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Don’t listen to what men say, look at what they do

The engagement of bitter anti-marriage commenter Mark Minter and sweet commenter Kate reminded me of something I observed for a long time. The rule of “Don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do” does not apply solely … Continue reading

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Why are masculine traits so annoying in a woman?

Masculine traits don’t have to be annoying in a woman, but they often are. I noticed a tendency among some girl friends and myself to find female movie/literature/game characters profoundly annoying if they are masculine and have these “tough girl” … Continue reading

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Actually, sharia law for rape is not so bad…

…compared to the Norwegian rape law. Both Marte Davelv and the man accused of rape were sentenced to jail for sex outside of marriage, and consuming alcohol. Now, both were pardoned and let free. I’m not for jailing people for … Continue reading

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Does Norwegian feminism give women a false sense of security? Case of Marte Dalelv

This post will not be about how outrageous and backwards the laws in United Arab Emirates are. Sure, arresting someone for sex outside marriage is unlibertarian. However, this part of discussion is well covered by pretty much any newspaper in … Continue reading

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Self-sufficiency vs. Love

Recently there has been a fun discussion at the Red Pill Woman subreddit ( ). There, a commenter said this: “My incentive to continue maturing is to be an independent and successful person. I never want to rely on anyone … Continue reading

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Unhealthy Contrarianism

This post will be about the drive for being intellectually simple and seeking comfort over truth. It will mostly be directed towards manosphere people (as they are the people I’m most familiar with), but it applies to anyone. Some of … Continue reading

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