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My Thoughts on Red Pill Isolation

I read this article: . It speaks of something I suspect a lot of people from the manosphere could relate to: “There’s a common misconception in our little corner of the webz. That exposing yourself to the truth, essentially … Continue reading

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Something to Think About Before Using Feminist Tactics Against Them

“It’s tempting to think that you can defeat this sort of thing by turning the tables on the feminists and using the law against them. That strategy, however, will never work. All you would accomplish is to give credence to … Continue reading

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”A Little F’d Up” and Feminists Who Want to Help Men, Too

Recently, I read another feminist book. Written by Julie Zeilinger (a teenager), and released in 2012, it was meant to show teenagers that feminism is not a dirty word. In short, the book is there to tell us what feminism … Continue reading

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Yes, You Can Laugh at Articles and Be a Good Person

There is no denying some of the articles on ROK are mean spirited, or at least insensitive. I’m talking about Fat Shaming Week, 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Rape a Girl, and 5 Reasons To Date A Girl With … Continue reading

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Red Pill Russian Movie – A Cruel Romance

As I kid, I used to watch this movie all the time, without understanding anything. I rediscovered it in my 20s, and was surprised just by how much my view of it changed. And I wasn’t even into the manosphere … Continue reading

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