Most Beautiful Women Ever (A List)

Nobody wants to know, but I will now present the women who have impressed me with their beauty the most. I’m only taking into account the outward beauty. Here they are, in no particular order.

1.Brigitte Bardot. Needs no introduction.


She kind of looks like a Persian cat, but no one ever complained about that

2. Jessica Biel. As much as I love the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the first remake was disappointing. But at least you get to see Jessica Biel.

Jessica Biel

3.Bryce Dallas Howard. So far I have only seen her in “The Help” and “50/50”. In both, she plays that character you love to hate. Totally good movies, btw.

Bryce Dallas Howard

4. Kim Kardashian. I don’t care if she’s kind of trashy, I always thought she was gorgeous and had a perfect butt.

Kim Kardashian at the Sierra Mist Beach House

5.Natja Brunckhorst. The only movie I have seen her in (she hasn’t done much movie acting, I think [EDIT: oops, mistake made, she actually did do more acting, I misremembered what I read about her once]) was “Christiane F”, a movie based on the life of a real teenage heroin addict and prostitute, who hangs out with others like herself. It’s kind of a preachy movie (pretty much “Don’t do drugs, or you’ll become a prostitute and an addict”), but it’s deep, kind of disturbing and has David Bowie in it.

Natja  Brunckhorst

6.Mira Craig. She beat up her boyfriend once, because he cheated, saying “I’m against violence, but men must know the consequences of their actions”. She said she believes in the Law of Attraction (the idea that you can attract whatever you want by wishing it hard enough). And she had her fangs lengthened on purpose. She’s kind of like a female Chris Brown in some ways, but she’s hot and has a great singing voice.

Mira Craig

7. Heidi Montag. I dunno, there is something special about this half girl, half work of surgical art.

Heidi Montag

8.Christina Hendricks. Have nothing to say about her, her look speaks for itself.

Christina Hendricks

9.Rachel Hurd-Wood. Was great in Peter Pan and Perfume. Not a fan of her terrible new short, blond haircut though.

Rachel Hurd-Wood

10.Victoria Manas. When it comes to figures, this is my 10. Rarely is there a fat girl who is both pretty fat and proportionate.


What are your 10s? Lets be shallow together.

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32 Responses to Most Beautiful Women Ever (A List)

  1. Agapoula says:

    Emma, are these yours? Or is it a reblog?

    I personally think Amanda Seyfried is stunning.

  2. Agapoula says:

    Here is my list, in no particular order.

    Amanda Seyfried, Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Catherine Heigl, Audrey Hepburn, Nancy Ajram, Monica Belucci, Judy Garland, Raquel Welch, Candice Swanepoel.


  3. Liz says:

    I’ve always liked Kate Beckinsale. That is my idea of a perfect ten. Also others who look like her. There was a girl in highschool who looked like that. I used to stare at her in awe. Her name was Febra.
    I like Kate Upton too, but I don’t think she is as beautiful as Beckinsale (and she’s a little too beefy)…she just seems like a very nice, sweet, fun person.

    • emmatheemo says:

      When I was a kid, I also had a schoolmate who was awe-inspiring. She looked like a mixture of Christina Hendricks and Angelina Jolie. She knew it and everyone knew it, lol. Don’t know her name though.

      Kate Upton is controversial. There is a large group of people bashing her for being fat, and a large group of people (guys?..) thinking she’s crazy hot. That’s really funny.

  4. Liz says:

    Vintage: Anne-Margret, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Jaclyn Smith, Lauren Bacall

    • Eric says:

      Good vintage choices, I’d add Sophia Loren, Tuesday Weld, and Barbara Eden, and British actress Katy Manning from the 60s. Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth, and Veronica Lake from the 40s and 50s. And at the top: the one who started it all:

      • Liz says:

        We have similar taste in women! 🙂
        (can’t believe I forgot Veronica Lake)

        Unrelated side note. Testing emoticons…I like the emoticons on this site.
        😛 :-p 😀

      • Eric says:

        One I forgot from the 40s/50s (she didn’t come to Hollywood, but is a legend in Mexico):
        Maria Felix

        As you can see, she pretty well set the standard Latinas have been following ever since!

  5. meistergedanken says:

    I would pay a non-negligible sum of money to see Christina Hendricks topless. Also, Amber Heard should be in the running. And here is another throwback : Claudia Cardinale

    • Agapoula says:

      meistergedanken! I was wondering if you are well, because you have not commented at Littlespoon blog for a while. Yes Claudia Cardinale is certainly a beauty to add to the list. 🙂

    • emmatheemo says:

      Amber Heard – that’s the new girl of Johnny Depp, isn’t it? 🙂
      Looked up Claudia. Her name is famous to me, but I can’t remember any movies :c

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  7. alcestiseshtemoa says:

    Everybody’s great, except for number 10. Fat women tend to be repulsive, and no matter how much makeup they put on, it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. I found the last picture off-putting, like the dubious “fat is beautiful” movement.

    Four beautiful women I’d select: Gisele Bunchden (Brazilian model of German descent), Monica Belluci (Italian beauty and actress), Sara Nuru and Liya Kebede (models of Ethiopian descent, Ethiopians are mixed-raced and part Arab) and Zhang Ziyi (Chinese actress).

  8. Eric says:

    Of modern girls: Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift among Americans; Italian actresses Elena Santarelli and Federica Fontana; French actress Virginie Efira; German actress Anne-Marie Warncross; and, in her prime, Spanish actress Sonia Ferrer. Federica and Sonia have definitely gone to MILF status these days, but they’re still eye-catching.

  9. bo jangles says:

    Google Kim Kardashian without makeup – she drops to a 7 or 8. Christina Hendricks really is the one who best exemplifies fat, but beautiful(fat in all the right places).

  10. MawBTS says:

    Kim K is legit, but is her a$$ real? No idea, but it seems to stay the same size despite her changing weight.

    Check out this Twitter feed: Kim K’s tweets mixed with Soren Kierkegaard’s philosophy;
    “I always regret when I try long nails. They remind me too poignantly of the sharp scythe of the reaper.”

  11. :-P says:

    Betty White and Helen Thomas ❤ Yummy!

  12. theasdgamer says:

    Michelle Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Kim Novak, Kim Basinger, Anne-Margret, Liz Hurley, Nicole Kidman, etc., etc.

  13. P.O says:

    Heh. Old bats. If we were to graph it, a woman’s sexual attractiveness shoots up to 100 in the flush of nubile beauty and stays there til her late teens when it drops off rapidly. By 25 it’s down around the 30 percent mark; by 30 it’s down around the 20 mark; by 35, around 15. So in other words, from man’s point of view, a 30 year old woman is not much more attractive than an 70 year old.

    • caprizchka says:

      Good to know that all men think alike and so they sent an agent to announce their views. They’re going to keep their flies zipped for old broads like me from here on in! That will teach me for attempting to take advantage. I’m duly chastised. I’m so ashamed of myself. I ought to learn a little respect. These guys are not just pieces of meat! They have standards. Lordy. Next they’ll be burning their jockstraps.

    • emmatheemo says:

      Haha, you so funny.

      • P.O says:

        Daniel Craig is way hotter than all those old bats!
        Btw I am just being honest like my idols Schopenbecq & Alan V. 😉

  14. Pupp says:

    The last one (fat girl) do you know her name?

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