My Rejection Dreams

Quite often in my life, I had these weird dreams about being rejected. Which is strange. I feel confident consciously, but still, in dreams some kind of insecurity comes out! I’ll share them. Just for fun 😀

When I was six, I dreamt that some kind of prince came to our kindergarden, and all girls got to dance with him. But I couldn’t find my ball dress, so I didn’t get to. It made me wake up crying.

When I was 15, I liked this guy. He was also 15. But he didn’t express any feelings to me yet, so I had a dream where I was trying to save him from some evil older woman. I gave up my sanity for him and a bunch of other stuff. He fell in love with the older woman.

When I was 19, I had a dream that I was a fat chick. I was at some party where girls chose a boy each. I saw that there was a guy no one wanted to dance with. He was very short and small. He looked really sad and rejected. I got excited and was about to approach him, but this Evil Hot Girl saw that I wanted to do it. Just to spite me, she ran over to the small unattractive guy, and exposed her boobs to him. He became happy and went with her. I knew she couldn’t possibly have done this because she desired him, she did it to spite me. I got so hurt and angry that I ripped her scalp off on the spot. Her gang of girlfriends ran after me and I hid in the bathroom. Then they discovered me and I had to fight them all, so I broke their arms (my friend called this dream “The movie “Carrie” with Hulk Hogan in the main role)

When I was 24, I had a dream I was an incel guy, trying to pick up chicks. I was doing the best game I could muster, but I sucked and it was not working. I even tried to get an ugly old woman, but she said I was too young and she needed a real man, not a boy who probably can’t last longer than a minute. I got lonely and depressed and went to a treehouse. Then a bunch of white knights showed up and wanted to beat me up. They said one of the chicks I hit on claimed I harassed her. I killed a bunch of them and went to jail. There, lots of hot girls fucked me cuz I was such a badass killer.

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21 Responses to My Rejection Dreams

  1. ar10308 says:

    When I was 19, I had a dream that I was a fat chick.

    You can be honest and call it a nightmare…

    • emmatheemo says:


      But that’s the thing, I don’t consciously think i would mind being a fat chick… Even at 19 i still thought it was good for ME to be slightly fat. However, I realize it’s not the greatest thing for your dating life.

      • ar10308 says:

        Really depends on how you wear the weight. If it goes to your boobs and side of your hips and butt, then +5lbs ain’t bad. If it goes to your cheeks and gives you jowls and a belly/fupa, then it is bad. Of course, +5lbs is hardly obese.

        Being an obese woman must be very a sad existance, for just the reason you stated.

      • emmatheemo says:

        That’s funny, there is a post somewhere on this site where I gain 13 lbs, and no one could see a difference. But then, I gain it everywhere at once, I think, so it spreads itself thin. I did it cuz I was too thin and wished to be bigger (it did help, really).

        However, I have no plans to become truly obese. It’s hardly healthy.

      • ar10308 says:

        Completely off topic:
        I see that you are in Norway, I have a friend in Denmark (he’s probably your neighbor down the street, since you’re so close up there). I know him because he likes guns quite a bit. Needless to say, most Euro countries aren’t the places you want to be if you are into gun ownership. I couldn’t imagine dealing with some of the stuff that you have to, especially the free speech issues.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Yeah, I suppose here we can’t just get a gun for anything other than hunting. Free speech is also suffering, my boyfriend went to jail for “inciting violence and glorification of violence” online (he didn’ really do the former). It turned out the case didn’t hold, and collapsed, but they were very angry about that, and changed the law very quickly just so they can persecute more people who say things online. Now it’s illegal to incite to violence online, but the definition for what incitement is is not exactly clear. Is it ok to have a philosophical debate on whether it’s ok to use violence against oppression in some cases? I dunno.

      • ar10308 says:

        I read about your boyfriend, that’s what led to my comment.

        “. Is it ok to have a philosophical debate on whether it’s ok to use violence against oppression in some cases?

        Considering that this is how the USA was founded, it is a topic that comes up fairly often.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Yes, but that doesn’t make me feel any safer… Although I’d love to go deeper into that topic. It should not be considered worthy of jailing someone, technically, but cops are capricious.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Also, I think you can get a pistol if you belong in a target practice club.

  2. I think the most surprising thing is that you still remember these dreams of rejection. Even dreams I remember upon waking I couldn’t recall for you in a couple days, with the exceptions being recurring dreams that I’ll keep having over an extended period of time. Typically 2 weeks to a few months.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Well, I only remember the most vivid and interesting 🙂 But I have noticed that most people react as you do, and tell me they don’t remember that many dreams. It might be genetic, perhaps?. My mom has a colorful dream every night, and forces me to listen to her telling me about it. Hers are about radiation, skinless people running around underground, gravity reversing itself, etc, all the fun stuff.

      • I have interesting dreams when I can remember them, but there’s few I could recall a week later, let alone years. I think I could do that for two, maybe three. All because I had the same dream multiple times for a few months.

  3. Liz says:

    You must be a very empathic person. I’ve never dreamed I was someone else. I have had nightmares about being incompetent (if I’m dreaming of school, it’s always a major test and I don’t understand anything, if I’m a nurse on the floor, I forgot about a patient, ect…).

    Seems like it would be strange to dream of being a man, in particular…especially having sex as a man!

    • Liz says:

      Now that I think about it, though…although it seems strange to me to dream about having a penis, it’s stranger to dream about vegetables and flowers sprouting out of my head. And I’ve dreamt about that on several occasions. Strangely, it all seems so normal in a dream. “Cool! Nice looking carrot” or just vaguely embarrassing (“Oh no! Everyone else at the ball here has a head full of orchids and my head is holding roses”). 🙂

  4. Jerinos says:

    Jee, you sounded like a normal girl until 24 and then it went out the window. ;D

    I think dreams just have to do with what we’re thinking about because they are probably just random signals firing off in your brain and so what you’re thinking about the most comes up. It’s more like your conscious mind has been put into an alternate universe and you’re dealing with what’s there because you think it’s real. Maybe that’s why you wake right afterwards, because your mind is starting to have conscious thoughts.

    I got picked on quite a bit when I was younger so paranoia from that kind of took over my mind. Unless it got physical, I would just put up with it because I didn’t know how to respond or why they were doing it. My nightmares have mostly had to do with me running from something. In my late 20s I read something about people who are running from things in their dreams aren’t very “alpha” (basic summary of description given). I decided I didn’t like that, and in later dreams I would fight back instead of just running. The first one I remember was me being harassed because two guys that thought I looked like a rich prettyboy (you’re psychic when dreaming, and that’s how people have said I look) because it means I’m easy to take advantage of and they tried to steal my wallet (I got a wallet with a chain on it about that time) but I didn’t put up with it and I ended up twisting one of them with my hands like putty until I woke up. Another dream, I tried to escape into a dark cave and some big, dragon-like monster came after me but I decided I didn’t care about how big it was and attacked it by trying to punch at it, then I ended up coming out of the cave and turning into some kind of cyborg with a high tech gatling gun blasting away at some monsters coming at me. Another was being in a race with another guy that was being encouraged by a bystander that didn’t have a high opinion of my capability. I woke up after all of these completely drenched in sweat because I was trying to put every fiber of my being into moving my body but you can only affect your dream with your mind.

    I notice in your first three dreams there’s more focus on the behavior of other girls than how the boys in question behave towards you. You seem more frustrated at the girls’ behavior, such as flashing boobs, seducing the guy you want, having dresses for the prince when you don’t have one. I bet you were just thinking about their behavior a lot at the time, maybe because they were doing things you didn’t want to do and making it more difficult for you to have certainty of the outcome you wanted. In the last one, I bet you were just new to the idea of incel at the time and were spending a lot of time trying to put yourself into their shoes. It’s funny that you say you are normally “confidant consciously”, because when put into that alternate reality, that’s probably how your conscious mind would’ve wanted to react if you thought it was real. I don’t know if I fight back in my dreams now because of what I read or because I am just a lot more prideful and less compliant in social situations than I used to be. I didn’t used to care about fighting back or what my social standing was but now I do now that I’ve seen what kind of an impact it has on all facets of life and from just simple indignation.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Thanks for sharing your own dreams, and the analysis 🙂

      I think conscious confidence and dreams do go hand in hand. I think the more confident and unworried you feel, the more freedom you have in your own dreams.

      I don’t remember if I was thinking about other girls’ behavior those times I had dreams about their bad behavior. I think I just felt unattractive and was unconsciously afraid of being screwed over. As for the incel dream.. I was, at the time, curious about incels and wondering how they felt. I think my brain decided to give me a little tour, and mixed it up with my own usual emotions.

      What we dream about can also be symbolic, instead of having direct meaning. There was one time I was feeling insecure about my school achievements, so I had a dream about my granpa berating me. My granpa would never do that, but he is a professor, so became a symbol of academic guilt 🙂

  5. Frank says:

    Wow as a former 24 year old incel this definitely caught my eye haha. (Finally took care of that when I was 25, but boy do you never forget it)

    I think I had all the male versions of those dreams before.
    I also learned going to the internet for advice and help can be very helpful as well as very destroying depending on where you end up lol.
    I think it’s really about surrounding yourself with supportive people, as well as figuring out what you’re doing wrong and changing it. (Yeah talking specifically about the incel thing)

    As for the other years, I’m pretty sure I was the nerdy guy at the party when I was 19, friends with everyone but not exactly catching any of the ladies eyes. Didn’t end up scalping anyone (wouldn’t have known how haha) but I feel you.

    At 15 I think all I wanted was a girlfriend but no idea how to go about it. I’m not even sure if I had any female friends at that point.

    Oh and uh, in kindergarten I dreamed I went to school naked. I don’t think I knew what a boner was yet but I’m sure I had one. I mean geez sometimes when you’re a kid and the wind hits you it’s like, hello! Freeeeeedoommm!!!!

    Why did I reply to this in reverse order?

    Anyways, nice thought provoking post, I really liked it!

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Glad you got out of incel at 25, good luck! 🙂 How did you get out?
      I think naked dreams is something many people have actually, I think it’s supposed to mean we’re afraid of judgement and emrabassment.

      • Frank says:

        well I had been alone forever and started wondering if there was some sort of name for what I had or any sort of resources or help online. I found out about love shy and incels and I was sort of like, yep that’s me.

        So then I actually met up with a friend from college who hadn’t seen in a couple years and we had a few drinks…..and then I just went for it. I was tired of it not happening. and it worked! amazing what a success story will do for your confidence. not that I wasn’t insanely nervous before I met up with her, sitting in my car talking myself into going into her apartment Haha. it really is a great feeling to finally be “normal” (at least as society seems to demand).

      • Frank says:

        Although I have noticed a lot of anger towards incels on the internet. it is the most baffling thing to see at first. angry at other people for not having sex? that’s like being angry at a disabled person for not being able to walk! I guess I didn’t realize that there are a lot of bitter alone people who really blame the opposite sex. but that is such a foreign concept to me, I honestly always love women and had just been trying to figure out how to get them to notice me back Haha. it is very upsetting to see incels hate tho just because of the extreme examples of misogynist incels. Altho I guess there is a lot of hate towards feminism even tho they aren’t all barren man hating spinsters lol, so maybe it evens out? I don’t know.

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