Men Will Love You Because of Your Looks, Even if You’re Ugly.

Modern American feminists want to get rid of the “impossible beauty standards” and be loved for themselves, not for their looks.

They don’t want to shave their legs, keep their hair long, wear makeup (or not wear their makeup, if a man dares to say he likes the makeup-free look) or keep their weight down.

When such women do get a man to fall in love with them, perhaps they think they’ve found someone who loves them “for them”… Yes, for them, their delusional beliefs about human nature, competitive personality and “confidence”.

My dad once told me something funny. When I was a teenager, I was a bit crazy and told my dad “Hey, if I become fat, will all the creepy shallow men ignore me? Will the guy who falls for me then, love me for me?”

And I drew a picture of a fat girl, how I wanted to look like. It looked kind of like this girl at her fattest, or slightly less fat.

redhead weightloss

Dad said “No, if you look like that, men will still be attracted to you. This is a very cute chubby girl you’ve drawn”.
“Damn!” – I thought. I guess there is no escaping the male gaze.

And then later I found out it’s true. If you’re that fat, you’ll be loved by cute chubby-chaser betas.

So even if you messed with your looks, there will be a guy liking that look despite all the flaws you inflicted on it. So don’t try that method to eliminate physical love. You’ll just narrow the pool of men who are capable of falling in love with you, but fail to achieve the “pure” ideal romantic love.

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59 Responses to Men Will Love You Because of Your Looks, Even if You’re Ugly.

  1. Liz says:

    You could wear a burqa. Not a lot of burqa chasers out there. 🙂

    • emmatheemo says:

      Lol 🙂 Probably not, although some men only need a silouette, your eyes and their imagination. But they would want to see you before they date you 🙂

    • emmatheemo says:

      Come to think of it, I missed the irony of your comment. To get rid of the oppressive male gaze, we have to wear a burqa. Heheh.

      • Kate says:

        I’ve come around to the thinking that the burqa is NOT a form of oppression, but a form of protection: a man preserving your beauty from the sun and weather aging elements as well as keeping your body only between you and him. What is more important? Looking good for the world or looking good for him?

      • emmatheemo says:

        Kate, that’s a good point. It’s more comfortable than sunscreen every day. Althought I guess it can get too hot 🙂

      • Eric says:

        Anybody who could look at the picture on the right and wish for burkhas has a serious problem—no wonder feminists like the idea of burkhas; they look more like the one on the left. And it should be mandatory for women who look like that to wear burkhas! LOL

      • emmatheemo says:

        Nah, I don’t think feminists like burqas… they don’t want anyone to tell them to cover up, but they also don’t want to be looked upon by men they don’t find attractive.

        And surely you don’t seriously mean it shuold be mandatory to wear a burqa if one is fat? One, it won’t conceal fatness, and two, there is really no need for such drastic measures.

      • Eric says:

        Well, yes I was joking about mandatory burkhas. It wouldn’t hide the fact that the woman under was fat, but it would spare men from having to look at all that exposed fat publically! lol

    • Depends on the country regarding Burqa chasers. I had a friend in the Canadian military over in Afghanistan, and he was saying how the male gaze STILL follows the ladies in Burqas. 😛

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      Is that a joke? Every Muslim in the world is basically a burqa chaser. They can’t get enough of those submissive women because it’s dictated by their religion.

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  3. Jay says:

    Your bonkers emma lol.

  4. :-p says:

    A wise man once wrote: “When you have sex with an ‘attractive’ woman over 25, you are being tricked.”
    Women over 25 (30 is the absolute ceiling) should wear burqas 24/7 so they won`t trick men in2 sleeping with them.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Why 25 and not 21? No one want’s to be tricked into sex with a 23 year old hag who’s skin was aging for 7 whole years already.

      • Eric says:

        If most women over a certain age can ‘trick’ men into sleeping with them; then I would say that the men involved have very defective eyesight to begin with: and in which case, they shouldn’t complain since they can’t see what they’re in bed with anyway!

      • emmatheemo says:

        When having sex with someone new, there is always a chance she’s really a 3 under that makeup, or he’s not really a celebrity. If that happens, well, we should just get over it 🙂

      • Liz says:

        Women over 21 should wear burqas and stupid people should be banned from speaking or typing. I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Lol 🙂 Just so you know I was joking. There was this guy who said that a man committing to a woman much over 21 was practically being raped.

      • Liz says:

        Just to add, that isn’t a barb towards anyone in particular, just a generality.
        Imagine the internet/politics/et al without the idiots! I would wear a burqa for that, and wear it with a smile.

      • :-p says:

        After 25 or during that year, a female loses her beauty and youth. Some females begin to tire of their careers and desire a man to subsidize their lifestyle. Depending on how many “xperiences” she had before this age bracket, she may also desire a man to subsidize more experiences.
        You can easily determine if a woman is over 25 by looking at her hands and feet. After 25, a woman will have an old hands and feet appearance that grows older each year after 25 (you can compare these body parts to a younger female and see the obvious difference).

      • emmatheemo says:

        That’s weird, never heard of anyone looking at a woman’s hands for clues (unless it’s about determining her biological sex). Makes sense tho

      • :-p says:

        ” No one want’s to be tricked into sex with a 23 year old hag who’s skin was aging for 7 whole years already.”
        Wut? Collagen production begins to slow in our mid-twenties

      • emmatheemo says:

        Hey, it wasn’t me who said it, it was the wise man you were refering to.

    • Liz says:

      Well then, they’d better wear shoes and gloves, too!

  5. In the last 100 000 years, 60% of males failed to procreate while only a small percentage of women failed to have children.

    Almost all women of fertile age manage to attract some men

    On the other hand, the 40 year old male virgin, socially inept, not too bright, out of shape and unattractive is a non-person for women.

    This even before the advent of female “porn”, the romance novels. There women enjoy a male standard that is almost impossible to achieve: the handsome, young, intelligent, charming, rich and successful heart surgeon that all women have the hots for.

    Women’s standards are always relative. They want the best. The top. Any man of today, when transferred to the middle ages, would be a rock star and super man in terms of worldly possession (bicycle, motor bike, car, iPhone, TV, water toilet), knowledge, cleanliness, clothing, health and education. But today that does not cut it to be in the top 30%.

    Women are unaware of their privileges. They get shocked at age 45, when they become as unattractive as the bottom 30% of the man had been all their life.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I dunno, HS, the bottom 30% men don’t get ugly old women trying to get in their pants.

      Otherwise, I pretty much agree with you – men’s higher ambitions are a way for nature to compensate for their lack of wombs (that expression sounds silly.. but oh well).

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      I highly doubt those other 40% didn’t commit some form of rape in their lives. Maybe they never got married because of their lack of social status, but I’m sure they had a few illegitimate children (I.e. bastards) running around.

      When I get really desperate for sex, I watch porn. I’m not sure what I would do if there was no porn. I’d probably find the first female halfway willing to let me have sex with her and dive in.

  6. :-p says:

    E the Emo: “That’s weird, never heard of anyone looking at a woman’s hands for clues”

    Have you heard of unbiased, peer reviewed academic research?
    As long as it does not become criminalized, a few people like me will insist on telling the “truth” .

    • emmatheemo says:

      Well, hands only become something everyone looks at at some age after 30. But you’re pretty interesting, so go on, when you have more wisdom to share.

      • :-p says:

        I got 2 fully erupted wisdom teeth, so yeah, I have a lot of wisdom to share.
        A woman`s SMV rockets from age 16, reaches its zenith around age 23, then plummets to Earth and through the floor around age 27. ( Fact, not some random wannabe alpha male`s opinion!)

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      27 is still within the ideal age for conception, jerk. Before that or after that, you’re more likely to have a miscarriage. If you have sex with a female who is too young, your children may not live. The point of sex is to create children, not entertain the juvenile misogynistic fantasies that help keep your ego inflated.

  7. ___ says:

    Enjoying casual sex with 26 year old women on a one-off basis is ok if you can get it but it only works for some and the cost of failure is quite high. That is how natural selection works. Humans rely on the K factor as much as the R factor

  8. mawBTS says:

    Interesting post. I was always more attracted to heavier, matronly women, instead of young and thin girls. I don’t know why this is.

    I think sometimes we overthink human attraction. Yes, SMV is part of it, but it’s not the full story. Older women have advantages younger women don’t have, like maturity, knowledge, and experience. Not sure what advantages a fat woman has over a thin one but I’m sure there’s something. And then there’s individual preferences, which don’t have to be rational and are often anything but.

    • Being overweight is an advantage in a scarcity situation. Or when temperatures are low. Fat is a great insulator, and having a lower surface area ratio to mass means that you’ll lose temperature slower than if you had a higher ratio of surface area to mass.

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  10. Women see status.
    Men see physical form.

    These truths are biologically hardwired in, so we need to accept them.
    A woman will never respond to you separate from your status, power, and dominance as it relates to other men, and as to how many other women want you.
    A man will never respond to you separate from how you look. Period. The end.

    The Red Pill is good for ya!

    • :-p says:

      We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can take the red pill!

    • emmatheemo says:

      “A man will never respond to you separate from how you look. Period. The end.”

      Good summary.

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      A black-and-white view of the world, spoken like a true idiot.

      The world is almost never black-and-white. There are almost always exceptions. That’s why evolution works. Masculine and feminine traits were not simply created. They evolved, and sometimes they can be changed, mixed, and matched.

      The “red pill” is an anti-Christ religion for arrogant, misogynistic fools.

  11. roxanne says:

    If burqas aren’t a form of oppression then why don’t you wear one Kate?!?

    This article is stupid.

    Most men DO NOT like fat, ugly,exc women. Why don’t you go to your fellow anti feminist websites like return of kings, spearhead, roosh,exc and YOU will see the articles and comments that agree with the article that say most, healthy men like feminine, slim women.

    So much for your theory that men like all women.

    Also why don’t you take a good look at the men that say they like all women. Are they old? Ugly too? Fat too?

    What about their personality? Have they dated pretty women before? If so, ask them were they high maintenance? Trouble? Did they cheat?

    It’s weird that you didn’t discover that when your dad told you that. Wasn’t he old when he told you that?

    • emmatheemo says:

      First of all, how ugly are you talking about here? My post was mostly about regular women who reduce their attractiveness with their own actions (f. ex. weight gain, weird haircuts, unflattering style). I can imagine a woman who is naturally very ugly would have problems dating, but most of what we call “ugly” nowadays is not particularly repulsive.

      Fat ugly women are still women, and still the ones with the sexual leverage/power. Unless she is inhumanly repulsive (and that’s rare), there will be some guy out there wanting to put his penis in her. That’s a fact.

      Of course men prefer healthy, young women with a low waist-to-hip ratio and pleasing faces the most. And obviously beautiful women get more offers and opportunities for relationships, and with more attractive men. But men’ cutoff point for not wanting someone sexually is lower than women’s. Of course, the cutoff point varies from man to man, and is likely affected by how many options he has (but not always).
      It’s funny you mention ROK, Heartiste, Roosh and similar sites. I can observe their opinions just fine, but I also observe reality around me. One, these are likely men with options – they can afford to be picky and trollish. Two, they exaggerate. They make it sound like a fat ugly woman can’t get laid or get a relationship, or something. That’s not true. Maybe they are doing it because pickiness signals options, and makes them look more alpha. Three, they actually agree with me more than you think. Sure, they act like it’s beneath a man to date these women, but I remember heartiste saying something like “for the ugliest chick there is a train of quasimodos willing to fuck her”. They also frequently complain about women with inflated sense of attractiveness due to all the attention they’re getting. I remember Roosh made fun of some feminist chick (she was no. 1 on his Ugliest Feminists list), because she had tons of fanboys telling her how beautiful she is.

      I’m not saying all men like all women. But male love is sparked by sexual attraction to your looks, and it just so happens that they are less sexually picky than women are. These two facts create the effect I’m talking about.

      Doesn’t mean you should just let yourself go though – if you do that, the number and quality of men who still like you will be lower.

    • zodak says:

      oh boy, i have to say that you are wrong. i ride the subway every day & see women who i think are gross with wedding rings. that ugly woman is married because there is a man who thinks she is beautiful. but most women think that they are entitled to the best alpha males & a lot of them waste their youth competing for those guys just to get pumped & dumped by those men.

      women need to know their league & stop shooting down guys who find them attractive. instead of insulting chubby chasers realize that those guys just have a preference like guys who prefer blondes. Emma is right, stop narrowing the pool of men who find you attractive.

      and wow the girl in that photo! *drools*

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      Men who have sex with random women in an attempt to compensate for their own personal insecurities are NOT examples of “healthy” men.

      Roosh once posted that it doesn’t even matter to him if a girl he has sex with orgasms or not. Roosh once suggested that all public rape allegations must always be false. (All of them, really???)

      Heartiste understands how girls think, and he uses that against them, to manipulate them. He once posted that the way to avoid being accused of “false” rape after having casual sex is to lie to the girl and tell her you’ll call her later in the week. He seems to think that it’s more important to appear more “alpha” than to actually treat a girl with respect. It’s all about what he can get away with, not about making the girl happy.

      Real men create families. Real men are fathers. Real men love. They are not little boys who just use girls for meaningless sex and then throw them away.

  12. roxanne says:

    @ human stupidity

    Wasn’t it the man’s job to f*uck as many women as possible? Yes it was. So of course the dominant ones will win and most men, according to your 60% theory, weren’t dominant. Why do women get blamed for that?

    I thought that if you work hard for something you want then you’ll get it? So if you want to have sex with many females you will. But let me guys….feminism won’t let you? She’ll cry rape?

    All women are hot for a doctor? Nice stereotype. All men want supermodels. I can do it to.

    Oh and ema why didnt say anything to dave, I think, who said that women who look like the woman left of the picture should wear a burqa? I thought men like ALL women?

    Well…they dont. Its not a bad thing either

  13. roxanne says:

    Also wheres your citation?

    Check out heartsie chateau and the comments. They either want women to fix themselves, marry an old man or wait.

    Im not saying theres anything wrong with that im just saying youre wrong.

  14. Zander Black says:

    If you want sex in the relationship then the man you decide to be with will have to find you attractive. A relationship without sex is just a friendship. Humans aren’t mentally set up to handle being monogamous (though some manage it, yay.) Humans have a primal urge to reproduce just like every other animal on the planet. (Though we can cheat with birth control because lol, science.) If every man on the planet found you unattractive I bet my left nut you’d be miserable. Also when you finally find the “pure true love” and I hope you do. Without sex in that relationship that relationship, you would be miserable. So stop bitching about looks so much. Love / romance + attraction / sex + honesty = perfect relationship.

    • emmatheemo says:

      That’s true about friendship vs romantic love. I wasn’t disagreeing.

    • Matthew Chiglinsky says:

      You seem to be overlooking the attachment that forms when a person has an orgasm with another person. He/she should then become fixated on that one person, hence monogamy.

      There’s also the concept of being “in love”, which can occur even without sex. That’s more monogamy.

      I think maybe the good people evolved to be monogamous, while the evil people evolved to be promiscuous, and you are assuming that everyone is evil, while I think the evil people are going to burn in Hell once the angels descend to clean up the mess that modern human beings have made of this planet. Maybe you think Jesus was fake, but I see lights in the sky, and they are real. I’m only guessing what they’re going to do to humanity once people take things too far. The punishment is coming, you misbehaving children.

  15. harry says:

    Are those pictures actually you though? Im confused

  16. harry says:

    All men are usually pig dogs though so…. its hard to find guys like, me, for example. I don’t objectify women. Lots of guys only think women are there to please them….losers I say. Wicked blog. Will follow

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Thanks. Although I’m not saying that men who care about looks are pigs, or objectifying. I was just saying that a man needs some visual attraction to truly fall in love with a woman.

  17. Scorpio says:

    Find a blind man..

  18. Matthew Chiglinsky says:

    You were wise to ask your father for advice rather than your mother. Too many girls make the mistake of only relying on female opinion in situations where male opinion counts.

    With that said, I’m slightly insulted that you ignored the intelligence of us so-called “beta” males. The reason I like the makeup-free look is not because of the way it looks. It’s because it’s real, natural, and honest, which says something about a girl’s personality, and that’s the intangible love you were trying to malign.

    The same goes for not shaving your legs or cutting your hair. I don’t like hairy legs or short hair too much, but I do like people who are nonconformists. I like a girl who doesn’t follow the mainstream trends.

    Maybe your father was a bit shallow, I’m sorry to say, but some of us do appreciate a girl for her philosophy. The physical matters, yes, but the intangible does too.

  19. Hunter S. says:

    When men see an ideal male they aspire to climb that mountain to be like him, like James Bond.

    When some women see an ideal woman, she makes a tumblr about how that ideal isn’t real, or not what men want, or that she’s a crazy person who hates herself, or about the “””””male gaze”””””

    Men climb the mountain to reach the top
    Women complain that there is a top, and declare where they are to be the new mountain top.

  20. Michael J Bramante says:

    I’m attractive, funny and smart and I absolutely love women who aren’t typically considered attractive by others… regardless of age, weight or height.

  21. tom says:

    Yeah, men were designed or evolved to gaze at women so there’s no escaping it. Accept it and have some fun.

    If all ‘alpha’ males were only interested in skinny women, then I’d say they’re not being true to themselves. I don’t like assumptions made about any artificial grouping of people. We’re all individuals with our own tastes.

    I would think a lady would take a beta over a self-possesed alpha any day of the week. You’d be happier anyway.

    Also, many a ‘5’ is really a ‘9’ under all that make-up. I guess I like things as nature intended.

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