Thoughts and Links about The Wall

The Wall is one of the most fascinating topics of the manosphere. I don’t know why, but it draws me to those creepy “wall victim” and “wall survivor” posts on RooshVforum. It’s almost a morbid sort of fascination, the type one has about a train wreck. On the other hand, wall survivors are as interesting as watching Guinness World records.

What is the wall? People have different definitions of it. Here’s a post by TempestTcup, which says there is not one wall, but three! The first one is around 30, where you lose the bloom of youth. The second one is at the menopause. And the third one is when you’re so old you look like an old crone and not seen through a sexual lens anymore (well.. maybe by the youngest, horniest and most desperate):

To observe male-defined (what other type is there?) examples of what is a wall and what is not, here are some “wall victims” from RooshVforum: (Mila Kunis) (Kezia Noble, kinda)

Here are some “wall survivors” from the same forum: (Paula Garces)

I think, in general, the wall is a moment when a woman who was hot is no longer hot. It seems you can get away with not looking 20 anymore if you still look hot and under 45.

So, how to deal with it?

Here’s a post by Stingray, which reminds us that spending our youth with a man who loves us will equip him with the so-called wife goggles, or love goggles:

However, the wife goggles might suddenly come off if you start acting like a bitch:

I have my own idea on how to deal with the Wall, which can be used together with the wife goggles. It’s not for everyone and it’s demanding. Probably for those who don’t mind plastic surgery, feel extra ambitious and are determined to make themselves exceptional. I like the 3-Wall idea posted on TempestTcup’s site. The idea is this:

1)When everyone hits the first wall (bloom of youth gone), transform into a MILF. Men sure like youth, but they also like variety. They find a young thing hotter, but a MILF has her own special hotness the young thing doesn’t have (cuz variety. Among other things). Just make sure you always look 15 years younger than you are.

Example of a MILF (IMO (Connie Nielsen))

Connie Nielsen, 47 02

2)When everyone hits the second wall, turn into a GILF. That’s probably something men like less, but still, it catches the eye.

Example of a GILF (Peggy Lipton)

Peggy Lipton, 64 03

3)The third wall.. Just don’t hit it. Die a GILF. Doesn’t mean you have to die early.

Example of a GGILF (Carmen dell’Orefice)


Of course, the best solution to the Wall would be to stop aging, but we have to do what we can with what we have.

Do ugly women hit the wall?

At 40, many women complain they have become “invisible” to men. But what happens to women who were always kind of ugly and invisible?

Say, a 9 hits the wall and turns into a 4 by the age of 50. 5 whole points is no joke.

Say, a fat 20-year old 3 turns 50, and is now a 2. Same fat person, and her fat filled out whatever wrinkles and sagginess she could have. 1 point drop.. Did she hit the wall or not? What if she was not fat, but instead simply ugly in the face? Some people look downright deformed in their youth, but age turns all the features in the right direction and makes them human-looking (I’ve seen it). While others just look just more hideous with age. Are they hitting the Wall, or just declining? It’s hard to fall off the floor.

Also, is it better to be a 9 and then drop 5 points, or be a 5 and drop only 2 points? Here, someone suggests bigger falls hurt more:

Most importantly, does it matter? Do they hit the Wall if there is no one around to look at them? Perhaps this is what you call the Ugly Privilege?


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16 Responses to Thoughts and Links about The Wall

  1. Ruxman says:

    Smart women know that tanning will betray them in the end. Wrinkles aren’t that bad at all, it’s sun damage which turns me off some older women. Rather be up against pale white skin than leathery tanned skin.

  2. darlingdoll says:

    The whole three wall theory is interesting and I suspect far more accurate than the idea that there is just one wall. I think that women hitting the first wall is the one that men care most about though since it’s all down hill from there, thus there really is no need to discuss the other two walls.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I dunno which wall men care most about, to tell you the truth… Perhaps I should ask women of various ages which age made the most difference in how they were treated, esp. by the men they themselves liked. Perhaps the first wall would be the most important, because it’s when they don’t have enough power over the men they want anymore?

      • darlingdoll says:

        That would actually be really interesting.

      • Liz says:

        I’ll tell you from my perspective, but I’ve been married since I was legal…in my teens and 20s I dressed poorly, I exercised and looked good in a swimsuit but almost never wore anything that said, “Look at me.” After I turned 30 I started wearing things that were more flattering (but age and situationally appropriate, I don’t strut the grocery store in stillettos, still just cutoff jeans and a teeshirt, but they fit me well and are good quality…I used to go out in baggy clothes). I started waxing, and getting my hair professionally done.
        My husband thinks I look better in my 30s than 20s, because it’s a “whole package” deal. Maybe it’s the ‘love goggles’ but men still seem to look at me. Furthermore, I’m much more secure than I used to be.

  3. MargeryM says:

    LOL @ “ugly privilege”. I also think the idea of multiple Walls makes more sense as does the idea of staying attractive within your own age-group. It’s like a series of rooms vs an actual Wall, I suppose.

  4. Liz says:

    I always thought Ann-Margret aged amazingly well. Also Jaclyn Smith. I don’t know when Kate Beckinsale is going to show her age…think she’s 40. By contrast, a lot of women try to remain ever-young and just get creepy, like Pam Anderson, and Farrah Fawcett come to mind. Christy Brinkley is doing well…but she claims to have never had a facelift and I remember when she turned 40 she looked OLD (even in airbrushed cover photos), and then suddenly she looked young overnight. And then there’s Sharon Stone who claims she has never had a facelift, and she’s probably had at least two (in the second basic instinct her face was frozen from botox). Speaking of botox, the worst for wear by far is Renee Zellweger. Worst because she is in great physical shape, but her face is beat, and has been for the last 10 years…she’s quite young really to look so bad.

  5. Stingray says:

    Sorry for coming by so late and thank you for the linkage!

    Good article. I tend to think, emotionally speaking, that being a 9 and then hitting the wall would be far more difficult. However, one should be grateful for having that opportunity to begin with. One would think it would temper the fall, though I wonder how may have the insight to see that.

    • Liz says:

      I’d say it’s a lot like being uber wealthy, and then slowly losing your money. Play your cards right, and there’s a lot left in life that is fulfilling and it doesn’t matter as much. You might even be in a much better place with less money than you were when you had unlimited funds. Play your cards wrong, and it just highlights what you’ve lost and makes the future seem even more dismal.

      • Liz says:

        Bottom line: There’s a season in life for everything. Just as there’s a time to be in highschool and college, but if you attempt to play highschool your whole life eventually you’re just a sad case. It’s the same with attempting to stay ‘evergreen’ looks/dating wise.

        BTW, This does apply to men as well. They have a buffer of about 10-15 years on women (15 if they have a lot lot going for them), but they don’t have 24 years. People kid themselves, never more so than now, the age of solipsistic self-absorption that rewards self-delusion with ego-sturbation from strangers on the internet. “You’re good enough! You’re smart enough! And you’ll never get old!”

      • emmatheemo says:

        Good idea. Making a good investment is almost like not losing all that money, but rather using it to get what you REALLY wanted 🙂 Money is just a tool (and so is beauty).

    • emmatheemo says:

      Glad to see you on my site 🙂 You’re welcome.
      I’m neither ugly nor a 9 in my prime, so I’ll never know how it feels personally, but it’s interesting to see how it’s for everyone else.

  6. CaptainFogy says:

    What you women need is some regenerative medicine.

  7. CaptainFogy says:

    “What is the wall?”

    Watch the build up in The Wizard Of Oz. Then watch how it was all a lie created by a tiny man behind a curtain with a big microphone. Then watch how, all along, they had the answers inside them.

  8. :-p says:

    “The age of Wall impact varies from woman to woman, but it generally converges for most women between the early 40s and 50. Some exceptional female specimens with a fortuitous suite of anti-aging genes can perhaps extend meager traces of their former physical glory well into their 50s, but these are exceedingly few in number. 99% of women you meet in daily life will have hit The Wall by their 50th birthday. An unfortunately larger minority of women will have been unlucky in beauty longevity and hit The Wall as young as their early 30s. Sadly, tragically, the first glimpses of The Wall cresting the horizon will be visible to most women by their 35th birthdays.”


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