People Really Don’t Mind if Laws of Nature Determine Who They are Before They are Born

I noticed something.

Why do many modern people protest about biology, and insist biology doesn’t determine a lot of who we are, but no one protests astrological determinism? In fact many of them obsess over what the stars make them into. Insist “As an Aquarius, I am….” And it’s in every women’s magazine I have looked into.

It’s almost like one type of determinism* is evil, while another is totally fine. One is backwards and medieval, another is just tradition, I guess.

Maybe it’s because astrology rarely says anything bad about us?.. And when it describes a flaw, it makes it sound like an asset.  Or maybe because astrology makes us feel special, even if 1/12th of the population have the exact same star sign, while biology makes us feel slightly unspecial, even if no one else has the same DNA.

Perhaps people really don’t mind some impersonal entity determining who they are and who they will be.


*Btw, biology is not deterministic, it’s probabilistic.


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22 Responses to People Really Don’t Mind if Laws of Nature Determine Who They are Before They are Born

  1. Hi Emo. ‘No one protests astrological determinism’? I disagree. Men protest, but not so women hear them. It doesn’t say anything good about women that so many believe in astrology. Countless men are utterly embarrassed by women’s belief in astrology, crystal healing, and countless other silly things, but say nothing for the sake of maintaining calm relations and having sex.

    Biological determinism? I agree with your point that biology isn’t deterministic, it’s probabilistic (by the way, STUNNED by your command of English. Every day I read pieces by British people with a poorer grasp of English than you. I personally don’t know a single Norwegian word…). But modern societies operate on the assumption of social determinism, not biological determinism. It’s the prime reason the developed world is heading for collapse, economic, social, and otherwise. Biology will always triumph in the end, whatever socialists believe. The best book I know of about gender-typical natures was written by a Cambridge University professor, Simon Baron-Cohen, in 2003, ‘The Essential Difference’. Steve Moxon’s ‘The Woman Racket’ (2008) is also very good.

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)

    • Emma the Emo says:

      Thanks 🙂
      Yeah, I guess modern people also like social determinism. Although I’m not sure if they call it determinism. I assume that if they think society can “bend” us a certain way, we can also unbend ourselves through psychological and social methods. Or at least change the society enough to make sure new children are “bent” the correct way.

      • Thanks Emo. The idea of bending children ‘the correct way’ is more depressing to me than I could possibly explain. This is all going to end very badly. ‘Psychological and social methods’ will not help us avoid the inevitable day of reckoning.

        I really must order ‘Norwegian for Dummies’ so I can order a beer on the happy day I give a lecture to the Oslo Anti-Feminism League…

        I much enjoy your blog posts, please keep on with them. Some of my blog posts have been translated by bloggers in Nordic countries, including this one:

        The EU plans to ban anti-feminist speech:

        I would rather spend the rest of my life in prison than stop campaigning against gender feminism, a hate-driven female supremacy movement, as Christina Hoff Sommers pointed out almost 20 years ago in ‘Who Stole Feminism? How Women Betrayed Women’ (1994).

  2. Liz says:

    I’m not sure how many people really believe in horoscopes. I always thought them to be sort of page-filler entertainment.
    But if they do I would hazard a guess that the astrology (also applies to palm readers, ect) isn’t as generally limiting…it steers choices and offers suggestions (you’re more of an extrovert/introvert, a friend will call you today, yadda yadda), whereas biology is very limiting indeed.

    • Liz says:

      I might add that I’m not sure the argument is against biology per se.
      I think Mr Buchanan has it right above. They want to direct society into compensating for those differences. They don’t necessarily dispute the facts, they argue that facts don’t matter, and compensation should be applied in the interest of “fairness”, even if to everyone’s detriment. Perfect example is national defense.

      • emmatheemo says:

        I think it’s a bit of both. I have seen both types of argument. Maybe it’s more a Norwegian thing, but here it’s pretty typical. “You weren’t born a woman, you were born a human”

    • emmatheemo says:

      Right, people don’t mind being determined from the start, as long as it’s something positive 🙂

    • @ Liz

      Thanks. Not sure how astrology ‘steers choices and offers suggestions’ unless you believe there’s some validity in it?

      For 40 years I’ve been struck by how many women believe in things which are demonstrably untrue (astrology, crystal healing, palm reading, psychic powers…). An American book by three female ‘professors’ – probably of Gender Studies or some such nonsense – titled, ‘Women’s Ways of Knowing’ explicitly states that when women ‘feel’ something to be true, it’s as true as anything shown to be true by the scientific method. Embarrassing.

      In the UK at least women are markedly more likely to be actively religious (as indicated by going regularly to church) than men. My hunch is it’s related to the fact that women tend to be more anxious and pessimistic than men, and therefore open to ideas which promise to give them some power over the present and future… even when they demonstrably don’t.

      • Liz says:

        “Not sure how astrology ‘steers choices and offers suggestions’ unless you believe there’s some validity in it?”

        I also believe that rabbits mark territory in an attempt to influence behavior, though I’m not a rabbit.

      • I once had the pleasure of taking an entire college course with a professor specialized in debunking such miracles. Mr Skinner actually managed to get pigeons acting on miraculous false beliefs

        Try to read any of James Randy’s books, or watch it on Youtube.

        It is fairly easy to believe in fallacies, and it needs some college level logic and statistics to really understand and debunk it. Well, GOOD high school education would do

  3. yacv says:

    When it starts that some HR person says “We won’t hire you because you’re a Leo”, astrology will be wrapped in some controversy, too.

    Determinism is fun, when you are the sole judge as to what is determined. There is no horrorscope that is not vague enough for anyone to ignore the bits she doesn’t like.
    Add to that the positive phrasing (“You are sensitive” instead of “You are a selfish prick”) and it’s feelgood all the way. Feels like explanation, has no consequences.

    • @ yacv

      If a man said publicly he believed in astrology, he’d be regarded (by most men, at least) as feeble-minded. An interesting double standard.

      I was once at a dinner party where about half the guests were men, half women. One was a man who made his living as an astrologist – virtually all his clients were women – and he was adamant throughout the meal that there was strong scientific evidence for the claims made by astrologists. Almost all the women lapped it up, while the men were either non-committal or shook their heads in disbelief.

      Towards the end of the evening, as guests were leaving, I had an opportunity to have a quiet word with him, and asked him if he believed what he’d been saying. He laughed and said, ‘No, of course not! But I make an easy living with this bull****, so I’m hardly likely to admit to a bunch of women that they’re loony tunes for believing it, am I?’

  4. What exactly are you hinting at?

    It is a big taboo to mention that people are born different.

    Some kids are less intelligent then others. It just so happens that the brightest tend to be of races and religions that have higher intelligence, which is even more taboo

    The Bell Curve outlined this very powerfully

    You probably refer to women being born different then men?

    Google -Steven Pinker blank slate- for some of these issues, that people are not born as a blank slate

  5. Let me give an example about superstition:

    That debunking specialist professor did a Radio show. He was introduced as a world renowned specialist in Astrology (which he was, the top auththority on DEBUNKING astrology.

    He started giving astrology readings to callers, using certain tricks, never consulting star charts.

    To his amazement, people called in to THANK him profoundly, for having changed their lives. It p.ssed him off so much that he blew his cover early and told that all was fake.

    So false beliefs really work. I could teach an entire class on that subject.

    Again: google or youtube “James Randy”. He is a debunker, but rarey does he explain why false beliefs work.

    Oh, one example was an expensive dowsing rod for police that could find criminals. It did work.

    Reason: the policeman’s intuition guided the dowsing rod, giving him courage to do searches he otherwise would have been afraid to do.

  6. Tim says:

    More men follow religious rituals and codes strictly, than women.
    But more women believe in God, karma, angels, fairies, fate, and superstition.

  7. It is also extremely non-PC to think that your IQ is mainly determined by your genetics. already at birth. Scientific proof be damned, it must not be true.

    Now that the astrological time you get born determines your life, but not your genetic markup, that is hilarious. Or depressing.

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