You take me for a fool
But if you only knew
What I do in my dreams with you”

In general, it seems like such a positive song to me in some ways:

“Baby don’t wake me
Let me take you on an endless journey
We touch
And the softest kiss explodes with lust
It’s real
And you can’t deny the heat you feel
And if I die before I wake baby that’s all right”

2)KoRn – A.D.I.D.A.S

I think this song is actually about wanting to fuck, having that occupy your thoughts and masturbating. But I love how it perverts the ADIDAS name, lol.

3)    PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love

It’s not terribly sexual, and obviously not vagina-worshipping, but you can tell it’s about the desperate kind of love. Only obsession brings people to that state, so it definitely fits in the list. Lyrics :

“I’ve laid with the devil
Cursed god above
Forsaken heaven
To bring you my love”

4) Helium Vola – Vagantenbeichte (heheh, this one is more “alpha” )

This one isn’t about obsession with any particular person, but it’s awesome, because it’s in LATIN. Hear it, performed by the glorious Joel Frederiksen. The lyrics seem to be about a dude who has no direction in life, just having fun and chasing notches. Lyrics :

“On broad streets I wander as young men do,
tangled in vice, not thinking of virtue,
yearning for lust rather than salvation,
a lost soul, I care only for my skin.”

5) Limp Bizkit – Eat You Alive

I don’t feel the same type of electric energy that all the other songs create, it fact this song is a bit ridiculous and funny, but I love it anyway.  Some people even said that he’s not singing about a girl at all, but rather spicy pizza that he really wants, but knows it will ruin his digestion. Lyrics :

“Hey you mrs. too good to look my way and that’s cool
You don’t want nothing at all to do with me
But I want you, ain’t nothin’ wrong with, wanting you
’cause I’m a man and I can think what the hell I want
You got that straight”


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6 Responses to Greatest songs about desire and obsession

  1. ScareCrow says:

    It is kind of funny. Feminists heard songs like this and heard nothing but sexual harassment, date rape, rape etc…

    MRA’s hear these songs and hear nothing but vagina worship, venereal diseases, cuckolding etc…

    It seems like neither side has anything positive to say about LOVE songs…

  2. FuriousFerret says:

    PJ Harvey is my absolute favorite artist of all time. All of her songs are just fantastic.

    “Stories from the city, Stories from the sea” is an collection of songs about real emotional love. A thousand times better than any mushy pop song. From the gitty excitement of ‘Good Fortune’, to the problems ‘This Mess we’re In’, and the furry of ‘This is Love’, it’s just beautiful.

  3. Entity says:

    That Helium Vola song is originally called Estuans Interius, one of the highlights from Carmina Burana and possibly one of the first metal songs 🙂 unfortunately they did a shitty job covering it. Listen to this full orchestra rendition instead, and turn up those speakers

  4. alcockell says:

    Of course – there are all the classics by Foreigner, Huey Lewis, Chicago etc…

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