Unhealthy Contrarianism

This post will be about the drive for being intellectually simple and seeking comfort over truth. It will mostly be directed towards manosphere people (as they are the people I’m most familiar with), but it applies to anyone.

Some of the manosphere commenters seem to be unable to stick with the truth. They find an enemy and decide to define themselves as the opposite of everything their enemy is. That manifests itself as mockery of any blue pill commenter that comes across a red pill site, and doesn’t get everything right away. Or as denial that outliers exist. Or as bashing everything the ideological enemy says.

So what is the problem with this exactly? Am I just another woman who complains about the manosphere being “not nice”? Or am I just another person clinging to “NAWALT”?

Neither. I’m rather someone who experienced the seductive pull of wanting to use a broad brush and stop treating people as individuals, and rejected it. I’m convinced that general rules are general rules, and are important to acknowledge. However, rules don’t make exceptions non-existent. I acknowledge rules and generalities, but when talking to individual people, they remain individual people. I don’t do it for the sake of being “nice”, I do it so I can avoid losing self-respect when I end up being a bitch to someone and then being wrong about them. I’m also very uncomfortable with incomplete knowledge. But I don’t like filling the holes with whatever makes me feel most comfortable.

Second, insisting that NAWALT (or NA(anyone)ALT) is not an attempt to disprove the rules for me. Rather, I insist so because it’s fact. Biology is a fact, but it’s not fool-proof. We accept some kids are born with amazing abilities an average adult will never experience (think Mozart) and we accept some people are born with strange mutations, so there is nothing wrong with accepting some people don’t fall neatly into red pill rules. Actually I think it’s right to accept all truth, even the type that doesn’t fit into our rules and makes us uncomfortable.

Of course, not everyone who claims they are different, is actually different…

Third, one doesn’t have to disagree with EVERYTHING your ideological enemy says. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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15 Responses to Unhealthy Contrarianism

  1. Clarence says:

    Have you banned The Antifeminist?
    He’s hooting and hollering at his blog claiming you have.

    Then again considering that anyone who only agrees with him 90 percent rather than 99 percent is a feminist or ‘femMRA’ or somesuch (and the 99 percent people he still holds in suspicion) it wouldn’t surprise me if his impressions are incorrect.

    He’s a ‘purity’ MRA from the opposite scale of The Black Pill.

    • emmatheemo says:

      No, I have not banned him. But I’ll check my spam folder, just in case…

      “Then again considering that anyone who only agrees with him 90 percent rather than 99 percent is a feminist or ‘femMRA’ or somesuch ”

      Your observation is spot-on.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Yeah, it was just the spam folder, filtering out real comments. Now I found a comment he was trying to post, and released it. Rarely does anyone real end up in the spam folder, so I forgot to check it (plus, vacation, and all that).

    • Eric says:

      If you spent as much time actually reading the Antifeminist as you do trolling there and fomenting hatred all over the Manosphere—not only might you actually LEARN something but you wouldn’t make such stupid comments. You’d notice that I haven’t been banned at his site; even though I’ve openly disagreed with him about transhumanism, Game, and in the recent debate said that I tended favor Emma’s views on relationships. The same is true of a lot of his regular commenters and he’s a lot less inclined to push the ‘Ban Button’ than AVfM or most Gamecock blogs.

      You’re actually sounding more and more like your good buddy the Black Pill every time you pop up somewhere with this kind of nonsense.

      • Clarence says:

        Hey Eric the Liar or Nutcase:
        Can you find me ‘formenting’ ANYTHING in the past month or two at all you deluded,lying, shithead?

        I’ve hardly even commented on Manosphere blogs in weeks. Zimmerman case, internet issues and the freaking 4th of July holiday as well as other non-internet things.
        Not that I’d expect a no-life loser like you to understand that.

      • Eric says:


        The Antifeminist article you’re squawking about was published less than a week ago!And you’re already here trying to stir up the pot some more over what was now known to be a mistake.

  2. I agree with this post of yours

    Took me about a month to realize that just because some people see parts of the truth behind how men and women act doesn’t mean they see all of it. Specifically, people like their worlds to stay simple

    Many ‘red pill’ people have taken the quarter truths of the blue pill, replaced it with half truths of the red, and never think any further than that either because of choice or because they simply lack the intelligence.

  3. themakeupartist says:

    Do not be deceived: Mr. Anti is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

  4. Clarence says:

    Eric the Awful:
    I merely asked emma to clarify whether she had banned Mr. Whiny (aka The Antifeminist) or not. She found the problem and corrected it. I’m sure he feels better knowing he wasn’t banned and perhaps the relationship between him and emma is a teensy tiny bit better, which I would think you would regard as a good thing since emma and eivind are like in a relationship and all that.
    If anything then, I helped clear up a misperception.
    That is a good thing.
    Tell me:
    Do you take psychedelic drugs before you post your nonsense to me?

    • Eric says:

      No, Clarence: you ran into this thread waving your arms like an excited 10 y/o tattling on his one of his rivals. And it turned out to be over nothing yet again: your jealousy of the Antifeminist keeps getting you into these messes.

      You should be glad to know that Emma doesn’t ban commenters, because this is THIRD thread here that you’ve made a complete fool of yourself in front of her and the rest of the MRM. You should stick to the furry hats, it’s more amusing to read! LOL

    • themakeupartist says:

      Just look at Mr.Whiny. So sleek. So powerful. So… beautiful, like some greek golden god made flesh. In fact, I am not sure any other man is capable of being a 10/10.

  5. bethany says:

    wow. just, wow.

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