Unattractive Feminists (or Should I Say Women?) Hate it When Men are Attracted to Them

Some guys, because they sense their SMV is not too high, turn to ugly or fat girls on purpose. Perhaps they hope that if they show love or attraction to a less attractive girl, she will appreciate it more and he can get a girlfriend (or laid). And frankly, it’s not a terrible thing to do to someone. When manosphere guys talk about hypergamy, women come there and tell men to lower their standards. Hey, before you complain about women’s pickiness, get less picky yourself! Go for an average chick, or fat chick, or Woman Your Own Age.

But the thing is, less attractive women don’t seem to like being approached by men who follow such advice.  I think it’s because these men are projecting an unattractive, low SMV persona. They might as well say “I’m so unattractive I’m hitting on you instead of that hot girl to the left. But I’m not as shallow as those jerks, I’m good if you give me a chance. Pick me! Pick me!”.

The feeling of repulsion to overqualifying men is just a feeling. We like what we like, it’s beyond reason. However, it’s up to feminists to rationalize it.

American feminists don’t like to be told to lose weight or wear makeup. Everyone here knows that. But they also write articles telling men not to compliment their looks in any way, and not to try to make them feel better about their looks.

First we hear that it’s unfair women have to wear makeup and men do not. Then, when a man says he likes makeup-free faces, he’s called an even worse oppressor than the man who wants the makeup to stay on. Amanda Marcotte doesn’t like that Thomas Matlack prefers his 48-year old wife without makeup:


Amanda Marcotte says:

“Scintillating stuff, but sadly for Matlack, preening teenage boys on Tumblr beat him to the punch months ago with the trend of telling women through handwritten signs that boners are best served by presenting a look that men can believe is “natural” beauty. “

Take a look at one of them:

kid stop catering to them

Yep, this is a fearsome patriarchial oppressor. Also, note the negative reaction is directed at male sexual desire in this context. But of course Amanda would find this sort of behavior disgusting. The guy has a pathetic face expression and he’s begging to be liked for conforming to what feminists say a man should be attracted to. Of course, it gets him nowhere, because feminist women, like other women, don’t appreciate unattractive men’s boners. Amanda notes how men who like the natural look actually like the carefully made-up look without knowing about it:

“While some might see this as a positive development on the “just be yourself” front, I do not. It’s not liberating to hear a man who has never had to live a day as a woman tell us that we’re silly bunnies who don’t know what we’re doing with that powder brush.  And what’s more empowering than the pressure to look, without any effort at all, like the media-driven fantasy of “natural” beauty? After all, we all wake up in the morning with dewy perfect skin and naturally dramatic eyes, just like Zooey Deschanel (who wears fake eyelashes to get that natural look) or Kate Winslet (who I’ve never seen without mascara or her eyebrows drawn on).”

Now, this is a somewhat valid point. Men are confused about what makeup is, and what it’s not. However, I have found that men do often like the purely makeup-free look too. And if your face isn’t too good, there are affordable ways to make it better without covering it up with makeup. If you’re so smart that you “know what to do with a powder brush”, you should also be smart enough to realize that you could invest in skincare to make yourself naturally more beautiful.  It’s absolutely possible. It just takes work and brains, like good makeup. Using good skin care every day is not more oppressive than putting on makeup everyday.

But I digress. Here’s another article where they let men know their compliments are not only unwelcome, but oppressive:


““I like small boobs.” “I actually prefer untrimmed pubic hair.” “Ew, skinny girls! Eat a sandwich, amirite?” They’re inevitable contributions to any thread discussing women’s bodies, always offered by men as a word of comfort to insecure women or as valuable male insight into the male gaze.

Thanks for thinking of us, guys, but trust me: We get insight into the male gaze every day. We’re soaking in it, and in a way most men don’t actually recognize. We’re given insight into the male gaze by random men hooting at us on the sidewalk. “Don’t worry, insecure girl, there are people out there who think you’re hot” isn’t a revolutionary perspective, and thinking it’s a necessary contribution to a thread about female objectification and body image demonstrates a lack of understanding of the subject.”

“I actually prefer small breasts” only reinforces the grand tradition of women’s bodies as objects to be presented for judgment and rated on a scale from Hot to Fugly”

“And it ignores the reality that while it does matter to many of us, in the grand scheme, finding someone willing to screw us is the least of our problems.

There you have it – women don’t want you to tell them “aw, it’s ok to have small boobs, I like small boobs on a girl!” They got enough losers willing to screw them and offer ego-validation. That’s true – even ugly women can get 100s of cocks, it really isn’t that valuable to them. A woman considers expressions of male sexuality an insult, if the man is unattractive and mistakenly tries to pass his sexuality off as a gift, rather than a cost.

Of course, she does not say she wants ALL male desire to disappear:

“You know what would help? Seeing someone on TV who has a butt like mine and is the smart, classy, desirable character and not the goofy friend.”

I guess that means only the attention of the leading protagonist should be acceptable.

Fun comments:

“For the record, any time I hear that I always assume three things: that the guy is desperate, lying, and an asshole”

There you have it – it looks desperate.

“There really does seem to be a phenomenon of “feminist” guys who like to assure us that their beauty standards are unconventional, but it’s still all about conceptualizing of the female body as an object that’s here to please men. Wow, I’m so glad that my [insert “unconventionally attractive” body part/type here] is sexy to you, because that’s the only thing I was ever worried about.”

Of course she would not worry about being bangable for the bulk of men – she’s the one with the sexual resource (lol, I love saying that). A man in her place would probably be worried about being bangable, and would appreciate women backing their words up with action 😉

“Yup. But that’s exactly the problem. So many men think, consciously or otherwise, that the point of women’s existence is to be attractive to them/have sex with them. They completely miss the fact that women are complete human beings, with facets of their lives that (should) have nothing to do with sex or attractiveness, just like men”

I don’t believe many men think that, consciously or otherwise. The whole “problem” is that men are looking for sex and will try to get that from a woman. The correct way to say it is “So many men think, consciously or otherwise, that they want to have sex with women and the point of interaction with many women is to end up in bed with them. They completely miss the fact that many women aren’t attracted to them and will treat their attempts to seem more feminist with contempt”.

So, as you can see, men gain nothing from simply lowering their standards and then showing appreciation for “ugly girls”. You’re probably better off with self-improvement and then increasing your standards (unless your standards were uncommonly high from before, but that’s a topic for a whole another post). If you lower your standards due to age or some other factor, maybe it’s best to not verbally proclaim it by saying “older women are so much more mature than younger women”, or something like that.

A woman, on the other hand, can probably gain a lot by lowering standards. I have said before that I appreciate men no one else wants to fuck. I mean nothing condescending by it. Like those pathetic feminist men, I go where I’m needed, in hope of getting something good. Like them, I don’t want to “work for it”, I want someone good enough who isn’t difficult or rejection-prone. I think many men like to be needed, and so do I. Yeah yeah, it means I’m just “intimidated by strong, independent men”, and should instead love men who treat love and sex as just another fun pastime, shared in complete independence and without anyone needing the other for anything. Will some men find this insulting? Maybe. But so far no one had a major issue with it, many even thought it was a good thing. Perhaps because men, unlike women, appreciate friendly sex with a non-hideous member of the opposite sex. And unless the guy already has several fuckbuddies vying for his attention, he might even like a relationship afterwards.

Any game-using guys reading this? What do you think?

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63 Responses to Unattractive Feminists (or Should I Say Women?) Hate it When Men are Attracted to Them

  1. Ashley says:

    I have mixed feelings about the whole personal standards thing. I know of plenty of both men and women who have unrealistic standards and expectations in trying to seek a partner. They have all these flaws yet demand almost perfection from the opposite sex, and then they blame the opposite sex for the lack of success in finding someone who meets all of these expectations. Also, people have this mental checklist of things they think they want in a partner, but I’ll tell you what, someone who checks off on all your desireable qualities does absolutely not mean a relationship will be any good. This I have learned from experience.

    So here’s one conclusion I have came to so far, and it starts with one taking a look at themselves. They need to ask themselves if they are truly worthy of the kind of partner they want. I’ll tell you what, the overall attitudes of people with high expectations is often what needs the most improvement. I think both men and women suffer from high levels of entitlement and those need to be humbled first and foremost. Once they get off their high horse, work on their own lives by getting their act together, then maybe they can focus on what type of person would be good for them.

  2. The issue you’re writing about comes from a lack of pressure to get married young; realizing that love and raising a family is what matters much more than anything as silly as completing a huge checklist of what you want in a man.

    When you believe you have all the time in the world, why not wait for a better deal? Especially when your career/independence/whatever is more important to you than someone to love.

  3. CoffeeCrazed says:

    I’ll take a slightly different tack. Do you really want to be viewed to be attractive because the one doing the appraising has stated that they are lowering their standards? I don’t think it matters whether you are male or female.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Depends on how they frame it.
      It they treat me like a piece of gold found in the mud, it’s good. If it’s more like “You’re my second choice, so be grateful”, it’s bad. If someone is too proud to respond to the first version with civility, they are being a bit of a bitch.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Another thought: if the former happens, one can’t be mad at the person doing it. It’s unreasonable. One can only blame herself/himself, for not becoming better and attracting the type of partners they truly want. However, some people would rather play the victim and get mad at the messenger, who indirectly (but unassumingly) tells them they are not an 8.

  4. K-Hole says:

    I’ll be the game-using guy to respond:

    Feminists aren’t happy with anything. They want beauty to be completely subjective and yet when some limp-wrist tries to conform to their wishes, they belittle him endlessly. “…it’s best to not verbally proclaim it…” is a great insight. I find it best to stop being meta about relationships (except on the internet I suppose). I prefer to just go for the women I’m interested in and not explain why I’m into them. Instead of saying “I like small tits” just say “I like your tits.” Or better, say nothing and just enjoy them.

    I’ve recently dated a girl who it seemed like every guy wanted to fuck. She would routinely get asked out by her doctors, her orbiters, and guys at bars, etc. She got two marriage proposals while we were together. It was exhausting in a way but I never let it get to me. I think the best strategy is to be the better option; the guy who gives her those thrills she seeks and fucks her good as often as possible.

    The kid in the photo is an obvious pussy beggar and is repulsive. Trying to appease feminists is a fool’s errand and anyone who does deserves the shit they get.

    I do like pubic hair though. The girls I date grow it out for me if it’s shaven. It’s never been an issue because they like doing something that turns me on – I don’t evoke and bullshit about beauty standards.

    Then again, I like pretty girls and don’t need to explain my physical attraction to them. I think they get it.

    • emmatheemo says:

      “I prefer to just go for the women I’m interested in and not explain why I’m into them. Instead of saying “I like small tits” just say “I like your tits.” Or better, say nothing and just enjoy them. ”

      That seems like a good solution. I like how you said that.

      Btw, I don’t think the kid was trying to appease feminists, rather just the girls. I’m starting to feel bad for posting unflattering analysis of him, but I’m rooting for him and hope he isn’t brought down by this, but the opposite.

  5. imnobody00 says:

    “You know what would help? Seeing someone on TV who has a butt like mine and is the smart, classy, desirable character and not the goofy friend.”

    Another example of the Sailer’s law of female journalism


  6. Tim says:

    This was an amazing piece. I can’t agree with you more.

  7. Jay says:

    Emma! If you ever split up with the Berge any chance of dating old Jay? You are bonkers but theres something about ya.

    • emmatheemo says:

      ” If you ever split up with the Berge…” – I think no one should be holding their breath about that one.
      But to answer your question, I can’t answer it without being disrespectful to my boyfriend, so you’ll just have to figure the answer out on your own 🙂

  8. Tim says:

    This is exactly why for most men ‘lowering the standards’ rarely work

    If you observe promiscuous men who are banging a lot of gorgeous women and the ones who are banging a lot of “anything with a pulse” ; you realize that both types of men are good looking, confident, alpha males with great physiques. The latter category of men just happen to be lazy and unwilling to put the additional effort that can easily allow them to bang gorgeous women. They just love convenience.

    So if you want to bang a lot of women – attractive ones or ugly – you have to be a hot guy. Period.
    Just because youre average looking you cannot expect that if you go after women below you, you will get laid easily. It doesnt happen. Women dont bang less than top quality men for no reason.

    Its amazing that for an average looking man, the odds of banging hot women and ugly women are about the same.

    • emmatheemo says:

      “Its amazing that for an average looking man, the odds of banging hot women and ugly women are about the same.” – you mean both are low, but you might as well hit on the pretty ones?

  9. Tim says:

    I dont think gamer guys will agree with you.

    When I read game forums, I get the feeling that those guys think banging ugly/fat chicks is really easy and something that is almost shameful. And the whole purpose of ‘game’ appears to be upgrading your standards and bang the 9 instead of being a ‘loser’ who bangs the 5.

    Reality is completely different. It is NOT easy to bang ugly / obese chicks if youre not a good looking alpha male. Losers dont get to bang anyone.

    • Eric says:

      Most of those Game/PUA guys are Omega losers themselves who talk more about sex than actually getting any.

      The reality is that ugly/obese women look like they do because they hate male sexuality; so naturally they will both be repelled by men and feel entitled to sex with high-status men at the same time. They despise both men and beautiful women for the same reason homeless bums hate productive men and rich people. It’s an entitlement mentality at the bottom of all of it.

  10. Eric says:

    The best way to deal with feminist women is for men to stop having sex with them altogether. Let them have the losers like the idiot with the sign; maybe then they’ll learn to value men.

  11. Liz says:

    I feel sorry for that teenaged boy. What’s on the internet stays foreva.
    He’ll regret this one.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Yikes, I don’t really wish to contribute to that. He meant well. But we should learn from our mistakes. What you put on the internet, stays on the internet. But it’s possible to drown out your mistakes in smarter words and pictures 🙂 It’s no big deal, he’ll live.

      • Liz says:

        I’m sure you’re right. He’s a good looking kid, he’ll figure things out.

      • Eric says:

        That’s assuming that this guy isn’t already swamped with love-letters and marriage proposals since this went up on the Internet. Those Game/PUA guys might want have their heads in the sand and pretend that women are ‘hypergamous’ and they really crave the ‘manly alpha leader’ but I’d wager this guy’s getting more sex than Roissy & Roosh combined.

      • emmatheemo says:

        True, he could be a mini-celebrity by now. Which often helps, even if you’re known for something people condemn for various reasons.

      • Liz says:

        Eric: You might be right. But I’m picturing something more like the Connie Stinson Talks episode of SNL: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x126upn_connie-stinson-talks-christopher-walken-snl_fun

        Either the unfortunate Tom at 5:30 minutes in, or the audience member at the 0805 point with the caption, “Changed his mind, no longer wants big gross hog on face”

        (terribly un-PC of me, apologies Emma, but satire is funny because it is SO true)

  12. Tim says:

    This boy is good looking. So in real life this tactic of his would’ve got him attention of average and below average girls.

    Same goes for celebrities and alpha men. There is a popular Ryan Gosling meme with similar ‘uplifting’, ‘encouraging, “you go girl” and “you look beautiful no matter what “messages and women cant stop pinning it on pinterest.


    • Eric says:

      No: this tactic gets him the attention of all women. There’s no such thing as ‘hypergamy’ in a feminist culture. Women don’t want high-status men: the go for the males they consider beneath them. This guy’s looks are irrelevant to women: what they see is his weakness—and that is what attracts them.

      • Liz says:

        I don’t know Eric.
        I’ve never known any woman to be happy with a supplicating douchbag. Even for the types who rationalize to themselves that’s what they want, everyone winds up being miserable. He can’t possibly supplicate hard enough or often enough, and every time he does her contempt meter for him goes up.

      • Eric says:

        The bottom line though is that the women had contempt for the man to start with. Most women only tolerate men as a price they have pay for a relationship. Eventually the resentment and contempt does boil over and recoils on the douchebag male. The point is that if women learned to value men, they would get involved with men would make them genuinely happy.

  13. :-p says:

    Justin Bieber?

  14. tyciol says:

    Reading this makes me mentally associate Emma with a Zooey Deschanel character and feel affection. Damn instincts.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Hmm, who is this Zooey Deschanel character and why does everyone seem to be so into her?

      • FuriousFerret says:

        Zooey Deschanel is the ultimate beta male fantasy. An insanely beautiful woman that has a persona of a hipster queen thus attainable when she is everything but. She likes the standard hipster standards such as old fashions and quasi cultured lifestyle. She is in an indie rock duo. Also notice the standard pseudo masculine yet feminine vocal fry.

        In other words. Fuck this woman.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Interesting. I just watched a video telling me that vocal fry is now a thing everyone does on purpose, cuz it’s cool. How bizarre. All a part of female attainability game, perhaps?

      • Eric says:

        She looks and sounds like a post-op transsexual. But you’re correct, in America this passes for ‘insanely beautiful’ and ‘high-status’.

        In case you’ve forgotten what real women look like:

      • emmatheemo says:

        Ouch, Eric. I sound kind of like her. But I guess I deserve that for calling you the Katherine MacKinnon of the MRM once (it was just a bad joke, sorry).

      • Eric says:

        The important thing is that you don’t LOOK like Zooey Deschanel. I think the only reason American men think she’s attractive is because (unlike most American women), she’s actually thin. Honestly, though I’ve seen gay men who were more feminine.

        Besides, if your voice does sound like her, well that’s your foreign accent, no big deal! LOL—any real red-blooded American guy is attracted to foreign accidents, because the men here know they aren’t safe around American women.

        P.S. Don’t worry about the McKinnon comment…I’d forgotten about it until just now.

      • Tim says:

        Zooey Deschanel is cute / pretty but not hot / gorgeous.

        Yes she is the ultimate dork / sub-beta / omega male fantasy because the characters she plays create the illusion that she’s gettable. Her characters are dorky, insecure, vulnerable, troubled, unsure etc and their romantic interests are usually loserish guys. For instance In the movie “The new guy” she is in a band with 3 other unattractive dorks and she has a crush on one of them. Such portrayals give enormous arousal and hope to dorky unattractive guys.

        However in her new sitcom ‘New girl” she is dating hot guys and rich men. This would hopefully help to rid her likability among omega males.

      • Eric says:

        Those are good points and what you’re saying about the appeal she would have to loser types is likely true. However, there are a couple of points:

        1. Being ‘dorky, insecure, vulnerable, troubled, insecure, and their romantic interests are loser-type guys’ defines the typical American female perfectly. My point was that this certainly shouldn’t be any kind of desirable female archetype.

        2. ‘In her new sitcom she is dating rich men’ Worse still: because this is what is passing for a high-status female in America today.

        3. She ‘creates the illusion that she is gettable’. And this is also a bad sign.

        Even though many MRAs disagree about issues like Game; one thing we all agree on is that American men deserve better than what women currently offer. For Heaven’s Sake: I just read some commenter at AVfM the other day saying he wished he was toilet paper so he could be closer to Typhon Blue’s butt! The way those guys slobber and gush over the ‘lovely sheilas’ there is appalling.

        My point in all of this is that men should be aiming higher and not lower. I get shamed on other blogs for saying this and called ‘HICEL’ but women are constantly lecturing us on our supposedly ‘unrealistic expectations’ and ‘wanting too much.’ There’s nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of in a man’s preferring this to Zooey Deschanell or Typhon Blue:

        And, as we can see, non-American women have no problem offering men better.

      • Liz says:

        Interesting, Eric…the two women you linked to as something to aspire to are in their mid thirties.
        From your commentary to me about women in their mid-thirties I must assume these ladies are very lucky to get any guy just short of Medicare age.

      • Eric says:

        I think you might have me confused with commenter ‘P’ who believes that any woman over 25 isn’t worth having. These videos were obliquely aimed at him too.

        My earlier commentary about female has to do with sexual protectionism; and this really brings up a point I’ve also raised at Antifeminist’s blog: it DOES seem women age a lot more gracefully and slowly in less sex-negative cultures. Over on that blog, we were once discussing women in the past; I’ve noticed that among American celebrities (and some family and other photos) that women—generally speaking—of a generation or more ago looked quite a bit younger than they actually were. The two Eurogirls posted above certainly look younger and better than an average American in her 20s. And there’s certainly no comparison between Britney Spears (who’s looking frumpy already at age 30) with one European counterparts, who just turned 32 and still going strong:

      • Liz says:

        @ Eric: ” it DOES seem women age a lot more gracefully and slowly in less sex-negative cultures.”
        In general I’d agree. I definitely noticed a difference when I lived in Europe compared to here. And as first generation American, Swiss/Italian, I’d certainly like to think so.

  15. Eric says:

    I think part of the connection between more sex-positive cultures and slower female aging comes from what Emma’s described as ‘Sexual Market Value’. In a culture like the Anglosphere, where women don’t face much competition, there’s no need for them to stay healthy and beautiful since men’s choices are greatly limited.

    I’ve seen in Latin America, that their media—practically every six months or so—unveils the new celebrity sensation—a female celebrity in her teens or twenties—and so the competition is always ongoing. Take for example a country like Venezuela—about 20 million in total population, yet they’ve won 4 of the last 30 ‘Miss Universe’ contests alone!

  16. Sara says:

    Eric you’re just another misogynist blaming women and feminists but when women and feminists blame men you men just all over it. Typical male

  17. Sara says:

    Sorry for the typos I meant that men jump all over feminism for blaming men. Oh and u think ugly and obese women hate male sexuality? Y? Because they won’t lose weight or fix themselves up to make ur dick hard? Sooooo if a woman doesn’t get ur dick hard that means she must hate men and their sexuality? I’ve heard men say that women who don’t dress up for men must hate men. I’ve also heard that men are only nice to women that are attractive, that are feminine, are more protective of women that look innocent or act innocent or any other feminine qualities. Sooo doesn’t that mean that men treat ugly women like crap because they’re not attractive enough? Yes men do do that contrary to men saying they love and respect ALL women. Men ONLY respect and talk to feminine women so y should ugly, fat women value men? So I guess men r right in saying ugly, fat women hate men and male sexuality….because MEN HATE UGLY, FAT women too. So men stop complaining that the women that YOU DONT LIKE DONT LIKE YOU EITHER. Just like men r anti feminists because they think feminists hate men. Men hate feminism and feminism hates men.

  18. sara says:

    What’s your point anon and Eric?

    Cat got your tongue?

    We all know men LIKE and PREFER attractive women. What does that have to do with feminists?

    If an ugly, fat woman all of a sudden gets male attention what is she supposed to do? Smile….be nice….suck his dick….be happy because NOW you wanna be all nice to the lady cause the attractive babes didn’t give you the time of day?

    I don’t think so.

    Just as men don’t put up with the fuglies women shouldn’t put up with the fake faggots that changed his mind on what kind of women he likes.

    Fugly women arent stupid. I know…im one of them.

    • emmatheemo says:

      What’s wrong with realizing you’re aiming too high and aiming a little lower? As long as you can appreciate the person for what they are, without being resentful and comparing them to the people you REALLY want, approaching fat or less conventionally attractive people is not morally wrong. I mean, is it not what everyone says we should do? Be less shallow and give more people a chance? Especially when the hottest people don’t want us and we don’t really need them anyway.

      “women shouldn’t put up with the fake faggots that changed his mind on what kind of women he likes. ”
      If someone really acts fake and condescending, I can understand your objection. But what’s wrong with simply changing his mind? I changed my mind about fat guys in my teens. I used to think only lean guys were attractive, now I appreciate the fat ones. It’s ok to change your mind, as long as you really like them, not lying.

  19. sara says:

    Emma I apologize if I was not clear enough.

    There is nothing wrong with dating unattractive people. And when I say people I really mean men. Dating an unattractive woman is different. There are PLENTY OF MEN AND ARTICLES that teach men how to date an attractive woman, how not to feel intimidated by a beautiful woman, how to treat a beautiful woman and so on. Even your fellow anti feminist men prefer to be with attractive women and how unattractive women make men feel miserable.

    Even your friend Eric thinks women who dress down hate men. And why does he think that? Because ugly women do NOT get a man’s dick wet. It makes them miserable when they don’t get a boner.

    So if men prefer attractive women then logically if you see a man with an ugly one, doesn’t that mean he’s settling?

    g? You even said that when a man’s senses that his SMV is not high then he turn to fat, ugly women. So why, Emma, do you think that’s not settling? It is settling. Just because the unattractive women are suddenly being respected and loved by men after the men chased the hot babes, doesn’t mean those women should give them a chance. Any woman, and man, would be bitter after years of being ignored by the opposite sex the only difference between men and women is that men go for the hotties, get rejected and sometimes rape and murder rhe women. Then when men older they start liking women doe their personality.

    Women on the other hand can be picky. We can’t just look at a handsome man and say “oh, he looks like a good provider”. We women can’t tell how good a man is just by how he looks so all the people saying women want a Brad Pitt look alike is an idiot. Since men are far less picky because it IS in the NATURE to have sex with as many women as possible, you do sometimes see men with less attractive women and that’s why women can get laid more than men. That doesn’t mean men are better. At a young age men SETTLE for the fuglies only after they get rejected by the hotties. and as they get older men want the personalities.

    Yes people do change. You changing your standards from slim to fat must’ve came when some fat slob put you in your place. It happens. Exclusively to women. Men on the other hand don’t get fat, uggos saying “hey bitch one day when you get older and ugly no woman (hot ones of course) is gonna want you and you’re gonna be lonely with a bunch of cats with no kids because you rejected me and chased the hot babes”. No….only men say that.

    Please Emma forgive me for my typos and forgive me if I came off rude to you. From a woman to a woman keep your head up high and watch yourself. Be safe OK

    • emmatheemo says:

      Hmm, you speak as if quickly readjusting your standards is the same as screwing the hottest men for 10 years, and THEN lowering your standards to date boring beta chumps. It’s not the same at all. I agree, it’s insulting when someone who has been chasing hot babes/studs for a LONG TIME suddenly quits and wants to date you after failure with hot babes/studs. You start wondering if they are honest, or if they are just desperate and settling. However, what I’m speaking about in the article is men who quickly realize hot babes are out of their league and try going for someone less hot. And there are plenty of those to go around, considering young Americans still marry in droves, and most people are fat.

      I didn’t change my tastes after some fat guy hurled an insult my way. I readjusted my tastes because I felt men with fewer options might be kinder and love me more. And what’s more, I did it relatively early. And that shows that my preference for hot men wasn’t all that powerful anyway. So I’d be ok dating a guy who also quickly gave up chasing the hottest women. Then it’s not settling.

      As for the idea that dressing down means you hate men, I disagree with the idea. However, men who argue this way are likely talking about this as a symptom of a larger problem. The larger problem being a sexual market place skewed towards women’s side, skewed by using all sorts of feminist laws. It allows women to be unkempt and bitchy, while men have to work even harder to impress them – and many women use this to their advantage. Thus, unkempt women and feminism are tied together for antifeminist men. At least, this is how I interpret it.

  20. sara says:

    Dear sweet Emma I do appreciate reading your comments. Its less hostile than those other anti feminists.

    But unfortunately I do have to disagree with you.

    Even if a man finds out early in his life that hot women are out of his lead, starts to date down, he IS still settling.

    It’s been proven time and time and time again that men WANT attractive women. It has been proven also that men mature later on in life that is why some people see men with women who is a 5 out of 10 on the attractive scale because he is now into her personality not her appearance.

    Every man who has a wife, in the back of his mind, will still want a woman that’s at least an

    I’m not sure of there are a lot of men out there who like women fo their personalities UNLESS he’s in his 30-40 age range.

    No man should deal with a woman who’s bitchy and no woman should deal with a man who’s bitchy.

    Emma, life is too short to be waiting for men to grow up. Either women marry at a young age to men who are also young ( 18-24 and ONLY if she’s attractive) , wait for men to like her for her personality (both will be in their 30-40’s) or don’t get married at all.

    As a fugly woman myself I refuse to wait, seek, meet, date, marry and then have kids while approaching my 40’s. Other women can do it but I rather have fun. Kids will come later because men are to easy to be settling down with. “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”.

    I apologize for being rude. Remember Emma keep your head up high.

  21. Q says:

    I don’t get why people devote so much time to analyzing the obvious.

    Yes, attractive women get a lot of attention from all kinds of men.

    Yes, attractive men get a lot of attention from all kinds of women.

    But at the same time, I see a lot of ugly and/or fat females who are married. While I do believe that most men prefer thin-to-average women, many will settle for a fat female if certain conditions unique to that male are satisfied (e.g. if her face is pretty and she has a nice, feminine disposition). People marry who they want to, based on who they think will make them happy. There are no statistics, algorithms, charts or graphs that can accurately predict or determine what the average person will do (or not do), or what a demographic will do (or not do).

    The other thing I don’t get is men going on about foreign women. Are they really that much better looking than American women? Nationality doesn’t determine genetics. This reeks of “the grass is greener on the other side,” which, as any wise person knows, is never true. Feminism is a global thing, so don’t doubt that many of those beautiful foreign celebrities that have been cited are hardcore ball-busting feminists who walked over (or slept with) many a man to get where they are.

  22. bo jangles says:

    One aspect that is missed I think is just how intolerant the US has become, like someone else mentioned we have standards above our own level. I was really shocked when I went to Argentina, where people would date for longer than marriages last here. Tolerance and hospitality is pretty extreme there. I remember talking with an executives beautiful wife about how an infidelity usually means a divorce. She was shocked..maybe a few nights on the couch…but a divorce?? I once asked a couple of old ladies for directions in Buenos Aires(a city of 10 million or more) and they apologized they weren’t from the area. As I was walking they called to me..they had stopped a taxi to ask him and shouted “its just a few more blocks that way!” After being in such a country I have to say in a lot of ways, tolerance feels like love, which is why most people love their moms more..the person who loves them unconditionally, rather than the daddy who shows his love by demanding more of them and disciplining them when they are bad(idealized sex roles).

  23. Alice says:

    While I agree that a lot of yes a lot of people go overboard like this, you generalizing feminists as much as some feminists generalize men. I’m a feminist, myself, and would like to say that I, and the feminists I know personally, are not like this. There’s nothing wrong with a person having a certain sexual preference, personally I prefer thinner men to chubby or built but I go for personality before looks, I also prefer women to men. It’s normal. What I’m against is shaming. Saying “I prefer small boobs” or “I think girls look better without makeup” is fine, however things like “real women have curves” or it’s pairing “only dogs go for bones” disgust me, because it’s directed at making one type one type of person feel better only by making the opposite type feel worse. However, like you I think women (and men) should appreciate compliments (compliments, not objectification), regardless of whether they are personally attracted to the complimenter.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I treat individuals individually. Of course not all feminists or women, attractive or not, act this way, and I was just talking about one funny and common observation I noticed among some.

      While I’m almost completely in agreement with what you said here, you won’t find too much love for modern feminism on this page. It is because of how institutionalized feminism is affecting the government in the West, and not due to my own subjective generalization about feminists themselves. However if you’re cool, I’m cool with you 😉

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