LaidNYC , Unbiased Jerks, and Funny Manboobz Comments

Manosphere has a new rising star – LaidNYC ( ). He’s famous for saying things like:

“In fact, Facebook shows that when women peak is even younger than anyone blogging under their real name would care to admit.  Common red pill dogma states that women are their hottest between 18-24.

I say this is bullshit.  Try 15-19.”

” Know that you are a depreciating asset to men in general.  As your value to all men decreases, you must build your value to one well-chosen man by proving trustworthy over and over, being a source of feminine support, and being a producer and care-giver to his genetic spawn.”

“A year from now I will be richer and fitter and more socially respected in the Kingdom, but your beauty will have faded a notch.  I demand that you treat me with the humility and respect that this biological reality dictates.”

“The lesson for men: Take a look at that gorgeous girl.  She is a walking expiration date.  Her power in this world is fleeting.  She is the temporary head coach knowing he’s getting replaced at the end of the season.

Do not see her as a 20 year old hottie.

See her as a person.”

He comes across as kind of an arrogant jerk in a lot of his posts. However, he lives up to his own advice about treating a girl as a person. There are two types of manopshere jerks – biased and unbiased. The biased one seems incapable of taking in any new data, he just views everyone he interacts with through the same filter. The unbiased one treats people he interacts with individually, considers new data, even if previous theory still applies. Heck, the latter is hardly even a jerk, since he treats everyone relatively fairly. Needless to say, the latter gets my respect and the former doesn’t.

Due to all this offensive stuff LaidNYC has said, he has like a manboobz trackback on every page. Some funny comments from there stand out to me. Enjoy.

“I don’t see how a man in his thirties could find girls under the age of 20 sexually attractive. I really can’t.

I work with high school age girls everyday and can tell you that the average 16 year old girl looks like a kid. They don’t look sexy or hot. They look like undeveloped kids.”

Where’s he teaching – in a starving Asian country where people are underweight on average? Because if he looks at normal Western 16 year old girl and sees an underdeveloped kid, he needs glasses. But if that’s the case, he’s just parroting ideologically acceptable dogmas. Uh huh, Megan Fox is “skinny” and “boyish”, Marilyn Monroe was “plus-size”, and normal 16 year old girls are “underdeveloped kids”. What is he to believe – the ideology, or his lying eyes?

“The thing about “peak beauty” is that generally, those who are sexually attracted to people tend to on average be most sexually attracted to people of about the same age category. If you’re young, young people look hot. If you’re older, older people look hot. If you’re “middle-age”, then middle-age people are just the hottest thing ever.”

That comment is up there with the one about the 79-year old knockout on Dalrock’s site ( ).

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26 Responses to LaidNYC , Unbiased Jerks, and Funny Manboobz Comments

  1. Ashley says:

    Boys find teenage girls attractive. Adult-minded men find adult women attractive, because they see other things attractive besides perky breasts, curves, and ass. This pretty much explains the obsession much of the manosphere has with the 20 and under females.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Adult-minded men find teenage girls attractive too, but will not often date modern teenagers. Sexual attraction is one thing, who you want to commit to is another.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Although I think more adult men would be willing to commit to teens than we can guess… It’s still not very socially acceptable to admit you might be attracted to teens in USA, even if it’s normal to be attracted to females with those things you mentioned (perky breasts, curves and ass). However, not many teen girls like men beyond their early 20s.

      • Eric says:

        Speaking for myself, I’m an American and would have no trouble committing to a teenager. However, as Emma points ‘it’s not very socially acceptable’ (a MASSIVE understatement LOL) to act on such attractions over here. That’s probably a large part of the reason why many teen girls aren’t attracted to men over 30 here though: the social and legal persecution involved in such a relationship is a big deterrent. How many girls want to commit to a guy who’s likely to end up being burned at the stake or lynched from a tree branch?

      • Liz says:

        Wouldn’t she have to be an ‘old soul’ though, Eric?
        Do you really think you’d have something in common with a person who thinks Justin Bieber is “the realist gangster”? I mean, truly. There are some old souls who don’t fit the mold, but they’re really really rare. Think about how much you’ve changed since highschool. I was an old soul (more mature than my mom, by far, by age 13) but I don’t think I have ever met another person like that.

        Furthermore, look at what happens to teenaged girls who peak young…have you stayed in touch with any? Best example I can think of is Brooke Shields. She has looked like a transvestite since she turned 20.

      • emmatheemo says:

        I actually looked up some of my old classmates on FB. And surprisingly (or not), everyone looks like they did before. Maybe better dressed. Never seen anyone I know actually hit the wall in the early or mid-twenties. Haven’t seen anyone turn into a beauty either. If I didn’t read any of these debates, I’d conclude women (and even men) look more or less the same in high school and college.

      • emmatheemo says:

        *men starting from age 16 or so. Under that age, they really do look like kids, lol.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Also, come to think of it, the old souls are simply nerds and introverts, aren’t they? 🙂 There are plenty of those to go around…
        I’d like to say I was mature in my teens, but I’m glad not to be who I was 10 years ago. I was an old soul, but with a complicated personality and not very datable. In a way, I wish I was a younger soul 🙂 Curiously enough, the same thing happened to my mom. She said she felt 90 years old before 21, and then became “immature”. People even started to think she was younger, which is the reverse of her teens (when everyone thought she was in her 20s).

      • Liz says:

        I looked significantly different after highschool than I did in highschool, Emma.
        But I’ve been married since I was 19.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Well, I meant to say people looked sort of samey roughly from 16 to early 20s. Many even kept the same hair…
        I look different from that age, but not significantly. Except I gained weight on purpose due to hatered for skinnyness, so that’s good.

      • Eric says:

        Liz & Emma:
        It’s hard to make a judgement on being an ‘old soul’ nowadays. Most of my aunts and grandmothers &c. were married and having kids in their teens. But Americans—at any age level today are so dumbed-down and the anti-male bias in schools so rampant, that it’s really only matter of speculation what these girls would be like without so much negative influence. I can only guess, based on how girls acted here in the past and how they behave in other countries that, under normal conditions, an age difference wouldn’t be that big of a problem.

        You’re right though, today at least, such girls are very rare.

  2. :-p says:

    there is legitimate room for old geezers to be attracted to women under 20. But to say that a woman at 17 is categorically at her peak is absurd.

    • emmatheemo says:

      I would put the peak between 13 and 25, so everyone in this part of the net could stop arguing and pick their favorite. It seems to vary from man to man, and from woman to woman

      • Ashley says:

        Yeah, and you’re right. Some women do look better in their teens. Some in their 20s and some into their 30s.

      • :-p says:

        He only wants you when you’re 17… when you’re 25, you’re no fun. He’ll take a polaroid and let you go, says he’ll let you know, so c’mon.

  3. Liz says:

    It is rare to see a show or movie about someone in highschool played by an actual highschool student. Even though it would require less suspension of disbelief, and they could ‘milk’ the show for longer. From 90210, The Secret Circle, Vampire Diaries et al this is the case….if they do use an actual teenager, it’s usually a person almost in her twenties (Katie Holmes, for instance, was 20 when Dawson’s Creek started). There’s a reason for that. Teens who peak in highschool peak fast, and relatively low. The nadire comes quickly…and it is a doozy. The most beautiful women will look better in their late teens and twenties than they do in highschool, and the commercial market reflects this.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Hmm. I sure hope you aren’t saying 16 y olds look like underdeveloped kids. I was 16 once, and went to school with other 16 year olds. I know what they look like.

      As for the shows, they appeal to both genders, and thus I won’t make any conclusions yet. I also would not say that teen shows are all full of 20-somethings (there are plenty of shows with real teens in them). It’s definitely a trend, but so was all-male acting cast in Shakespeare’s times.

  4. Eric says:

    Whenever I debate with male feminists, like the commenters above at Manboobz, I’ve noticed that their arguments all have this particular sound-bite quality to them. They come across to me like they’re really trying to convince themselves that what they hear in the Manosphere isn’t really true; moreso than trying to convince anyone else of the ‘truth’ of feminism.

  5. Jen says:

    @Eric – From the point-of-view of the teenager, besides a 30-ish guy not being as physically attractive as a male peer (teen girls tend to prefer the more androgynous look of teen boys), males do not live as long as females. So, she will have extended years of raising children alone and as a widow. Important things to consider.

    • Eric says:

      Considering though how many women willingly become ‘heroic single mothers’ and divorce their husbands without a second thought, I doubt if raising kids alone concerns them very much. However, I will agree that the media culture pushes the limp-wristed metrosexual on women as the masculine ideal (along with the sadistic thug).

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  7. dannyfrom504 says:

    I’m not even going to read the comments; I’ll just say it directly-

    LaidNYC is blunt, but I can rarely disagree with his message. He writes well, makes great analogies, and has a message that is directed towards men.

    The thing that bothers me the most about some if the female commenters is they will quickly take the male bloggers to task for being misogynistic, but give a pass to the largely misandrist shit posted by females on blogs and within the MSM.

    Can’t wait to watch 20/20 Friday night to see how one sided the feminist MSM portrays us.

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