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Feminist State Stockholm Syndrome

About a year ago, my boyfriend (Eivind) was wrongfully arrested for what they saw as incitement to violence and glorification of violence. At the time, he made an argument that cop murder was morally right in the face of oppression, … Continue reading

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Your happiness is in your hands, part 2

Tip 2: Don’t be a reactive caring asshole. After The Karamazov Idea was almost doxxed, both I  and Free Northerner  made posts about it. I noticed we both realized that the outrage is fueled by people who simultaneously claim to … Continue reading

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The Karamazov Idea doxx attempt + oversensitivity

Someone tried to doxx What a shame, I really liked that site, despite Christian fundamentalism and anti-tattoo stuff. I have tattoos, but I like it when someone rips apart delusions or knocks chronically offended people with too much self-esteem down … Continue reading

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You know, your happiness actually IS in your hands…

Tip 1: “-How to make people happy? – First make their lives worse, then make it like it was to begin with” Recently, I read some articles that asserted that our happiness is in our hands. I thought about it, … Continue reading

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Hump Day lite reading: “My vagina is beautiful” and other classy feminist memes.

In the last few months, Norwegian feminists were agitating for more internet speech to be illegalized. This time, “antifeminist harassment”. Many wrote articles, whining about receiving rape threats for being public female figures. This type of incident only ads one … Continue reading

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