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TA is a liar and an drama queen

It’s been a while since I had a debate with the writer of . Basically, he said that he wants transhumanism to be used to remake the female sexuality into the male one from birth. He said female sexuality … Continue reading

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My Rejection Dreams

Quite often in my life, I had these weird dreams about being rejected. Which is strange. I feel confident consciously, but still, in dreams some kind of insecurity comes out! I’ll share them. Just for fun 😀 When I was … Continue reading

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Makeup is like masturbation

Women put on makeup for various reasons. Some are makeup artists, passionate about their art. Some do so for their jobs, as is the case with porn stars. Others so it to please their husbands, even if those already know … Continue reading

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Mysterious SMS today

Today, someone was persistently calling me from an unknown number. One time, I answered the call, but no one responded. Later, I responded it, and the guy was talking in a strange language or accent. I didn’t understand him. Later, … Continue reading

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