Hump Day lite reading: “My vagina is beautiful” and other classy feminist memes.

In the last few months, Norwegian feminists were agitating for more internet speech to be illegalized. This time, “antifeminist harassment”. Many wrote articles, whining about receiving rape threats for being public female figures. This type of incident only ads one more reason for why I don’t think they suffer from a big rape threat problem. The thing Meg Simons wrote to herself is not even a real rape threat (but is to be taken seriously if it was real). I wouldn’t be surprised if most of it was made up by Norwegian feminists, because the end (anti-antifeminist speech laws) justifies the means (lying).

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9 Responses to Hump Day lite reading: “My vagina is beautiful” and other classy feminist memes.

  1. Liz says:

    Maybe the tatoo is a warning? That V sure is a strange color….perhaps it’s molding?

  2. darlingdoll says:

    This is getting so out of hand! I guess the feminist plan is to try and ban any thing that they find offensive until it’s illegal to say or do anything that’s in opposition of their agenda? I’ll bet they don’t want to ban language that falls in the “harassment of men” or misandry category.

  3. ParaPhilip says:

    Is this 4real?

  4. Eric says:

    This link shows about where such feminist thinking ultimately leads:

  5. Anonymous says:


    This is very OT. I’m posting this comment because I noticed that you’re a reader of the heartiste blog. Heartiste wrote a blog article recently that I think was dishonest or at least did not tell the full story.

    This was the blog article in question, Confident A-Hole Game:

    Many of us warned him that the images in his article were tampered with by an anonymous troll. He refused to publish many of our comments that exposed the fraud because it doesn’t sit well with his world view. In refusing to publish the original chat logs or to make any kind of retraction, he is at least as guilty as the troll who sent them.

    He likes to pretend that average looking, average income guys can get a harem of girls simply by being extremely confident.. that the only thing standing in the way of these average guys is their beta behaviour. Since most people are average, this is a very good business decision on his part.

    The truth is most guys cannot afford to behave in the way prescribed in that particular article. It is not good game advice. I beckon for you to try to repeat his success(which mind you occurred in the span of 2 hours).

    The original images tell a very different story. These chat logs were from another website who holds a very different and, in my opinion, a far more cynical world view. The conversations were between an actual male model and a girl. It is our opinion that women of this day and age are as obsessed with looks as men.

    These are some of the links that were sent to roissy. All of them are from one particular thread on one particular forum, “puahate,com”:

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