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A Link Between Sex-Negative Culture and the Number of Sex Offenders?

“I started my career as a child psychologist. The development perspective today still lies at the bottom. My claim is that kids require a relational and sexual development that doesn’t lead to them turning into sex offenders. Today, we know … Continue reading

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Do Men Like Physically Frail Women? I Doubt it.

Lately, the case for female vulnerability and weakness was made ( ). The “weak women are hot” thing in general seems to be relatively popular. Some people would even say that women have a hard time staying attracted and loyal … Continue reading

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Why Arguing Between Feminists and MRAs is Sometimes So Dumb

A lot of the time, people cite studies to prove their points. Trouble is, there is a study for every statement. If you say “here’s a study that proves I’m right”, the opponent can go “Nuh-huh, here’s a study that … Continue reading

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Virginity Loss Story

LaidNYC recently announced the Virginity Stories Week  and would like his readers to post a fun story about how they lost their virginity. It seems only guys posted any stories so far, but it’s open to girls too, so … Continue reading

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Potential Reason Why Men Being Attracted to 12 Year Old Girls is Normal

Where does men’s physical attraction to women come from? How did it evolve? In the ‘sphere, we generally agree that men are programmed to be aroused by signs of fertility. So it would be natural to be attracted to women … Continue reading

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