Something to Think About Before Using Feminist Tactics Against Them

“It’s tempting to think that you can defeat this sort of thing by turning the tables on the feminists and using the law against them. That strategy, however, will never work. All you would accomplish is to give credence to the very apparatus that feminists use to assert their agenda. You are essentially making their points for them, “See. Men need feminism/anti-bullying laws/revenge porn laws/hate speech laws too!”

You can’t out-victim the professional victims. Better to not play their game at all.”

– j r,

If you’re feeding the beast, “actively black knighting” for justice rather than for self-defence, you have no one but yourself to blame when those feminist laws you’ve been indirectly supporting bite you in the ass.

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10 Responses to Something to Think About Before Using Feminist Tactics Against Them

  1. Steve Baker says:

    LOL fuck off bye.

  2. Eric says:

    I posted this link on Eivind’s blog today, it backs up your point about the folly of men playing the victim card like feminists and expecting the same results:

    “The contemporary men’s movement remains marginalized because it seeks to mimic feminism. MRAs complain about the Sympathy Gap they experience, assuming reflexively they will attract the same sympathy and support as misandrist gender feminism. They won’t of course—least of all from the male elite, who view them with bemused contempt.”

    • tteclod says:

      Men view whiners with contempt. The adjective, “elite,” is not required. If a man is victimized, expect him to exact justice, or, if he is truly powerless, to withdraw utterly from his oppressor. Thus is the difference between MRA and MGTOW defined.

      • Liz says:

        Women view whiners with contempt also (unless they’re other women, those whiners are fine). Women who hate men want as many male whiners as possible. It fuels their contempt, and they hope it will fuel the contempt of others as well.

      • fidelbogen says:

        Still using terminologies like “MRA” and “MGTOW”, as if you were talking about real things? Tsk- tsk!

      • tteclod says:

        I suppose one could argue whether MRA’s and MGTOW are real. The MRA’s certainly appear real. They protest, organize, and advocate for men. The MGTOW are a little more difficult to pin down. That subculture stretches from Otaku thru homosexual men and most of Islam to PUA’s. So, yea, I think these are “real things” and feminists ignore such at peril. How do you argue such do not exist?

  3. bo jangles says:

    I think the real irony is that deep down feminists like the 1% males just as much as they complain about them. And the lesbian feminists identify with them. Although it makes it easier that they generally have no shot at them(Is feminism just sour grapes?). I’ve seen an Alphaish(Harley, bar owner) guy tease, and shit test the hell out of a feminist who absolutely was having a blast with him.

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