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Those Feministy Revenge Movies: Good and Bad

Can an antifeminist like me really enjoy a story about a woman turning the tables on a horrible, violent man? Yes 🙂 But there is a catch. In the past I’ve asked myself the question of why masculine “strong” female … Continue reading

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”She Lacks Reading Comprehension Skills”, or Schemas and Motivations as Obstacles to Perception

Recently I have caught the attention of the BluePill subreddit. What they wrote made me think. I noticed they often commented on how I “lack reading comprehension skills”, but they excuse me because English is not my first language. That’s … Continue reading

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No Group is Perfect

As most of you know, Sunshine Mary, L. G. Robins and Lena S. had some kind of fight, Matt Forney got into it and proclaimed the death of the manosphere. But I don’t wish to talk about the specifics of … Continue reading

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Women More Likely to be Raped in Norway Than in Congo?

At least that’s close to what my (although not very deep) analysis seems to suggest. This report suggests one in ten Norwegian women got raped: They surveyed men and women between ages 18 and 75. They found that 1,1% … Continue reading

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