Does criticism mess up the whole MRM?

After a long and unproductive discussion, I was told I was punching holes in the sex-positive men’s movement. And that my criticism of internal philosophy was ruining it. Maybe I should leave this  movement alone, but it’s kind of a bummer, isn’t it? To pretend everything is consistent, until they win, I guess? Maybe I should take my own advice ( ) and just not say anything, even if I’d be pointing out a wrong?

On the other hand, have they any hope, if a little criticism supposedly breaks the whole movement? There is a ton of feminist varieties, yet they won a lot of reforms. They are strong in their “religious” fervor, and do often throw out those who they don’t see as feminist enough. So how come it doesn’t split them up into uselessness? Maybe perhaps because they actually do things, and we don’t. Action together binds, blog debates merely irritate.

And will it be possible to repudiate opinions you don’t like, when your group finally won? Or will you be held responsible for everything the group helped create, even the things you didn’t like or contribute to, yourself? In fact, shouldn’t you be held responsible for everything your group created, as long as you stood behind them and gave your agreement with your silence (in effect, voted for them to be in power)? If you’re willing to take that responsibility, can you be sure you’ll never lose yourself in the process, agreeing with things you’d normally never agree with, and have your own moral values bite you in the ass?

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One Response to Does criticism mess up the whole MRM?

  1. Eric says:

    truth and politics are different in nature.

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