Mysterious SMS today

Today, someone was persistently calling me from an unknown number. One time, I answered the call, but no one responded. Later, I responded it, and the guy was talking in a strange language or accent. I didn’t understand him. Later, someone sent me an sms saying “I love you”. I assumed it was the same guy. Once he sent the sms, his phone number became visible, and by the number Ifound out it was from Somalia. I realized it must be someone who was possibly given a fake number, which ended up being mine. He called again, and this time I think I managed to explain to him that I’m not the girl he’s looking for, and he hung up.

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7 Responses to Mysterious SMS today

  1. ar10308 says:

    Sounds like the book has yet to be written on 3rd-World Text Game.

    “Bring the donkeys.”

  2. Did you explain that in English?

    • emmatheemo says:

      Yeah. I googled it afterwards, and it appears other people got similar calls from Somalia. I think they want to trick you into calling back, and receiving a big telephone bill afterwards.

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