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So Is Female Confidence Hot or Not?

I recently read Matt Forney’s ”The Case Against Female Self-Esteem” ( ). In short, he says female vulnerability is sexy and female confidence is not: “Whenever a girl I’m talking to brags about how she’s “confident” and “strong,” I can … Continue reading

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Unattractive Feminists (or Should I Say Women?) Hate it When Men are Attracted to Them

Some guys, because they sense their SMV is not too high, turn to ugly or fat girls on purpose. Perhaps they hope that if they show love or attraction to a less attractive girl, she will appreciate it more and … Continue reading

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Man says Two Women Raped Him – Hoax or Not? Either Way He’s a Feminist Promoting a Ridiculous Definition of Rape

About a month ago, one Norwegian newspaper wrote about an anonymous person who claimed to have been raped by two women. Eivind Berge wrote about it, saying it’s most likely a feminist sock-puppet, not a real 19 year old man … Continue reading

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Men Will Love You Because of Your Looks, Even if You’re Ugly.

Modern American feminists want to get rid of the “impossible beauty standards” and be loved for themselves, not for their looks. They don’t want to shave their legs, keep their hair long, wear makeup (or not wear their makeup, if … Continue reading

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Why I Think MHRAs’ Obsession with Female Rapists is Futile and Dangerous for Men

Some MRA groups are really into blowing the female rapist idea up, but I have many common sense arguments for why this might be futile as a weapon against feminism, and can even do more harm to men. 1)Feminists actually … Continue reading

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