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Irrational Wiki -What??

What the hell is this?? You call that a RATIONAL Wiki? I read this book (“A Natural History of Rape”) and it does not say that rape behavior is an adaption. They discuss evidence for and against two hypotheses … Continue reading

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Why call myself an antifeminist?

Now I will clarify my views on why I would call myself an antifeminist. Here is what I am for, at the fundamental level: 1)Men and women having the same fundamental rights, and no institutionalized sexism. That means justice being … Continue reading

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Feminist logic about entitlement – why the niceguy hate?

Modern American feminists often talk about “niceguys” and their sense of entitlement. I was curious why they think “niceguys” are feeling entitled, and looked into a book called “Yes means yes”, edited by Jessica Valenti and Jaclyn Friedman. It always … Continue reading

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I won’t blog much until June

I must, unfortunately, limit my time blogging. I have a master thesis to work on, and there is still much to be done. It is due 1 June. I might still post something, if I absolutely feel like writing, if … Continue reading

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Norwegian ”Experts” Want to Work against ”Antifeminism”

Yes, it appears “antifeminism” (I’ll explain why it’s in quotation marks), especially Eivind Berge,  finally caught the attention of various organizations here. These organizations are the Reform – “Resource center for men” , the Department for Children, Equality and Inclusion … Continue reading

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Rape-supporting Feminists, Trying to Raise Rape Statistics

It came to my knowledge that EU’s committee of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, and a feminist parliament representative Kartika Liotard  are trying to get porn banned in all of EU. Their reasons for that are described in the report: … Continue reading

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Manosphere myth: ”Men’s average SMV is higher than women’s after the age of 35”

…Hold on a minute. Average male SMV (that is, SEXUAL market value) is NEVER above average female SMV. It isn’t how the sexes work. When it comes to sex, women, on average, are the ones with the goods, at ANY … Continue reading

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