Does Norwegian feminism give women a false sense of security? Case of Marte Dalelv

This post will not be about how outrageous and backwards the laws in United Arab Emirates are. Sure, arresting someone for sex outside marriage is unlibertarian. However, this part of discussion is well covered by pretty much any newspaper in Norway right now.

This post will be a milder, gentler  version of this post: (this post talks more about the injustice men face, and more about justice in general, so I didn’t want to repeat everything that has already been said. Therefore my post is more about women and less about men).

The current outrage over the arrest and conviction of Marte Dalelv in Dubai ( ) made me think of something I have forgotten.

When I was 12 years old, I moved from Russia to Norway. One of the things I noticed is how much safer Norway appeared to be. In Russia, even a grown man would not walk late alone. In Norway, I could do it as a teenager.

However, when I came back to Russia for vacations, my father explicitly warned me about people who, through living in safer countries, lose their sense of vigilance and end up dead or in trouble, because the rules that apply in a safe country, do not apply in Russia.

One example turned out to be my friend, who like me moved to a similarly safe country (Germany). She visited her relatives in Russia. She was walking home, alone and somewhat under the influence. A stranger talked to her, then hit her over the head and dragged her into a bush. He didn’t rape her, but threatened to kill her and took her jewelry. She escaped him after he turned around. She ran to a cop car and asked the cops to arrest the guy who just hit her and robbed her, but they simply drove her away to the police station, where her story was scrutinized. They even thought the strangulation bruise on her neck were a weird birthmark, but then sorta took it seriously and investigated it. However, the criminal was gone, and he’d never be as easily found as he was right after my friend ran out of those bushes. My friend forgot, through her stay in Germany, that walking alone at night is not safe in Russia at all, and that Russian cops are underpaid, unenthusiastic, and often even dangerous to the general population.

But such an effect doesn’t only apply to situations with real danger. To illustrate that, another example will be shown, which is myself. One time, I was 19 and taking a flight with my mother. I subconsciously trusted her and thought she was watching the time. Turns out she wasn’t, and we ended up delaying our plane by half an hour and pissing everyone off. I trusted authority and that this authority will make everything alright, even if I don’t take any precautions about anything.

I believe safe countries like Norway turn us into something like those helpless fainting goats. When we see real danger, we keep acting like there is no danger. We don’t fight, flight or take precautions.  Norway acts like a second mother. It takes care of us when we need welfare, or when we drink and someone takes advantage of that.

I think something similar happened with Marte Dalelv. According to the sources, she and her coworkers drunk a lot, and she asked one of them to take her to her hotel room. Instead, he took her to his hotel room. Her reaction:

“I just thought I need to calm this situation down,” she told CBS News. “So I walked in with him, and I sat down and I went to drink my bottle of water. I thought that I’ll finish this bottle, and then I’ll excuse myself and find my room by myself. And that’s the last thing I remember. The following morning, I woke up on my stomach, my clothes were off, and I was being raped when I woke up.”

She then went to the lobby and asked them to call the police. They asked her if she really wanted to. She said yes:

“Of course I want to call the police,” she said. “That is the natural reaction where I am from.

As a result, both her and the alleged rapist were given jail time for sex outside marriage and consumption of alcohol. She got 16 months, compared to his 13, because she was also charged with lying about rape. The Norwegian politicians react:

“”This verdict flies in the face of our notion of justice,” Norway’s foreign minister, Espen Barth Eide, told the NTB news agency, calling it “highly problematic from a human rights perspective.””

I think this is the best case that illustrates how badly Norwegian mindset lets women down. And not just mindset, but specifically feminism. Look:

  1. Drinking in Norway is socially accepted, and because it is so accepted, it seems benign. “You should be able to get drunk, fall asleep wherever you want and not be sexually assaulted”, they say, even though drunk-in-public is an inherently unsafe situation.
  2. Feminists tell women that men have the same sexuality as them. If you feel no desire, your male coworker probably feels the same and sees you totally asexually. It’s ok to enter a hotel room with him, even when you’re incapacitated and becoming even more so by the minute.
  3. If you drink, and then wake up while someone is having sex with you, it’s obviously rape, even if you don’t remember how you ended up there and what role you had to play in it.
  4. Point 3 is rape, and cops will correct the injustice in your favor.

It’s almost as if they are trying to turn women into dumb defenseless deer?..


To finish, I will talk a little about the human rights angle of this.

I love the reaction of the foreign minister. “This flies in the face of our notion of justice”. Yes, not immediately agreeing it was a rape and jailing the man totally flies in the face of Norwegian notion of justice! He also said it as “highly problematic from a human rights perspective.” And while he’s right about some things, Norwegian justice is highly problematic from a human rights perspective too. It’s hypocritical of him to say that, as long as it’s ok to jail men based only on woman’s word here.  Having said that, I think they should just let both of them go. Word vs. word cases aren’t courtroom material.


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4 Responses to Does Norwegian feminism give women a false sense of security? Case of Marte Dalelv

  1. Eric says:

    This situation happens in America a lot, too, though internally. The government here so protects women from their bad choices and punishes men reflexively that American women have by and large lost any commonsense in their dealings with men. There are stories here almost every week about women coming into contact with obviously dangerous men and putting themselves in dangerous situations—where not infrequently the women wind up dead. I see women walking alone in bad neighborhoods just because they think they can. Not surprisingly, the FBI reports that my home city is 77% above the national average in sexual assault cases.

    It’s exactly the same here—women behave as if there is no danger, even when then see it coming; or that the State will come to their aid no matter what.

  2. Valentin says:

    This reminds me of something that is absurd but a notion I agree with: feminism *is* patriarchy. It’s turning the state into the providing father (not mother as you say) for women. Feminism isn’t about “empowering” women it’s about a free ride all through life based on having a vagina… a very safe ride at that too.

    The backlash is coming through, not as many women think angry PUA and MRA omegas: but through non-participation of betas. The case of Marte is on her own accord: she went out of the reach of her wonderful beta father called Norway and paid the price for her naive and unrealistic understanding of the world. But soon enough she and her kind will see fewer and fewer men participating in making our own societies worth anything (not just from a safety context but economical and social and so on).

    And I don’t blame feminists of ruining society by hypoagent-proxy: I blame all the women who never did identify as feminists but were sure as heck content to stay silent and reap the rewards by subscribing to the basic ideas of feminism.
    Like many of the responses to the idiotic article “where have all the good men” gone: feminism liberated you from your responsibilities, roles and purely moral obligations. But here’s the rude awakening, it did the same for us men: not so much when you stopped being worth a damn to us but when we and our wants stopped being a worth a damn to you.
    The difference being that in the civilised west we simply turn our capacity of working hard for success and improvement unto ourselves only and you’re left with angry entitled omegas at best and middle-eastern backwards savages at worst.

    When you have no socio-sexual and moral obligations that you choose to adhere to then the other party will follow suit and just not give a shit about you either. This is what you wanted, we don’t care that you don’t like it.

  3. yacine says:

    feminisme beeeerg. it makes me vomiting. what about a man who having sex when he is drunk. is.he a victim of rape? no? it works only in. a unique sens? what about sex equality?
    who keeps children in cases of divorce ? olways the ex wife?.why? because feminisme says a female is always a victime by definition?. i piss on.your feministan countries, in few centeries you will discover that a man has a penis and a women avagine, and discover that a father and a mother are completing each other, rather then equaling each other. feminisme is a Kind of communisme. let me vomite.
    excuse my bad english i am arab and french speaker.


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