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My Views on Fat Acceptance and Fat Shaming

First, some background info on my personal tastes and habits. I like fat men and women. They are hot and I want to accumulate more fat myself. You’d think I’m bragging, but it’s harder to gain weight than you think. … Continue reading

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Voting Rights Only for Property Owners – Yes or No?

I like to read history books, and recently read something that changed my opinion. People in this part of the internet tend to be either conservative or libertarian, while socialism is frowned upon. We’re also aware there is such a … Continue reading

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People Really Don’t Mind if Laws of Nature Determine Who They are Before They are Born

I noticed something. Why do many modern people protest about biology, and insist biology doesn’t determine a lot of who we are, but no one protests astrological determinism? In fact many of them obsess over what the stars make them … Continue reading

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LaidNYC , Unbiased Jerks, and Funny Manboobz Comments

Manosphere has a new rising star – LaidNYC ( ). He’s famous for saying things like: “In fact, Facebook shows that when women peak is even younger than anyone blogging under their real name would care to admit.  Common red … Continue reading

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Memento mori

”Men just date younger women because they want to avoid their own mortality”. This is a shaming technique. Yet when reading blogs around the ‘sphere, I can’t help but see there is a tiny bit of truth in it. During … Continue reading

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Therapy: Sometimes “Talking About It” Is Not The Best Idea

My feelings about therapy are somewhat spoiled by an incident I had with a doctor. I came to his office to get a contraceptive implant fitted into my arm. He saw some cutting scars and questioned me about them. He … Continue reading

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