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Why do men strive so hard for success?

Recently I read a book (“Why Men Rule”, by S. Goldberg) which attempts to explain why men always occupy most of the high status positions in society. The answer was simple – because men are more strongly motivated to achieve … Continue reading

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Changing your mind is not ”going against your principles” + when can principles be changed

Did Mark Minter “go back on his word” or abandon his principles when he decided to get married? Some people on RooshV forum apparently think so:  (I recommend the whole blogpost) “worldwidetraveler Wrote: Principles isn’t something you toss away … Continue reading

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What do you do with selfish friend and acquaintances?

Throw them out of your life. At least, that’s the conclusion I reached through life experience. I noticed that once a person shows certain characteristics, it’s not very useful to give them a second chance. If I have enough friends … Continue reading

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Should I have more personal stuff on my blog, like feministx?

My blog is named “Emma the Emo’s EMO Musings”, yet there is very little emo about it. The thing is, I might feel a lot of emotions but I don’t tend to express them. So, should I do that, or … Continue reading

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”You learn to live with what you can’t rise above” vs “Achieve X or die trying” +Howard Roark

I remember having a Fountainhead discussion with another book fan. I was insisting that it’s silly and likely impossible to try to fundamentally change yourself, especially just for the heck of it. We’re animals, we have certain traits, and the … Continue reading

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Commenter Compleo, a Case Study of a Violent, Barely Contained Femifascist

Don’t you just love it when oppressors thinks they are oppressed? Well, someone recently posted a perfect example of that on Eivind Berge’s blog. The commenter made us pay attention to a commenter named Compleo, who posted in this forum: … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Links about The Wall

The Wall is one of the most fascinating topics of the manosphere. I don’t know why, but it draws me to those creepy “wall victim” and “wall survivor” posts on RooshVforum. It’s almost a morbid sort of fascination, the type … Continue reading

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