How to Tone Down Your Hypergamy, part 2

It seems this post caught the attention of the wise and deep-thinking Manboobz crowd. Of course they are wise and deep thinking, and can see right through people, but some readers would need some help and clarifications about my views.

1)“Did she really advocate ‘low self-esteem’ as a way of ‘controlling your hypergamy’???

Does she even know what it’s like to have low self-esteem? It’s horrible. It’s not a ‘self-improvement’ technique.”

Answer: yes. It is a way to tone down hypergamy. And breaking your legs + regrowing them while stretching them is a way to increase your adult height. I didn’t say it was recommended to everyone, or that it’s easy. The question was “how to tone down hypergamy?” I gave a straight answer of how I think it could work. In fact, I even say that right at the beginning:

“Now, these ideas are for women who want to lower hypergamy whatever the cost and nothing more, not necessarily 100% true statements and not necessarily uplifting. I’m not responsible for you if you try this and hurt yourself.”


” Dumb as dogplanks, this one – and like her little MRA buddies, just wanting to spread her misery around, because seeing other people who don’t fit her catalogue of perfection HAPPY is both incomprehensible and infuriating.”

Yes, dumb as dogplanks I am, that I dispassionately wrote a list where I discuss how I think hypergamy could be toned down. While writing it, I was viewing it as purely a practical problem, without value judgement. But The Kittehs’ Unpaid Help is a brilliant psychologist and uncovered my real subconscious motivations, which I’m myself not yet aware of – and that is to drag other people down into misery because I can’t stand people who aren’t perfect. Btw, The Kittehs’ Unpaid Help, can you tell me what my “catalogue of perfection” is? I don’t know what it is. You obviously know so much more about me than I do.


” The ghastly little twerp basically admits she’s a troll in her response to one fairly sensible comment: “I don’t think men can be divided into rigid groups of alpha/beta/omega, but it’s fun to categorize and stereotype.”

AKA “Yeah, I love posting bullshit that could hurt people for the lulz.””

Oh, you got me. Like pretty much everyone else, I objectify people sexually (namely omegas), which is best described as “it’s fun to categorize and stereotype”. Kind of the same way some men categorize redheads as wild in bed 😉 Unfortunately, speaking up about your objectifying feelings rightly gets you categorized as a creep, unless you’re hot and the person being objectified enjoys your attention.

Or perhaps you’re upset I said stereotypes are funny. Well, that they are. I don’t get upset when my friends jokingly call me a creep, a c*ntface or a whiny emo kid, anymore than they do!


” I really don’t understand why she seems to think it’s only important to tell women with high standards to lower theirs and not men… oh wait… she’s dating a former incel who made online threats and shows extreme misogyny. Of course she doesn’t expect men to take responsibility for their own problems.”

Jessay, men’s standards are already pretty damn low 😉

5)And how could I forget…

“And she even admits she knows the Greek system is rubbish, but likes to “fetishise it” as she describes it. Pity she doesn’t keep it to herself and her preferences in men instead of spewing it on the net.”

Can we all just stop talking about our sexual preferences on the internet? It’s creepy. Gays, shut up. BDSM people, shut up. Just keep it to yourselves. Kitteh is right, posting about these things on your own blog is nasty and offends the delicate feelings of feminists. 

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9 Responses to How to Tone Down Your Hypergamy, part 2

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  2. Eric says:

    The whole thing can be summarized as follows:
    1. Emma has an intelligent, successful, and handsome boyfriend who makes her happy; and a lot of men wish they were as lucky as he is.

    2.Manboobz groupies are jealous bitter femihags who think they’re lucky to score with a creepy Omega like David Futrelle at a Manboobz meetup.

    Which one of these two would any SANE woman like to be? Enough said! LOL

  3. Clarence says:

    Epic post, but don’t take it personally at Manboobz. Whilst I’ve never had a whole post devoted to me, I’ve had most of a comments thread. Occasionally.

    A lot of people would say you’ve arrived when David FATrelle devotes a post to you. And since it’s a selectively moderated echo chamber, it doesn’t attract the best and brightest, so to speak….

    Good job.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I don’t take it personally, I’m just adding gasoline to the fire. Can’t pass up opportunities like this.

      But no, no whole post just about me. Just people in the comments section, discussing…

  4. Clarence says:

    Don’t know where that “I” came from before “occasionally”. Feel free to edit it out 🙂

  5. some weirdo says:

    Hmm, The Kittehs’ Unpaid Help seems to post a bit about her ‘relationship’ on her own blog. Probably not too much about sex, though, considering that her boyfriend is this guy, who died in 1643:

  6. poester99 says:

    Grats! on catching the attention of the attention of “the southern baptists ” of anti male rights on the internet.

    It’s was an unlikely congruence of clicks that led me to your website so thought I would celebrate serendipity and post.

    I suspect that women thinking for themselves, getting close to the big picture and then sharing their findings is problematic. The doggedness in their mission to crush men’s rights has the stink of “official” feminism on it, much like the highly polished, tightly controlled Good Men project.

    Anyways, stay calm and keep on ! 😉

  7. themakeupartist says:

    When you hanky panky with an “attractive” woman over 25, not only are you essentially being raped, you are being tricked.
    W/o makeup, even women in their early 20s could not hope to sexually compete with girlz in their early to mid teenz

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