The Karamazov Idea doxx attempt + oversensitivity

Someone tried to doxx What a shame, I really liked that site, despite Christian fundamentalism and anti-tattoo stuff. I have tattoos, but I like it when someone rips apart delusions or knocks chronically offended people with too much self-esteem down a peg. Even if he gets doxxed, the right people were hurt. If one’s feelings got hurt by an anonymous blogger and one doxxes him, such a person gets no sympathy from me. The right response is to either not care, or challenge their opinion, not to silence them. People act like one blogger with a handful of readers has a profound effect on their lives! It also happened on Vox’s site, where women’s hair length was discussed. He said men often don’t find short hair that hot on a woman. Many responses were angry, in the vein of “don’t fucking tell me what to do”, “women don’t live for YOU men”, and


“See, the thing is, your article just makes me WANT to cut all my hair off.If that’s a promise that it’s going to put guys like you off attempting to get me in to bed?Well hand me the clippers and goodbye Goldilocks!”

See? A single blog post can so profoundly cripple someone’s personal agency, that they will do something major to themselves because their emotional response to it was so great. But it’s a sign of internal instability and an adult shouldn’t be acting like that.

Having said, I wish everyone would just doxx themselves to the best of their possibility and render this technique useless. Bend the world to your will, rather than bending to the world.

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6 Responses to The Karamazov Idea doxx attempt + oversensitivity

  1. Ashley says:

    If anyone needed to be knocked down a peg, it was this guy.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I see he touched a nerve. But don’t let him. I disagree with him far more than agree, but value bloggers like him. They show how far opinions/ideas can go. You know, diversity, honesty, and all that. Better than everyone always watching what they say, turning the reading/learning experience mediocre.

  2. Ashley says:

    True, true. I can agree and disagree with his ideas about tattoos. I don’t have any, probably never will… and most of the time I find them unsightly on both men and women. But there is a difference between expressing a dislike for tattoos and bluntly stating that “men respect women less and see them as pawns” with them. To me that translates to, “Us men are douchebags who care too much about looks. Not only do we not like tattoos, we hate them so much that we aren’t strong enough to find respect in you as a person just because you have them.” If I were a man, I’d be pretty pissed off at him too…he makes men look so shitty. I mean, who cares about women with tattoos when his attitude is 10 times uglier than any of them. Just saying.

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