Only girls with low self-esteem fall for game? + some Shakespeare

Some say girls who fall for game, with all its teasing, negs and dismissive treatment, just have “low self-esteem”. I think people who say that got it completely backwards.

An insecure, low self-esteem woman will have a very low tolerance for dread game. In fact, the man could be doing absolutely nothing, and she will generate feelings of dread within herself all on her own. Options, all by themselves, will make her worry. And it takes very little to make her despair and wonder if it’s all over.

There is a great Shakespeare play which exemplifies this, called “Othello”. Shakespeare was a good observer of human behavior. Yes, the main character is male, and it makes things a bit different, but I think low self-esteem works in similar ways when it comes to love and jealousy. The story is about many things other than jealousy stemming from insecurity, but it’s a huge part of it. Othello, being the only rare black man in Venice, is swayed by a toxic, lying “friend” Iago, who convinces him his Venetian wife is cheating on him. It works, partially because Iago’s tricks were convincing, and partially because Othello doubted a Venetian woman could truly love a black guy like him (how the times have changed…). Here’s a humorous summary to the story:

Thus, I would predict that most women who date alphas would be secure and have healthy self-esteem. The low self-esteem insecure women would simply not last very long in such conditions. They will either be dumped for jealous behavior, or dump the man to prevent him from doing it first.

That is not to say low self-esteem women are less attracted to alphas or various confident jerks. I just don’t think they are more attracted to them.

One could argue that only low self-esteem women stay with dismissive dread-gaming men, because they don’t think they deserve any better. But for that to happen, these women have to choose these men in the first place.

What do you think? Does low self-esteem lead women to dating gaming, dread-using, aloof men?

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21 Responses to Only girls with low self-esteem fall for game? + some Shakespeare

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    most of the times the most physically beautiful women have the lowest self-esteem. they are in constant competion with themselves and others. most have daddy issues and guys that know game become the defacto “autority” they crave.

    i’ve dated and or fwb’d many 8-9’s. and i know 8-9’s that ALWAYS fall for game.

    • Eric says:

      That’s what these high-status women WANT men to believe. They aren’t stupid; they know fully well that they can have any man they want, anytime they want to. They pretend to fall for Game and (more commonly) throw themselves at lowlife jerks as a way to insulate themselves from real relationships, conceal their sexual frigidity, and feel superior to men.

      High-status women don’t suffer from low self-esteem anymore than most women do. Their misandry and superiority complexes are what motivates them every time!

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        when i sense that level of entitlement, i go into “i’mma fuck with her” mode. just because a woman has a high physical attraivness factor DOES NOT mean i’ll put up with her she just to get a bang.

        matter of fact, i get more satisfaction out of gaming her and NOT going in for the close.

      • Eric says:

        “I get more satisfaction out of gaming her.”

        I’ve often wondered about this. Since I’ve seen a few of Krauser’s articles, it seems there are a subset of PUAs who actually enjoy the pursuit for it’s own sake and not so much for the sex they get afterwards. It’s not my cup of tea, personally, but I don’t find that form of PUA as objectionable as most.

        I generally have a hard time imagining interacting with most American females as an enjoyable past-time. Usually when social obligations put me in proximity to single women, I feel like going home and taking a bath in tomato juice afterwards!

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Why do they have daddy issues, and not the less attractive women? How do you guess it’s daddy issues?

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Most western women don’t have an active father figure. I’m not suggesting less attractive women don’t have daddy issues at all.

        The daddy issue equates to a need for male validation and authority. I know it sounds sexist, but that’s what I’ve experienced with women in my life.

        They usually want the man to take the lead.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Nah, it doesn’t sound sexist. Also, I think I have read about this before (why hotter women fall for game more than uglier women), probably at Heartiste, but my memory is rusty now. I think it was something about the less attractive women thinking they’ll just be pumped and dumped, so they don’t go for it. But it might have been other reasons also. I try to archive all the explanations to all the great questions now, otherwise this happens (I forget profound stuff).

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        It’s easier for me to game a 8-10 than a 6-7.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Probably afraid of you 🙂 Thanks for your observations btw.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        Baby, you’d be safe as a kitten around me. I promise. I def wouldn’t “hunt” you. Unless of course….you wanted me to. Lol. Kees kees.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Uhhh lol
        ok :o)

  2. JS123 says:

    Game is specifically meant to work on the most beautiful girls. They’ve had their asses kissed non-stop their whole lives. They don’t respect the men who kiss their ass because they know they are only doing it to get in their pants. So ironically it is the teasing, negging, aloof men who get their respect and attraction.
    Why is it that it is always the most beautiful women who are accused of having low self-esteem by feminists? How can it be that the lifelong ugly women like Joy Behar are always the ones who are held up as models of self-esteem? It is because self-esteem, as understood by feminists, is just ego-protection of the ugly. Those who have been rejected and had their desires frustrated their whole lives need something to give them a sense of self-worth. That is the so-called self-esteem of feminists.

  3. Liz says:

    @Ema: “I would predict that most women who date alphas would be secure and have healthy self-esteem. The low self-esteem insecure women would simply not last very long in such conditions. They will either be dumped for jealous behavior, or dump the man to prevent him from doing it first.”

    I think it depends what you mean by ‘date’. If you mean longterm commitment, I agree with the above. A pick-up, OTOH, would indicate (to me at least, and confirmed in second-hand observational life experience) that the woman doesn’t value herself very highly.

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Why would a pickup mean she doesn’t value herself? To me it always seemed like a pickup could mean plenty other stuff, like that she just wants to have fun now, relationship later. Plenty of people think that way nowadays.

      • Liz says:

        Well, there’s a reason there wouldn’t be much of a market for the book: Ladies, Get 30 Bangs in 30 Days!
        It’s pretty easy to be a pickup. Harder to get a commitment. So…from my perspective a girl who hops around and is easy doesn’t value herself much. (fwiw, I think there have been ‘plenty of people’ who ‘think that way’ for a long, long time. Dates back to hippy communes in the 60s).

      • Liz says:

        Fwiw, just to add, I don’t see anything different with respect to women claiming they ‘just want fun’ and hop around in the sack today versus, say, my college years in the 90s. Plenty of shack-ups then, my husband’s sister was that way, and hung out with strippers mostly. They’d boast about having sex at clubs with the bartender. To me, at the time, this was like boasting you’d eaten road kill. They called themselves ‘sexually free’. Most of them are single moms now, looking about fifteen years older than they should, trying to loiter in strip clubs and compete with the ‘talent’ by dancing next to them trying to entice random guys into showing an interest. They don’t value themselves, nor did they value themselves when they were 8s and 9s and young and jumping random “hot” (belongs in quotes…nothing that would touch them is hot in my estimation) guys and pretending they were having a good time.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Maybe they were pretending, or maybe they were having a good time, but didn’t think of the consequences?

        It’s true that women enjoy casual sex much less than men, but it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it at all (not thinking about variation within each sex now).

        Becoming too promiscuous despite inner conflict and progressively feeling worse probably means you don’t value yourself (or are just that clueless about the cause of your pain, which seems unlikely). But surely a little bit of it can be ok for a woman? I have friends who had a little fun and then got married fairly early. The trick is to know when to stop.

  4. Liz says:

    “Why is it that it is always the most beautiful women who are accused of having low self-esteem by feminists?”

    You consider Dannyfrom504 to be a feminist?

  5. JS123 says:

    Present company excluded, of course 🙂
    But yes, beauty is as much a curse as it is a blessing today.

  6. Eric says:

    I don’t really see much of a self-esteem problem with women at all; it seems their narcissicism, sense of entitlement, and contempt for men seems to indicate more of a lack of control over their overbloated egos than anything else. The problem isn’t that they value themselves too little, but that they don’t value men at all.

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