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Female and Male Sexual Interests Are in Conflict: Must Someone Lose?

I recently had another long and unproductive debate with an MRA, which lead, unfortunately, to nothing good. However, this post is not about him. It can apply to feminists, MRAs, and the religious people. It’s known that women want one … Continue reading

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Does criticism mess up the whole MRM?

After a long and unproductive discussion, I was told I was punching holes in the sex-positive men’s movement. And that my criticism of internal philosophy was ruining it. Maybe I should leave this  movement alone, but it’s kind of a … Continue reading

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Do we need to apologize for our sexuality?

I recently had a conversation with another blogger. He called female sexual psychology maladaptive, and said women would be happier with male sexuality. I was asked why I wish to let women’s nature be as it is. What I said … Continue reading

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People Should Love Their Partners Like Their Pets

Dalrock talked about how red pill knowledge increased his empathy for women . I’m of the same conclusion (although I’m not sure it means much, since I’m not a man). For me, red pill stuff means one thing: we’re all … Continue reading

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Why I don’t like to ban and moderate

Feminists blogs are famous for being eager to block, ban and moderate. I want to avoid the same. It just looks bad, like you can’t answer their arguments, or you can’t stand the heat. If trolls appear, it seems pointless … Continue reading

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Pressure to have casual sex

It came to me from several sources. Boys When I was 15, a guy of the same age liked me, and asked for sex. I liked him back, but wasn’t ready for that. I was very conflicted, and it hurt … Continue reading

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”Differences Within a Group are Bigger Than Differences Between Groups”

Has anyone ever told you this one, when you pointed out there are group differences between men and women? Like we are supposed to ignore that on average, men and women are different, because variation within each group is so … Continue reading

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