My Thoughts on Red Pill Isolation

I read this article: . It speaks of something I suspect a lot of people from the manosphere could relate to:

“There’s a common misconception in our little corner of the webz. That exposing yourself to the truth, essentially going down the rabbit hole, is going to make your life better. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now I’ll admit that being exposed to the truth is going to make you better with women but you’ll never trust one again, will probably make you more successful in your career but will make you want to never work again and probably make navigating this piece of crap society we all live in easier but there is a tradeoff that most don’t think about and that’s this:

You are going to become isolated. Most notably socially but also with your thoughts, opinions and your ability to finally see what surrounds you in this crumbling society. “

I’m not as pessimistic as that about society and humans, but I can see what he’s talking about. Believing something most people don’t believe can create lots of problems.

1)It can get you socially excluded if you reveal your beliefs. Especially if those are things most people are taught is backward. It’s one thing to believe in angels and make your own angel school (a princess here did that and was kind of made fun of, but it’s not an “extremist” belief), it’s another to question progressive ideals.

Social exclusion can make you feel awkward and lower your confidence. Let’s not pretend we’re not social animals and don’t feel uneasy about being massively excluded by everyone except those who know us closely. Some people are not affected by this at all, but I wouldn’t say that for the majority of the population.

2)It can make YOU avoid others because you’re practically living in different realities. How to talk to someone who is likely to close their mind to you once you say what you really mean? Is it even worth it?

3)You can also be considered dangerous by the state. They might start watching you, arresting you “just in case”, and in general threaten your life.

4)The psychiatric “care” institutions in your country might consider you insane and try to save you from yourself. If you’re new here and don’t believe me, know that my boyfriend was arrested for unpopular opinions about political strategy and the police attorney made unsavory comments about his mental health to the media. Later, it was clear that he’s been arrested illegally AND the appointed psychiatrist evaluated him as normal and healthy.

It’s also true that right before the arrest, the Utøya massacre has happened and the cops were humiliated because of their own poor rescue efforts. They made sure this wouldn’t happen again and chose to overreact rather than to underreact, so this was an important factor. However, they are refusing to pay compensation for illegal jailing, and that tells me freedom of speech is not as respected as I thought when I first entered this country as a 13 year old.

To deal with problem number 1 is not too hard when you think about it. I wish I could go back to times when I believed there were no consequences to my opinions and self-expression beyond some social exclusion. Those were happy times. As a teenager, I learned that even if you’re weird and read scary books like Mein Kampf in a typical politically correct school (lol, done that, but only out of curiosity), you will still be respected if you don’t act like an apologetic, spineless wimp about your nature and interests. If you DO act like an apologetic spineless wimp about it, people will think of you what you already think about yourself. “Here comes that crazy awkward guy/girl. Man they are creepy and weird”. Fact is, creepy and weird is cool if you present it right, and unpleasant if you present it wrong. “Weird” is where new inventions, ideas and art come from. Same with expressions of negativity – you can get away with it if they come from a position of strength. Those PUA and red pill guys are onto something – “alphaness” works. And not only for men. It worked for me in high school. Don’t fret. Enjoy life. Don’t think about it so damn hard. Treat problems as challenges and opportunities. You’ll die one day anyway, so what have you got to lose? Remember that you’re in the right, and it’s technically your attackers that should be ashamed, not you. As you know, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

I dunno about you, but I hate all this strenuous pretending. Pretending to be positive about everything, not having negative feelings, pretending you agree, pretending there is absolutely nothing about you that deviates from the acceptable norm. It doesn’t make you respected. It’s soul-killing. It’s completely unnecessary unless it’s to avoid jail or starvation. And you will live like that for the rest of your life if you keep doing it. Because if you say nothing, old norms will stay and soul-kill you and others just like you. If you continue pretending and isolating yourself, you will either feel this:


Or this:

On the other hand, if you decide to show yourself as you are, you might end up convincing people. You might inspire others to open up too. You might make the whole thing popular. Unless, of course, you come dangerously close to seriously aggravating the authorities and getting arrested. Don’t do that.

I recommend looking at this as an opportunity, rather than a huge depressing problem. Take the challenge if you can. Of course, it can be intimidating because a leader job is never easy. But with big risks come bigger rewards, no?

I especially recommend it to women. There is likely less risk of being seriously hurt (I mean, you’re a woman, so appear to be less dangerous), AND women are the bigger consumers of stuff, including media. They popularize things. So popularize it.

There are some things that help me deal with problem number 2. Well, there is optimism. Maybe I’m just young and haven’t tried everything there is to try and failed. But unless you have done this, you can’t complain that things are hopeless and people are irredeemable. You can quit trying if you’re too tired, but that’s different. I think I can make people see my point of view without freaking them out forever. People are capable of truly horrible things, but they are also capable of truly great things. Gotta appeal to the latter.

Why do I know that? Because I used to be a very unempathetic person who used to believe in goodness of modern feminism and affirmative action simply because that’s the norm. I used to read FSTDT for fun. If I got so much better, why can’t they?

Perhaps if you were always so smart and never swayed by modern lies, you can feel very pessimistic about people. But I just can’t.



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26 Responses to My Thoughts on Red Pill Isolation

  1. cecil says:

    This article speaks directly to many people’s situation.

    I have a family but for all purposes its like they don;t exist. They simply do not relate. It is very disturbing. And only I know this, they haven’t got a clue, despite being told many times.

    What’s it like to have a conversation only to realize everything you just said never ‘really’ happened.. That;s isolating.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Hmm, are you talking about something red pill related when you say “… only to realize everything you just said never ‘really’ happened.. “? Some kind of specific situation relating to RP (or maybe not relating to RP)?

      My parents are not that deaf to me. They don’t agree or understand everything I say, but they don’t overreact negatively. I guess not everyone has that, and that’s a shame. But there are always people who do get it, they might just be hard to find IRL.

  2. Liz says:

    This is well said, Emma. Another thing to note…toxic environments are contagious. There’s a lot of negativity in reality, but negativity alone isn’t going to make any positive impact on a person. I ain’t all negative. But if one surrounds oneself only in negativity, it can be isolating and take a very bad toll on every aspect of one’s life. Napoleon was right when he said, “The moral is to the physical as three to one.” If anything, he understated by a lot.

    • Liz says:

      FWIW, this is why I value levity. Here’s some truth:
      We’re all just chemicals. Our contributions on earth are so irrelevant on the broad scheme of things it amounts to a gnat’s fart in a tornado. Happy times?

      Or here is another truth: Everyone is connected. There are no small things…every person makes an impact on others and this can have a major influence on humanity. Just making a person laugh on one day might save his/her life (and since they are connected to others, thier life will have an influence and so forth).

      • emmatheemo says:

        Nice thoughts 🙂 We shouldn’t take ourselves and the world so seriously. Life is nicer when you don’t.

      • infowarrior1 says:

        Shit happens and you don’t have control over it but you can control how to react to it.

        And though stuff happens. How will you react?

        Will you give and try to make the world a better place or place the negativity of yourselves on others?

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  4. This post is interesting and I like the cartoon, but I feel ignorant because I don’t know what this means:
    >I used to read FSTDT for fun. If I got so much better, why can’t they?


    Is that a punk poetry ensemble, like KMFDM?

    Foreign Studies Through Disciplined Teakettles?

    Feminist Sadism To Delirium Tremens?

    I don’t know what FSTDT might be.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Fundies Say The Darndest Things. Usually they make fun of Christian fundamentalists, but “sexism” quotes do appear. Even if you can agree with many of their objections (I’m still an atheist and don’t like that fundamentalist stuff) , it’s a snark site and isn’t known for arguing very well when challenged.

  5. Thank you kindly Emma for the linkage.

  6. Pat Hannagan says:

    I like your red hair, Emma.

    The profile pic looks a bit too snarly though. Do you have any pics of your face front on and with a nice sweet innocent smile? If so, please put up a link.

    Also, are you wearing a dress? I like women who wear dresses.

  7. Eric says:

    Although I agree with you that Emma is an exceptionally beautiful girl, you really sound like you need to lay off the Viagra, take a trip out of the Anglosphere, and meet some real girls. The ‘virtual thing’ is never quite as good as real life.

    • Liz says:

      Glad someone said it. There was a great female blogger, exceptionally funny…her site was called Cakes and Shakes. The site just disappeared one day out of the blue and I always wondered what happened. There were a lot of comments from men like this, and I sometimes think it might have freaked her out so she just closed shop. I want Emma to keep posting!

      • emmatheemo says:

        Don’t worry, if something makes me close the site, it wouldn’t be it 😉 It’s ok if some people to like me purely for my looks and not much else, lol (although I strive to write good posts).

      • regsipco says:

        Emma, this disappoints me.

        It is not your *mere* looks that arouses us to tribal indignation. It is your whole demeanour.

        We care not for your words unless uttered from a cave out of some desolate isle. A wind entwined howl, disjointed, angry, tumescent, angry. Full of fertility and yearning to unleash her dogs from within. Sired by heroes, and gods.

        We come to protect you, and pray that you will do the same for us, with your thoughts and silent pregnancy.

      • emmatheemo says:

        Haha, and this is why being a muse of any kind is likely doomed for failure. One ends up disowned the moment one says something that doesn’t quite correspond to the other person’s expectations.

      • regsipco says:

        Sorry, wrong clip. I meant this one:

      • regsipco says:

        Just realised my name had a defunct url. Here’s my blog. Feel free to comment, all you Norwegians.

        Forget this Euro vs America rubbish. We are all opporessed. Equally.

    • regsipco says:

      Pffft. You’re just some piss weak European. I don’t blame you, your lands were smashed apart and you are the orphaned children.

      Europeans think that they hold the magical key to happiness and all those in the “Anglosphere” are uncivilised. Here in Oz I can at least keep traveling west with my family in tow but you, you have nowhere to go.

      Europeans think too much, and do very little.

      Maybe take a leaf from the Yanks and actually grow a pair and start carving off a few Muslim heads for a change. And, while you’re at it, if you ever do, have some kids, 3 at least, and name the Jew wherever you find him.

      I’m not sure whether Breivik had the right idea or whether he was just another Jew plant. He killed a whole lot of White Norwegians, none of them Jew, as far as I know. I understand that your politics are bordering on communist and that he “says” he had to kill the future in the womb. It would have been better to have simply killed one leader of your EU than 90 White kids on an island. That’s where I have my doubts.

      Anyway, we have a lot in common. My country is fucked, so is yours. Sure, we both have mineral wealth but what does that matter when your leaders are importing niggers at a rate of knots to replace you?

      Cheers, Eric.

  8. pj says:

    the rabbit hole is isolating but worth it

    it’s like a game of chicken i’m always playing

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